is bob hickman the beast that rose from the sea, bob has God inside his body

  • -God entered my body and I will have sex with you if you meet up with me

  • I want a relationship with you of xxx kind

    God threatens to send a storm that kills all people on earth dream-receieved 7-3-2021-in this dream, that went on for a long time. I was somewhere, and there was a storn, and I tried to get home. water was hitting me in the face like a fire hose sprayed me. the wind blew so hard, you could hear it howl. I remember running and see this 1973 mercury marquis try to turn the corner, and the wind blew it like a piece of paper. then I arrive at like a buisness which was below me, and I had to slide that like a pipe that led to sidewalk below, and people came out of buisness, and wanted to get away. then boss said come on. dream ended, and I heard God say I will send a storm that will kill all people, and I told God send it you corrupt motherfucker. its your fauly!

    (126)in hell-vision received 3-22-2005-in this vision, I saw a man that died, and he was screaming and he said, "I'm in hell". He said other things.
    (127)gospel is hidden to the lost, so it does matter-vision received 3-2005-in this vision, I saw this pastor and he said something like, "but, that does'nt matter".
    (128)stay away-vision received 3-22-2005-in this vision, I saw a woman that works at a gas station and she said, "don't come here".
    (130)vision-vision received 3-22-2005-in this vision, I saw a man and he said, "need your vision".
    (131)secret-vision received 3-22-2005-in this vision, I saw the word, "secret".
    date-dream received 4-10-2022-in this dream, Im with a woman, on maybe a date, and its not going well. I wanted sex, not all the rest. she spoke to me about another man, and said he had some kind of degree in ministry, but, I told her, I have the holy ghost baptism. way more happened.

    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 3-3-2011-bobby hollie showed record, here it is said hollie coming out, its un scene hollie said, hollie blew the flute like uh dog hollie, out hollie in the golden flute, she wore, hollie said, red sweatshirt, God said, put it under said, i'm the m.v., i had it easy, its his ship agin said babyfleas, the m.v. Wilhelm gustloff ship, thats it being rocked by three torpedoes with hitler on deck, thats bored ship waiting on the bottom of the sea hollie showed, i hit said the m.s. Wilhelm gustloff ship, thats it hitting the bottom of sea, put it under hollie said, showed her light watch, i'm the m.v. Said ship, watching it there on t.v. Hollie pointed, its the new world order forming, i'm russia said medvedev, we threaten, you, he pointed, its a shaky barack obama, God said, come on president obama said, talking to his advisor, we threaten said obama with medvedev, its war medvedev said, its uh network said, showed many missiles striking both lands, medvedev showed his lightwatch God said, Jesus showed time, eat, hollie, said, showed, biting chicken but chicken legg formed eyes, its, hollie, chicken, grecia, said, its joseph hollie said, showed, hes cut off, thats hollie showing, its, fight, she, said, showed, thats bobby, hollie did say, showed him going to, its a.a. meeting, turned into, its, hollie, wearing, its uh, red plad coat, had long brown hair, thats, hollie with nice hair winking, she wore uh, its uh white robe, long, hollie said, syria, said, Jesus, hollie spoke, thats, hollie moodie playing his music, if, you want war, he spoke, but, didnt move his lips, thats, said, it, Jesus, hollie did say, missile striking, its syria, then egypt, and jordan, errupted into, its flame, hollie did say, thats beast and his armies gathered there in israel, hollie said, thats hu hintao and his armies, gathered there to, lets unite and force hintao said, thats russian angel appearing like, its light colored angel head, i'm he said, then nuclear fire, in, russia, its from that, saw, hollie, china, thats chinese forces invading, its, russia, thats, them forcing russia, its to invade that, hollie pointed, thats, like a cloud of people invading israel, thats netanyahu pressing nuclear button, its, uh network hollie said, saw many rockets flying, whew let, me, said, it, hollie, showed, thats, the, beast, pope riding the black horse, and, I stamp, hollie said, she wore uh, its dark red sweatshirt but it changed, turned into him, she said, like hollie light head, but, went from dull blue to white, was happy but sad again, wore dark red sweatshirt, boo chanted hollie said, many, its him, she said, he hollies, but lighted she hollie there but changed into, hollie rubbed face, him with dress on, hollie whistled, she said, sleep, showed, it, jumpy hollie another, hollie said, coming out, she, wore uh, its, hollie, spoke, dark red sweatshirt but changed into, its him she said, like light round face, not happy, wearing same sweatshirt, bobby these three kings shall rise in persia, it hollie said, she did say, hollie whistled, another one, God spoke, she, wore, dark red, sweatshirt, see, she said, but, changed, its him, said, another hidden hollie but she appeared, but same hollie came out, showed her that, appeared, but she took on colors, its from, blue to that, said, hollie, normal but just her there again, wearing dark red sweatshirt and brown pants but something different, thats my crowd there said hollie, they clapped, you see she said, I'm the God man, they all stood up, chanted, hollie said, we want it, hollie just took it in, she, said, theres the vision, said, hollie, you see another said, coming out, its, antichrist pope and Jesus rubbed chin, false prophet hu sitting at the table, thats emperor of japan coming out of, its two horned beast, with hu hintao, thats hollie like two horned beast, its 666 peace treaty being signed for, thats pope with medvedev and missiles sailing, thats big nuclear fire in, its russia, said hollie, stamped, wearing, dark red, sweatshirt, but, scene changed, thats chinese forces, invading much of, its burning russia, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. missile strike, many fires in russia, but thats bear with three ribs in mouth, destroy that Jesus spoke to bear, alright hollie said, speaking for bear but was there beside, thats fires around, its america and nuclear n.a.t.o. countries burning, its hollie spoke, I'm the beast putin said, thats like lighted dragon, rising, and, fires in france and australia, thats missile leaving italy but exploded to, thats, four captain hollies with, red head gear on, its they shower, thats great britain burning, but now six submarines, all with captain hollie, its they shower, russia burned, world shook, and scene changes, to happy beast rising, thats, china invading russia, and, pope telling medvedev to drive them out, nuclear fires in both lands, thats them back at the table agin, hollie spoke, its me, pope said, thats pope with, its hu hintao said, hollie, stamps, they walk, but dont get along, they laugh, thats hintao laughing, but threatened each other, hollie spoke, thats them leaving, thats lighted hollie tap dancing and the hegoat pope appearing with goat horns, and them three kings coming out of its horns, hollie spoke, thats ram with face, hollie showed, its lighted ram, and, them kings, coming out, of its horns, thats the, first hollie spoke, its the yahoo blog ministryofdreams angel like its white angel face but theres like whiskers and features, partly not seen, hes like a dinosaur head, hollie, said, light, i'm the ministry of dreams, said, angel, pointed at itself, hollie and Jesus, said, thats said, it hollie, its hollie like shipmate, onboard, its the, r.m.s. titanic, saluting, happy but thats iceberg, scraping side, then she changes expression, runs, and, ship very quickly starts listing to side, thats, captain edward smith coming out, knowing in his heart, its bad, he said, with, the, voice of jeremy taylor, bobby its, back, when your m.v., said, it, hollie, said another one, its the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, its hitlers super ship, with him on deck, uto, hollie said, its torpedoes, coming, they exploded, under water, shake ship, hollie felt, hollie like, shipmate pointed, go back, hollie showed, turn, on highway, theres hand agin, hollie did say, spoke, showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, its lighted outline with black background scenery hollie said, theres uh dome in, with, its him in like happy he hollie, had like orange hair and popes image appears on his finger, take it, said, it, popey, hollie said, thats people lined up to receive, its there mark of the beast, thats 666 on forehead, or, popes face tattood on chest, hollie showed, turn, whats that, thats hollie in her, tank, shes testing, driving, thats lighted, yellow like, light thing showing, this is uh warning, hollie said, showed, bobby eat, there uh vision they can not post, anything, hollie said, thats many ministering spirits, all hollie appearing, but one changed, pope said, hollie, in fire, hollie knelt before, bob come on, said, hollie, showed, sleep, ministry of dreams, thats what you wanted, thats what you needed said, hollie and the ministryofdreams, angel, pointed, at itself, God said, hollie said, but face somewhat from bluish to silhouette, its uhleem suhloom, hollie said, sandy wipes lips, its simb, she said, hollie played his music, looked, down, smiled, you got some he said, thats bob and sandy having sex, thats uh lighted hollie showing, 465 north sign, exploded, then, scene changes, hollie spoke, thats many rockets flying and countries burning, theres france hollie said, with nuclear fire, but four captain hollies in their submarines, its they shower hollie said, hollie said, russia burned,