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look at sexy body god entered on youtube
God enters into my body, as a Ghostly body, my same size, and shows me visions of spirits that look like people and they said: 2-27-2011-hollie cried and complained, this is hollie, telling that vision, like a white head, said another, God said, hollie slapped, its the top of her, another hollie said, head, pointed, JEsus, but spoke hollie, hollie showed, record, she wore uh red sweatshirt, and I we stamp, its, hollie, she said, another, hollie appears, like, its round head, its blue pointed, hollie, wearing, same red sweatshirt, bob, git food, hollie spoke, she said, thats hollie getting the, its hard drive, she said, its flash drive, she found, bob hollie spoke, hollie played his music, bob he said, this is uh she hollie, thats uhleeem suhleen said, hollie, it hollie said a new one, she spoke, wiped her lips, wore uh, God said, dark red sweat shirt, bob, she said, its, a new, its billy, said, its little nell, hollie said, put it under, thats still watched, loved, hollie said, its, the, rocky horror picture show, thats, them appearing, singing and dancing, hollie said, who danced, God spoke, hollie said, like one of the rocky horror picture showe characters, put it under, hollie said, showed, eat, 3-6-2011-hollie showed post on twitter, its him said uh hollie, put it under she said, wearing uh red sweatshirt, its he hollie playing his music, whats his word she said, you got some he said, its bob and sandy having sex a she hollie said, it was uh dream, night vision said hollie, sandy came out into a.a. Meeting, saw bob but left, dream said hollie, janette kept chasing after other men, hollie claps, looking at bob wearing, skirt God said, bob come on, said, it, hollie, said another, wearing, its uh red sweatshirt, but, first hollie wore, its, white plad coat, showed, her, its, she said, light watch, hollie showed, leaving, but, found its hard flash drive, showed, thats hollie wearing, its uh plad coat, said, Gods, hammering hollie, like, its, round head, blue, its, not, dark, but, not light pointed, hollie, wearing her light, colored plad coat, and blue clothes, but, not, dark, thats, the, twitter ministry of dreams, angel, like, dinosaur shaped light head angel, but, somewhat silhouette, had black whiskers, i'm, the ministry of dreams, angel said, thats hollie posting on, its, uh laptop cellphone computer, thats popes face appearing, on, like, happy angel but head shaped like little horn, i'm the beast, said, its light figure, hollie spoke, but pope came out, tear up, said, the, antichrist pope like angel of light, hollie showed, bob, come on, she said, showed, walk, had on her, its uh plad coat, but Gods hammer hollie appeared, agin, hollie spoke, bob, come on, show me, said, it, hollie, another said, someone stamped, but only his light happy face appeared, its, theres blue hollie said, she, walked into, its, the, catholic church, i'm the beast, said, its pope, popon, hollie said, like happy angel, hollie flew in his, its red, pointed, hollie, wearing plad coat, but had lighted finger, spacesoarer f-15 rocket, dropped, bombs, its, into over, that, hollie said, taiwan burned, hollie was, happy but just, looked forward, he, told made me, he said, pointed at Jesus, thats, God asking him if he wants to do the part, yes he shook, but faced changed, that hu hintao appearing, and, its, light swords, hollie, said, she had with with colored plad coat and hintao had blue light sword, but she turned into, its him, she said, like Gods, peg battering hollie, fought hintao, let me said, another hollie, flying out, its old world war one, fighter jet, drops bombs, its, repelled, there showed, hands, but hollie started appearing but it was him, same hollie that flew rocket jet, hollie showed, picture, its popon she said, tear up, hey another, hollie said, coming out, pointed, its whole new world order, appearing, in picture, its hu hintao, its, let me, he said, putin, medvedev shakes, yes, thats chavez looking stunned but agreeing, lula shakes yes, but stunned, castrol, let me put it there, he said, but, showed, no way, thats, medvedev signing, its uh deal, he said, thats nicaraguan president acting like for but showed, lets git away, he said, thats, mexican president agreeing but terrified, theres kim jong, agreeing but giving his son charge, thats son pressing nuclear button, thats rocket, leaving, its north korea, with, its new ministry of dreams, website on, and like uh hollie, thats nuclear fire and other fires in china, and south korea, thats rocket leaving russia, thats red with, its serpent on with seven heads and ten horns, thats ten horns like ten lighted heads, one had crown on, let me said, head, thats, north korea, exploding, thats, two tomahawk missiles coming out of, its ocean, thats captain hollie, prowling, its los angeles class, thats what you want, needed she said, thats two minor explosions in, north korea, whew let me, spoke, him, its, said, she hollie, and, lighted shaft pointed, but another, she hollie appeared, hollie showed, bob eat, thats hollie with Jesus inside showing record, and I stamp, he said, thats beast, pope, his black horse, hollie showed, post on twitter and twitter ministry of dreams angel appears, like, its dinosaur shaped, its light, hollie, said, silhouette faced twitter ministryofdreams angel but features started dimly appearing, boo chanted, its, him, uh she hollie said, many, him, she said, he hollies, but, one, lighted, hollie, but changed into, him, its, she said, but, he wore maids clothes, this is uh warning, lets do something, hollie said, thats, him, said, uh she hollie, showing, post, on, its cellphone laptop t.v., thats popes image on screen, its said, hollie, take it, said, its, popon, did say, thats people lined up, its to receive their mark of the, antichrist beast, hollie said, thats 666 tattood, on, its forehead, thats popes face, on chest, on, finger, what did my popon say, hollie said, thats popes image talking, but, changed, hollie showed, turn, but hand not seen, but was there, hollie showed, turn, but, showed, keep going, had lighted bear paws, which that were red, tear up, he said, showed, its popes picture, hey said, another, hollie coming out, its, hu hintao, appearing, in, its, picture, thats both beasts, hollie said, you see these two, she said, they will want to rule the world hollie did say, go to goodwill, thats hollie walking around, its, goodwill, wearing, its plad coat, hollie showed, turn, its, japanese warfare, said, hollie, showed, big nuclear explosion in center of america and missiles leaving america striking, its hollie said, russia, burned, get ready for, the, marine corp. out in the streets, clapped the tap dancers, its many hollies lined up holding hands, they wore dresses and clothes, he and she, thats angel guard protecting looking angry, its, looting angel said, hollie was there, people ran, thats, dreading barack obama, its economic collapse, hollie spoke, but they kept running, hollie had plad coat on, which was, blue, thats animals eating food, clapped the tap dancer, its lighted hollie, me she said, hollie said, wearing, its uh red plad coat, but changed into, its him, Gods hammer, its peg hollie, a blue hollie, hollie showed, turn, but keep going, hey, said, a, she hollie, coming out, his hand hidden but was there, but changed from, its blue to red like, its, like, c-chaped, thats hollie flying in his, its copter, thats, america below exploding, angel hanged by rope, he said, she hollie, thats many n.a.t.o. countries burning and russia on fire, its, on bobby, the pilot hollie said, hey a she hollie said, day of the Lord, smoke rose, to, block, thats moon looking, stunned, and sun happy, its i'm, thats both sitting at, its Gods interviewing table, but moons face kept changing, its, said, hollie, a component stereo system, thats v.u. meters moving, they are accurate bobby, just say hi, hollie said, thats hollie saying hi, to, its sandy, she doesnt want you, she said, go home and sleep, jumpy hollie said, and, showed, pope in the fire, thats, hollie kneeling before, hollie showed, lay down, had like gloved, lighted hands,

God promises to send a storm after me dream. 9/10/2017. in this dream. I was inside an old house I used to own. this is the house that God came into my body, as a body, the same size. my sister was there laying on a couch. others were there. perhaps owner and wife. I was outside, at nextdoor neighbors house, and I saw the storm coming. the sky was like black smoke, and there was like a tornado approaching. the wind was getting stronger. there was a tall tree in front of tornado, like in its path. I ran to my old home, but it was a corner house, and on the sidewalk, there was a box that belonged to me, perhaps had papers and other things in. I started to run for the box, and across the street another tornado wasx born. it was tall and narrow in size, like the other, but, the people inside the house were yelling out me to forget the box, and come inside. I did. I went into the house, and I said something to Jackie. I looked out the front door, and saw the tornado get to the very tall tree, and the tree was like exploding, like a tidal wave coming out me.
im in trouble-dream received 3-4-2020-in this dream, I am laying on a roof, on tall house, and it is night. roof is steep, so im sliding down. Im trying to use my feet to push myself back up, because I was high up, but im sliding down, to point feet start going over edge. im saying things in heart.
christianity will never be the same since God entered the desireable body of bob hickman
(384)is the president sell our oil-vision received 8-16-2005-I was asking Jesus something about gas prices and if the president was selling our oil, and in visions, God has showed me a spirit that looked like this president and he said things like, "I sold", "thats it", and maybe, it's iran", "need money".
(385)security guard-vision received 8-16-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like this security guard and he said things like, "catch him", "we know".
(386)may have to leave Church again-vision received 8-15-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like a woman and she said something like, "leave the bedroom".
(387)(388)warn people-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed me in vision a spirit that looks like a man and he said, "tell people".
(389)blaspheme against the Holy Ghost-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed me in vision a spirit that looks like a woman and she said, "devil said". Seek to get blaspheme removed.
(389)cut off-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed me in vision a spirit that looks like a man and he said, "cut me off", He looked young.
(390)cut off-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed me in vision a spirit that looks like a woman and she said, "cut off".
(391) (392)man-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed me in vision a spirit that looks like man and he said things like, "dumitrus a prophet", and I saw a spirit that looked similar to dumitru and he said things like, "and exprophet", "evangelists".
(393)revelations-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed me in vision a spirit that looks like a man and he said things like, "don't come near me", "got a whippin", "cut off".
(216)attack on iran coming-visions recieved 8-30-2005-I saw a Man and He said, "president", and then I saw this president and he said, "attack IrAn".
(217)help-vision recieved 9-4-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like hollie and she said things like, "please help me", "I'm moody", "please".
(218)brother dell-vision recieved 9-4-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like brother del and he said something like, "stay right with it", and maybe, 'i'ma witch", 'I want your money", and maybe, "on my death certificate", and maybe, "adulterer", and maybe, "didn't want Jesus".
(219)the many nations of poliburo-vision recieved 10-11-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like putin and he said things like, cuba is politburo, oil , politburo is cuba, nicaragua, russia, and dumitru said, china, is pakistan, and I saw the president of pakistan and he said, thats it, and kristina said something like, missiles everywhere, and putin said, is russia, china, cuban missile crisis, prepared, is cuba, nicaragua, russia, and I saw fox, and he said, mexico, and hu said, leave out china, and conel gadafi said, libya is politburo, and hollie said, from russia, from checkosylvokia, and I heard, checkoslyvokia is politburo, north korea is politburo, and hollie said, politburo is 17 nations, and putin said, politburo is the united states and japan.
(220)north korea-vision recieved 10-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like the president of north korea and he said, how we hit korea, when japan, , and putin said, when japan hits russia, russia will destroy japan, japan becomes china, and putin said, there under
(270)don't think you know everything that is going on-vision received 1-8-2005-in this vision, I saw russian president putin and he said something like, "they may not publish".
(271)cannot be saved-visions received 1-8-2005-in this vision, I saw the president, founder, etc. of one of the biggest prophecy ministries in america and he said something like, "cut me off". I saw a woman and she said, "I've been cut off".
(272)timing belt really needs changed-vision received 1-8-2005-in this vision I saw and heard, "timing belt" which in on my car and I heard this something like this, "it's the original". They are supposed to be changed at 60000 miles and my car has over 94000 mile on it.
(273)invitation-vision received 1-8-2005-in this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "come".
(274)warn people-vision received 1-8-2005-in this vision, I saw a Jesus and HE said something like, "warn My people". He had graying brown hair. I also saw dumitru duduman in a vision and he said, "you need to tell".
(274)you will probably not have an excuse when you cross paths with me-vision received 1-8-2005-in this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "you know what you've done".
(275)sponsered by Ty Cobb-vision received 1-8-2005-in this vision I saw the words "ty Cobb" and I heard "sponsored by ty cobb.
(276)some people around the world are sufferring-vision recieved 1-8-2005-in this vision, I saw a little boy who looked like he was suffering, and he said something like, "were sufferring".
(277)pay my bail-vision received 1-8-2005-in this vision, I saw this woman and she said, "pay my bail".
(278)to me-vision received 1-14-2005-in this vision, I saw this woman and she said something like, "don't cry over me".
(279)eat kraft cheese, but not the cheeseball-visions received about 1-2005-in one vision, Jesus showed me to quit eating the cheeseball similar to one you would het at hickory farms. IN the other vision He showed me to eat the kraft cheese like you buy that is in a box that is one big piece that you cut. I saw like a white angel in a vision and HE said, "It's true".
(87)sold-vision received 8-16-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like bill clinton and he said something like, "I sold it", and something like, "cruise missile", and I just saw a Man and He said, "you ain't gonna stop'em". (88)Christian-vision received 8-16-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like a man and he said, "Christian". (89)
(208)the Door still open if you want to get saved-vision received 8-20-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like a man and he was bent over and possibly messing with this door and I heard, "the Doors is not locked", and I just heard a childs voice, "true".
(209)white castle-vision received 8-20-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like a man and he said soemthing like, "picked you up at white castle".
(210) ( 211)hollie moody-vision received 8-20-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like hollie and she said things like, 'i need you", "your replaced", "Lets replace", "tell Jesus Cut me off".
(212)pray-vision recieved 9-2005-In this vision, I saw this man and he said, 'pray".
(213)radio-vision received 8-20-2005-God has showed me the word, "radio".
(214)I'm apostolic-vision received 8-20-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looked like me and I said, "I'm apostolic".
(280)some people don't want to hear the truth-vision received 1-14-2005-in this vision, I saw this woman and she said something like, "don't say that".
(281)it's interesting-vision received 1-14-2005-in this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "your interesting".
(282)nations are after oil-vision received 1-14-2005-in this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "oil". In another vision I saw her and she said "let it start". Prayer can delay.
(283)kevin-vision received 1-14-2005-in this vision, I saw the word "kevin".
(284)watchman radio-visions received 1-14-2005-in this vision, it was dark and I saw like a flashlite come on and the line shined on the words, "watchman radio". And I saw the man twice in visions that works at and or owns it and in one or both he said, "give me a call". I also just saw a man with black hair in a vision and he said, "that liar". I did talk with him about going on that program once before, but, I don't remember committing to it. I believe I was very cautious to committing to going on until I got permission from Jesus, and He never gave it. I don't know if I have permission to go on now, and I don't ever remember saying to them that I would, but, I wanted to. I believe that they thought from our conversation that I was going on, but, I don't remember committing. I do remember what Jesus spoke to me when I was asking Him about it.
(284)don't be deceived-vision received 1-16-2005-in this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "I'm saved". I don't feel the Holy Ghost coming from her voice. I saw her in other visions and she said things like, "I want into your pants", "bow down", "I'm a backslider", hell".
(285)maybe the Lord Jesus will let me hit the churches again-vision received 1-16-2005-in this vision, I saw the word "visit" appear one letter at a time.
(286)the day will come when russia will attack america-visions received 1-16-2005-twice in visions, I saw a man who looked like russia president putin and he said, "hit the button".
(287)if you are married and divorce and remarry, you are in adultery-vision received 1-16-2005-in this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "I need a new husband". In another vision, I saw her and she said, "come and pray".
(288)president dick cheney-vision received 1-16-2005-in this vision, I saw dick cheney and he said, "I'm the new president".
(289)when will she die-vision received 1-16-2005-I was asking Jesus something like if this woman would die when russia attacks america which is america's demise and I saw a man in a vision and he said, "absolutely".
(290)Gods power-vision received 2-4-2005-in this vision, I saw this woman and she said, "we need power".
(291)witness-vision received 2-4-2005-in this vision, I saw the word, "witness", and I heard something like, "it's your witness". It's possible I saw all the word's, but, I believe about 1 or 2 or 3 letter's would appear, and the next one would bumb off the last one, like it was scrolling.
(292)I'm unworthy of Jesus-vision recieved 2-24-2005-while saying something like that, I saw a person in a vision and the person said, "none of us ain't".
(292)it is true-vision recieved 2-24-2005-in this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "maybe it's true".
(293)last time-visions received 2-24-2005-in the first vision, I saw a black man and he said, 'last time'. I will not tell the second vision, but, I will say, it was not my last time.
(294)words-vision received 2-24-2005-in a vision, I saw the words, "fuel saving bank".
(295)Christian-vision received 2-24-2005-in this vision, I saw a man and he said, "your Christian".
(296) (297)black squirrel-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in this vision, I saw a squirrel that was black as coal.
(298)just what I need-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in atleast one, and possibly two visions, I saw president bush and he said, "just what I need".
(299)yes-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in a vision, I saw a woman and she said, 'yes".
(300)shelby smith-visions recieved 3-6-2005-shelby smith was a young woman of about 18 years old and she was killed by a drunk driver. I saw shelby smith twice in visions and she said, "in hell".
(301)not-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in this vision, I saw a person and the person said, "she's not", and this was regarding a woman that told me that she was going to be something like an international speaker.
(302)expired-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in this vision, I saw the word, "expired".
(303)no free gas-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in this vision, I saw perhaps a gas station sign, and it had on it, "free gas" and some other words, and I heard something like this, "you can't have free gas".
(304)for rent-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in this vision, I saw possible a for rent sign, and it may have been in a yard.
(305)web-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in this vision, I saw the word, "web", on perhaps a webpage, and I beleive it was at the edge of the page, and am convinced there was more there, just not shown.
(306)oil-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in this vision, I saw the word, "oil". I believe this one thing is making the world unsafe.
(307)lifetime-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in this vision, I saw, "life time".
(308)Gods protection prices-vision recieved 3-6-2005-in this vision, I was made aware of something Jesus is protecting me from. I'm not going into details.
(309)I'm just a disciple of Jesus Christ-visions received 3-15-2005-in the first vision, I saw a man and he said something like, "your endtime", and in the second, which I don't know if I saw anybody, but, heard, "prophet".
(310)not conceited-vision received 3-18-2005-in this vision, I saw a man and he said, "conceited".
(311)witch-vision received 3-25-2005-in this vision, I saw a man whom I believe is the pastor of a church I wanted to visit tonight and he said, "I'm a witch".
(312)you have to have the same born again experience just like all had in the upper room on the day of pentecost in the book of THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES-vision received 3-25-2005-in this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "I've only accepted".
(477) (478)post the visions-vision received 7-8-2005-In this vision, I saw a Man with Brown Hair and Beard and He said, "Post it". He was pointing at me.
hollie asks-vision received 2-22-2011-in this vision, hollie with brown hair, said, "want that", and something like, "it Jesus", afer I wondered why her hair brown like Gods, but Jesus appeared with brown hair later.

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 6-12-2011-hollie showed, him two she hollies said, lay down God said, but got back up, clapped hands, put it under a she hollie said, showed lay down, hollie showed her watched, tapped on, its light watch, she said, hollie showed, its facebookking, its hollie, and, BABYFLEAS APPEARS, LOOKING, ITS STUNNED, HOLLIE SAID, BUT, God your being mocked, hollie, said, I know, said, it, Jesus, hollie, did say, but, God didnt stop, and, bob, kept right on, thats, news reporters looking at, its bobs e-mail and thats reporter talking to, its lebron james, one on one, lebron takes question, no I didnt know it was on, there, james said, but, thats many news agencies and, its bob reporting on t.v. dressed, hollie thought, real nice, hes knowing, now, hollie did say, showed, bob mow lawn, hollie showed, turn, thats limbs on church property, they dumped hollie said, dont let them, heres, how, hollie showed, damage their tires, put spikes, strips up, hollie said, hollie showed, go quick, hollie wanted to record but seemed unhappy, thats her picking up, its tree limbs, but tree came alive, its wood, hollie, said, showed, recycle, thats mulching place and them mulching up trees but tree limbed laughed, it dont matter said tree limb, then got mulched, made face but laughed, we dont feel it tree limb said, put it under, thats tree limb showing, its beast pope like, angel of light, its boo we, hollie said, many, him, its, hollie said, he hollies, their on uh hill but one winked eyes, thats hand showing you did not need him, its, hollie showed, theres uh dome in, pointed, hollie, finger went shaft but went back, with, its, hollie moodie in, but hollie thought, lets see, she said, thats, lebron james being asked, do you know bobby reporter, said, lebron just talks, he wants free loot lebron said, but thats bob on, its national t.v. looking good, hollies hand went, lighted, hollie showed, lay down, but, wasnt, happy, but clapped hands but hair went from golden to brown, pope said, hollie, he was another, said, in, fire, drinking drink, his lighted caregiver approached, pointy hat, mouth, pointed, hollie, mostly open, bobby its lebron james, said, it hollie, he appeared, she said, thats reporter dreading but asking, are you aware of bobbys facebook entry, lebron talks about, promotes, but he gets in pocket a little hollie, bob said, it hollie, showed, eat something but bob wouldnt, tomorrow she said, your big time she showed, heres how, thats lebron james at, its press conference, and them, reporters, asking, its popping the question, do you know bob, lebron showed yes, but then no way, but shook, yes, that hollie said, hollie screamy, she said, screamed again, this is vision hollie said, 6-11-2011-i saluted, its on board, hollie said God said, u.s.s. Chicago, God said, thats japanese planes coming in and bombing, thats major explosion along side, and ship listing and sinking, put it under hollie said, appeared like a shipmate, Hollie showed bob bring God down, and its Jesus hollie said Jesus said, face turning red, bob its children hollie, thats them laughing at God hollie and Jesus said, put it under hollie said, thats terri, she coming bob, let her pastor God said, record, me, said, it hollie, said another, and babyfleas appears looking, its stunned hollie said, but Gods new hammer appeared, like happy round head, hollie showed, its, gay parade, thats faggots marching and theres hand agin, it showed, you did not need him, its, hollie showed, theres dome in, points hollie, finger went shaft but came back to normal, with, its him in looking suprized, but white hand shook, thats face appearing on, its him, he appeared, he hollie showed, record, but, she, hollie spoke, came from, its behind, thats, its, pope, hollie said, on, its, black horse, but horse showed, its, popes picture, hey, pointed, hollie, theres blue in, its, i am aint uh angel pope said hollie did say, tear up, but like shadowy, hollie, seemed to fade, put back, smiled hollie but, hey she said, its, the, whole new world order, pictures appearing, she, said, its, hu hintao, its i'm the, false antibeast, he thought, happy, theres putin and its kings coming out of, theres three hollie said, pointed, that rise in, its persia stamped hollie but face went silhouette, its not unseen hollie said, showed, like blank face but its brown, thats putin, medvedev, and pope, there together God said, but, theres other kings, they were, acting, like for, like hugo chavez, happily shook yes, but turned head, castrol, and, theres lula, and nicaraguan presidents, all appearing but all were stout but all agreed, signed, its uh deal, said, its me, hollie said, showed, just wait, pocket taperecorder but bear appeared on pocket, whew let me said, its hollie, its jannette emenegger looking at, its her hubby, husband, showed, him, a, she hollie said, his letter, and not caring but then fearing, but reads, throws, bobby hollie said, did convey, showed, eat, hollie screamin for this reason, screamed again, but not heard, another, its him, said uh she hollie, showed, confusion, theres pope pointed, lighted care giver with pointy, hat, round head, white, hes in fire, drinking his drink, i'm said his caregiver approaching, its furthered showed, hollie, its JEsus appearing and bob angering, its, hes avenging, hollie, said, its for I persecute, Jesus said, thats bob telling, its children clapped hollie, they mock both, put it under, hollie said, showed, bob, God will not stop nor will you till the day you are both ruint then Jesus will repent, but thats world appearing and Jesus slowly being ruint, its, out in, the world, bob, people are, snitching hollie said, thats children telling, its christian witnesses and their faces turning red, times two, it hollie said, go, it, hollie, another, said, golden hair, hollie showed, remove the video, she said, jumpy hollie dd say, another, one, said, jumpy clapped hands, its, him, said, uh she hollie, he, clapped hands, showed, lay down, 6-10-2011-hollie showed lay down, he did his laundry a she hollie said, put it under she said, showed sleep, but clapped hands and got back up, you need to record me, said, it hollie, another, said, two hollies, one, had, white robe on but Gods new happy hammer appeared like, its ghost hollie, round head, light robe, hollie showed, record, its, the, louisville news hollie said, thats angel appearing, its like, un seen face round head angel but it, has, hair, hollie points, like mostly lighted hollie, bob they tremble she said, hollie showed, turn, lighted hand but body not seen but it appeared, i'm she did convey, chomp hollie said, thats tent revival, said, this is, hollie, tent, it appeared, hollie said, tear up, thats terri looking at, its a, him she said, terri telling her, o, terri said, terri, she shakes yes, thats tent at bobs church, its for, hollie dreaded, wore, its uh white robe, but Gods hammer hollie, it appeared, she said, him, like, happy round head, white robe on, its like, robe, God said, hollie, appeared, white robe, on, she, said, put back, but face went, like unseen but head still there hollie, said, showed, put recorder up, but still waited, I'm the beast, said, it putin, it pope said, hollie said, he was like happy angel but, pope hollie said, in fire, drinking drink, i'm it, caregiver like light caregiver did say, with, pointy hat, of light, like, robe on, hollie showed, he, was, short, theres, hand, agin, hollie did say, its white with, hollie, his head in, brown hair, its moodie, it, shook, uh little, hollie showed, its, children laughing, he made me, babyfleas said, pointed, at, its God hollie did say, its, teenspot, hollie said, he wants you in there, hollie said, its dull brown hat on, white robe, its, prayer room, cover me, said, it Jesus, God hollie did say, showed, bob scavage, thats her, going thru, its dumpster, thats finding something, hollie showed, turn, showed bob go git on computer, hollie wore white clothes, hollie, screamin for this reason, screamed again but another hollie came out, pointed, hollies scream not heard, hollie showed, turn, leaned, thats, sattelites and its missile going up, putin smiled, it exploded, but nuclear n.a.t.o.'s computers, they watches, blinked, but kept on, that was, blinking hollie said, like, its, amber dot but, face appeared on, its, pac-man, hollie did say, showed, its sattelite system and nuclear n.a.t.o. countries, missiles striking, but serpent, dragon, rose, i'm the beast, said, putins face coming out of, its serpent, hollie stamps, but only partially, seen, that was hollie appearing, showing turn, big golden, light hand, hollie said, but disappeared but became dark, thats Jesus approaching, telling, hollie liked it, look dark for that my vision God said, hollie shook yes, but some white in face appeared, she said jumpy hollie said, clapped her, hands, suppers cold, hollie said, hollie moodie appeared, with, keyboards, lets see, he played, hollie showed, its anti 10, bob remove, she said, hollie showed come on, said its hollie, showed, eat, then walk, your to jumpy right now, bob hollie moodie showed, its radio to sattelite, he liked it, that reached, hollie moodie thought, Jesus came out, over, two hundred thousand people, the john pierce show wants you to have fun but just listen saith Jesus, 6-9-2011-hollie showed, eat, buy something she said, thats her eating, its mcdonalds cheeseburger, and I stamp, she said, hollie, showed, record, dont, do she said, thats, end time prophetic ministry of dreams, hollie said, like angel said, dont do angel said, its, God hollie said, thats bob linking, its websites up, the become, its powerful, hollie said, did convey, bob there it is, indexed in, its google, but same o, angel, face comes out, but, I saw hollie said, somewhat, featureless face but hair there, its moodie hollie said, spacesoar jet, she said, like red flying saucer, do both parts God said, hollie moodie agrees, hollie comes out, explains, thats, moodie landing, its, taiwan, hollie said, but same o moodie claps hands, showed, bob its, box set, that website stays, hollie moodie said, thats unhappy box-net, website, cause, its bob linking up, thats, page popping up, its in google, taiwan errupted, its fire God said, thats hollie getting into dumpster, bob lets start it God said, as its hu hintao said hollie, disappearing, but website angelhead appeared again, hollie showed, eat, hollie fights hintao on red horse, both had, its light swords, hollie said, thats another hollie, flying out, in that she showed, dressd like, its pilot stamps hollie, but her not seen, only arm, but rest, appeared, its i'm she said, thats, hollie diving her, its old world war one fighter jet, chinese ship bombed, its repelled showed, another, hollie, dressed like, pilot herself, hollie screamy but, she, did partial scream, clapped white hands, wore, its uh burgundy sweatshirt but Gods happy changing hammer appeared like, its round head, same sweatshirt on, hollie showed, its church, with angel coming out, hollie, thinks, thats, same angel, hollie figured it out, Jesus using same angel to do all these parts, thats God moving angel around but theres body on, its, red, hollie did say, thats, pope, hollie did say, drinking his drink, in the fire, happy, its him, said uh appearing she hollie, did appear but, its i'm hollie said, caregiver approaching, hes round head, mouth opening and, its closing, hollie said, teeth, she pointed, appeared, pointy, hat, like, its halloween, hollie, said, hollie moodie showed how to play the keyboards, a she hollie and God did say, hollie showed, turn, then looked the other way but hat on, head this time, hollie wonders, a she hollie, boo whom, hollie said, its them God spoke, hollie said, on hill, many he hollies, hollie like shipmate salutes, its, another, hollie comes out, like, its babyfleas, wilhelm gustloff ship, thats ship, three torpedoes striking, hitler on deck, his prize, hollie said, hollie showed, go home, theres hand agin, that, hollie did say, with, hollie points, its him in, happy, inside, but face appeared, on, its hand, hand shaking, he, said, its, jumpy hollie, clapped hand, hat, its on hollie said, did convey, leave it alone angel said, its, amber, hollie said, but, jumpy hollie appeared, a, lighted, hand she hollie points, she, said, work, showed, hollie, golden lighted working feet, leggs, hollie showed, lay down, but, got back up, clapped hands, they were like gloved, dull golden, and burgundy sweatshirt on but showed lay down again, that was van licking the prophet, happy, said, many, angel, happy coming out, its uh happy angel hollie showed, just his face but dark body appeared, 6-6-2011-hollie showed record, she mowed the lawn wearing white robe, thats church angel comimg out of building, i'm the m.v., you need to, let me, record, hollie, said, did convey, and, I, stamp, she, said, did, thats, hollie, mowing, the, lawn, its, she, said, sweated, wearing, its uh white robe, bobby, now, hollie said, hollie appeared, then, white, hat, appeared on her, head, hollies screamy, thats, hollie like, its, shipmate, its on board, the, h.m.h.s. britannic, but ship sinks, hollie showed, turn, had golden hands and white hat, that was, many hollies, in, its, church, said, hollie, raised hand, and, I, stamp, she, said, but, church angel appeared happy, like, its, big light face, c'mon hollie said, wore white hat, brother hollie, said, wore, its uh, white hat, hollie, said, another, one, croatia, said, it pontey, hollie said, pope showed thumbs down, its blasphemy, hollie showed, turn, but changed, thats her sitting at, its computer, she wore, white hat, because bob I betray I will not let you live to make me mocked out in the world saith the Lord, hollie copied, its the, notes, off, internet, bob no revival hollie said, thats people showing, up, its for the first time she said, you will get big that way, God doesnt want it hollie said, wearing, its uh white hat, hollie just looked, white hat on, showed, bob mow grass, its time she said, showed work, hollie, man she said, put up signs, news revival, seven p.m. nightly, hollie walked away, this is uh warnin, hollie did say, bob thats people showing up, show dignity, she said, greet, no, it hollie, showed, thru, away, but shook yes, its burgundy sweatshirt on, she said, hollie showed, its, church dog, let it go, hollie said, thats it leaving, thats hand agin, showing, you did not need him, hollie said, pointed, its hollie showed, theres uh dome in, but happy face appeared on hand, hollie showed, lay down, but clapped her hands, got back up, she mowed lawn, wearing, its white robe, hollie had rid-x, showed, bob use, it works, she said, 6-4-2011-this is uh warning, said, and she wiped lips, hollie said, God said, put it under, hollie said, thats mike, hollie said, he, cries, but, God betrays, and thats bob exposing, hollie and God said, thats Jesus appearing, and, being mocked, thats, many people laughing, at God, hollie said, put it under, hollie said, showed her light watch, I need some body let me record hollie said, and I stamp, she said, but Gods hammer hollie, appeared like lighted round head, but, thats, lighted carriage, driving out, pulled by lighthorse, but turned black, thats, pope, like, its, angel, man, hollie said, did convey, thats, him, lets, git, her, up, hollie said, stopping in, its, russia, hollie said, thats, pope, signing, its uh, deal, hollie said, with, me, medvedev said, brother, this is, hollie, showed, you uh, picture, she said, its, pope, then comes alive, hollie showed, its church, she, said, with, its, angel coming out, but, hollie, showed, its, war, she, said, thats, pope and, hintao, at each other, hollie showed, its king of the north and south, hollie showed, lets make war, thats, nuclear fires, in, its both countries, them three, sitting at, its table, and, I, stamp, hollie said, thats, hu hintao, getting in two horned beast, its red with empy hollie said, already there, its japanese emperor, thats 666 peace treaty being signed for, hollie watches, as it unfolds, and words fly over, its, the, mark of the antiChrist, treaty, hollie said, hollie showed, record, thats, its red dragon agin, hollie said, rising, with seven kings on, thats, its pope hollie said, and medvedev and putin, coming out of, its one, showed, hollie, but, she, showed, something else to, thats, hand, its, white, hollie said, theres uh dome in, hollie said, bob hollie shook, dont go to, a.a., they will laugh at you, but, marvel, that, said, hollie, in his dome, she hollie said, in hand, but, face appears on hand, happy, hollie, looks at, wonders, its same hollie in dome, face appearing on, its hand stamped hollie, wore, its uh white robe but Gods hammer, hollie appeared, wearing same, like, its round head, then changed to, like blue faced crash test dummy, round head, looking puzzled, hollie said, thats the reason, hollie said, slapt, but like, its, him, she, said, just, face but rest appeared, its, blue, she said, o, its, i'm the m.v., its, his said again, hollie, said, wilhelm gustloff ship, thats three, torpedoes exploding along side, hitler on deck, hollie came out, lets see, but its, him, dressed nice, brown hair, but somewhat silhouette face, hollies hair orange, hollie showed, go, she said, but hand not seen, but it appeared like, its boxing glove, its bear paw, dimly, thats fingers, inside that, I told ya, made ya, Jesus said, all way, hollie said, wearing, its uh white robe, but Gods hammer appeared like stunned white round head, two hollies, showed, go, but, one, like, its, him, wearing, its uh, white robe, hollie drove, its 1966 ford mustang, spun rear tire, she was like, happy, angel hollie, thats her playing, its her electronic keyboards, pope, its, in, the fire, hollie said, drinking drink, happy, flames all around, thats his caregiver approaching, mouth open, teeth seen, bob c'mon hollie said, clapped hands, showed, its lay down, but got back up, another hollie comes, out, points, lighted finger, hollie had, dull, golden gloves on, burgundy sweatshirt, she said, jumpy hollie said, showed, get busy, hey another hollie said, coming out, thats was, its him, said uh she hollie,6-2-2011-hollie showed eat, c'mon, she said, did convey, I, she spoke, it, hollie said, he is calling me uh sissy God said, hollie comes out, it, like, Jesus, hollie said, did convey, bob, he betrays, hollie said, God, persecutes and maims, hollie showed, record, and, I, stamp, she, said, post angel rises like, its light, pointed hollie, round head, but, not seeming very happy, hollie appeared, showed, pope, like angel of light, bob I'm telling people that I made you die lost to laugh at you, its, to betray saith Jesus, hollie showed, to record, bob, she said, spruce up hollie showed, thats hollie out of, its, she said, trumpet, somebody wrote you, said, its, hollie, hollie showed, turn, lighted hand, dark hollie, but, your going the wrong way, hollie said, but another hollie, like, its uh white bear showed turn again, and he saw this, hollie said, three kings rise in, its persia, he hollie claps, showed, eat, but changing, God, said, hollie said, theres pope like angel, hu hintao, and hollie showed, bob get to work, but upper body not visible, but appeared, you can not let me do anything, i'll destroy you to mock you saith Jesus, hollie showed, lay down, with dull golden hands, hollie showed turn, but, showed, the other way, wore, its uh, white robe, but, looked, confused, she, said, and I, showed, you a, picture, said, its, hollie, its, pope, but, hey, hollie said, he appeared out of picture, but picture appeared later, its blue, hollie said, but nothing else in, hollie showed, turn, hey she said, she wore uh, white robe, but Gods hammer, appeared, like, its round head hollie, he said, jumpy hollie showed, get moving, brown feet, white robe, but another, hollie appeared, happy, looking to side, he told on me, hollie showed, its, church, and, white thing coming out, changing into, its, church angel, hollie showed, bob buy, thats how, you build, theres hand, showing, you did need him, its hollie showed, look hollie said, theres uh dome in, with, its, hollie in, but, he was, a she hollie came out, white robe, he, doesnt want it, does he said, hollie showed, record, and I stamp, she, said, beat hand, and Gods new hammer hollie came out like, its happy, almost normal, hollie, but its not quite, hollie and God said, 6-1-2011-bob, said, it, hollie, thats new, its, ministry of dreams, hollie said, its guestbook angel like happy lighted face, thats bob linking up, it took, hollie said, did convey, and I, showed, you, uh, picture, hollie said, its, pope, she, said, but while having picture, pope not there but its burgundy color, in, its golden frames, hollie said, bobby pope hollie said, thats pope appearing but changing into hollie, laughing, hollie, showed, turn, but, its him, said, uh she hollie, showed, keep going, but hands not seen, but, its, they, appeared, hollie said, and, were, round bear paws, tear up, he said, happy, showed, its both beasts, its pictures, pointed, hollie, but, its, pope and, hu hintao, hollie said, turned around, new ministryofdreams, up, clapped hollie, thats ministry of dreams website, like angel going into, its room, hollie said, full of, its, showed, hollie, ministry of dreams, websites, its o, hollie said, there deformed, spots on all, hollie did the deal, but, upper part not seen, but, it appeared, showed, another, hollie, looking stunned, pope, hollie said, in, its red hot fire, but like angel of light, caregiver approaches, its i'm he said, little triangle hat, mouth mostly open, hollie pointed, like, light, herself, all teeth seen, hollie screamed, she said, sleep, said, jumpy hollie but showed, learn how to play musical instruments, had, lighted, hands, but, body, disappeared, but, reappeared, bobby, she said, just, wait, they chanted, hollie said, its, many, him, hollie said, he, hollies, their on uh hill, thought she hollie, hollie showed, turn, she said, jumpy holllie did say, hollie said, showed, its, make uh deal, but hands turned golden, its, there were brown at first hollie said, theres hand agin, hollie said, showing, its, you didnt dont want it, hollie said, tear up, but, its, him, its appearing in tears, same he hollie, that was, inside, dome, go there, pointed, hollie, new hollie got, climbed, hollie said, into, its dumpster, hollie showed, lay down, hollie played his music, but, its, she said, face hard to make out, 5-27-28?-30-2011-hollie showed, record, thats greg, somebody wants to see you hollie said, did convey, its him she said, but only hand seen, its, bobby, he will take, pay him, she said, give, some bread, hollie said, thats, him driving, long way, hollie, appeared, with, brown hat on, but, just watching, waiting, and I, stamp, hollie said, showed, bobby eat something, hollie appeared, wearing uh hat, she said, but, just waiting, look, said, hollie, and I showed, you, uh picture, she said, it hollie, but only blue in, pope appeared like, its uh, angel of light, stamped, hollie, but, wasnt in picture, two hollies showed, turn, but, another, hollie came, out, many parts missing, bobby, hollie came out, white hat on, thats, greenfield apostolic church, group, it trembles, she said, came out, golden hair but face, somewhat unseen, happy, hollie showed, picture, its pope, he appeared, wait uh minute hollie said, looking stunned, outside of picture, but its false prophet hu appearing in picture, thats big hand showing, its, chevrolet monte carlo, thats hollie driving, spinning, rear tire, lets motor, she said, angel showed, record, hollie showed, that, she, said, its, indianapolis 500, and, I, stamp, hollie said, but, people laughing, and, having fun but, thats, cloud appearing over, its indianapolis, its indianapolis, then bobs church appeared, I like it said church angel like lighted angel, hollie showed, God raising bob up, thats Jesus watching, bob rises to, its top, hollie screamed, bobby they already know, said, this is hollie, its judah band, they, we want you, they do buisness, thats bob church and, judah there, bobby, said hollie, showed, lay down, but got back up, 5-30-2011-hollie showed, its james, he, thats, him, accepting, its pastorate, hollie said, theres, hand, agin, showing, you did not need him, its, hollie and God said, hollie showed, theres uh dome, in, whew its, let me, scope it out, hollie said, did convey, white hand, but face appears, on, but, hollie in dome, hair mostly brown now, but he seemed happy, hand white, thats, hollie said, thats it, its, uh, he hollie, a, she one, said, did convey, lighted, serpent licking prophet, and was happy, thats, serpent conveying, i'm the g8, serpent said, theres putin appearing and its, nuclear n.a.t.o., hollie said, its, theres barack obama like, its woman with golden hair hollie said, hollie screamed, then again, but, its, him, a, she hollie, said, came out, pointing, hollies scream not heard, hollie slapt agin, a she hollie said, hollie slapt God said, again, but turning silhouette, its, hollie said, bobby, said, its, hollie, another one said, did convey, pope appeared, like, its, angelhead, hollie did say, hollie showed, zip your lip, thats james young pastoring and crowd, it starts small, but, thats church mostly full and, bobs happy, with, its money, thats james, come on he said,a bruptly, hollie said, wanting, its the loot misses young said, hollie, screamin for this reason, she, thats the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, hollie points, but changes, thats three explosions, along, side, and ship being rocked, hitler on board, lets see, said, it, hollie, tapped on, its, little podium with light stick, hollie learned, thats it, she said, she played, piano, but same, hollie, pointed, at piano, while she did, put it under, bob, learn, hollie, said, thats hollie stamping, mouth open, teeth appearing, another hollie came out, its, o, she, said, your looking, stunned, God said, lets see, hollie said, got on, its internet, thats a thing hollie appearing, she looked for, its events, but, like, angelic white thing hollie stamps, hollie showed, its, word of mouth, people telling, its about bobs sign, she said, God entered into me, thats God going inside bob, hollie with Jesus inside showed, record, its boo way, hollie said, many, him, its, she, said, he, hollies, on hill, hollie, salutes, like shipmate, its onboard, the, h.m.h.s., hollie said, britannic, but ship sinks, angel comes out, hollie came, out, white hat appeared on, thats, bobs sign, in front page of, its news paper stamped, hollie but body not seen, then angel thing appeared, like, its uh white angel, but another hollie comes out, its, o, she, said, looking stunned, hollies body wasnt seen, but, appeared, hollie showed, turn, then, showed, turn again, thats her getting sign, thats, hollie getting, its sign holder, but, she, stamped, and, its, Gods hammer, hollie appearing, like, its just light head hollie like, its, like, hollie, hollie showed, lay down, but, clapped hands, got back up, showed, its, silvana, she comes to stay with bob, thats them, but they have sex, she loved, 5-29-2011-Jumpy hollie appeared God said, bob your sign, it was uh he hollie, a she one said God said, thats many appearing in church, in the yard God said, now God is afraid, God wont let it God and hollie said, put it under, a he hollie said, showed cut it off, Jesus said, and appeared hollie showed, hollie showed, record, bob, she, said, I did convey, showed, its cassette tape, they wont last forever, fix, she said, she glued, it worked, boo chanted, their on, uh hill, hollie said, many, him, its, hollie said, he hollies, but, lighted she hollie appeared, looking back, amber color, thats he hollie, in, the fire, twisting head, eyes, closed, but became happy, flames soared, hollie showed, its red light camera, he explained, run over, past this, he said, is sensor in road, thats camera snapping picture, but hollie showed, it wont git ya he said, they were, hollie looked at police, off, now lets see, said, it, hollie, another, hollie said, thats, many nuclear fires in, its, n.a.t.o. hollie said, and I stamp, hollie said, lighted hand but lighted hollie points, her body not seen but it was, her, thats, russia exploding, its, putin, hollie said, he appeared, bob said, it Jesus, hollie said, another, hey pointed happy hollie, caught ya, its jumpy hollie, showing, bob lay down, thats her taking sign off, thats sign, Jesus entered me like body my perfect size, thats, children, walking by, its readin, hollie, said, did convey, they, ask God about, he appeared, its, hollie said, i'm the m.v. she said, wilhelm gustloff ship, its his ship agin, babyfleas, said, God said, thats hitler on hitlers super ship, and, three explosions rocking side, thats lonely ship on bottom of sea, but hollie visits, its akula class, she said, then fired many rockets, hollie points, they were nuclear, its uh network, hollie said, 5-27-2011-hollie had on her, its, light watch, and I stamped, she said, beat hand, but Gods hammer appeared, she, said, like round head, its blue, but oval shaped, hollie points, but thinks, God said, that, hollie said, see said, it, hollie, showed, picture, its, pope with, its sky blue in, but hollie changes to like white happy hollie hammer, all white, pope points at, picture, like, its uh, angel said hollie, stamped, turn, showed, hollie, she, spoke it, but, another, hollie comes out, it, made, me, skeptical she said, hollie was, mostly to side of frame, Jesus looks at, its picture frames, that hollie said, but a hollie, lit up, in one of, the frames, that, she said, christian spoke hollie, dont, sell, she, said, thats, big angelface like round face, happy, appearing on front of bobs church, its the, whole size, hollie said, angel showed, he, wont, its, excercise, hollie said, did convey, thats, how, its, facial muscles, tighten up, hollie said, showed, move mouth around, hollie showed, turn, hollie played the saxaphone, out, like, she said, and, I stamp, hollie said, its, like, waves she said, something went out, thats pointy head shaped hollie, out of saxaphone, golden, but hair brown, hollie showed, record, bobby, comere, uh minute hollie said, thats, jayme, hollie said, shes, preaching at, and I, stamp, hollie, said, but, scene changes, and, its, Gods hammer, like, its, blue, hollie said, head, burgundy sweatshirt hammer hollie but no hair, hollie screamed, why, bob, what did it, hollie said, screamed, again, hollie walked, into, washington sqaure mall, and I stamp, she said, thats, pastor stone, looking at bob, bob said, its, Jesus, hollie, said, thats, finnell appearing, she, now trembles at the mention of, its bob stamped hollie, burgundy, on, thats, uh war ning hollie said, she, appeared, waving, its akula class, thats what you want, needed, said, hollie, like proving, something, appeared again, white robe on, stomped foot, clapped hands, but, face, went, silhouette, thats, like, silhouette, which hollie looked at, its, God, she, said, like, blank, but, hollie came out, thats how, he does it, hollie said, laughed, face both ways but ended silhouette, with like design on, hollie played trumpet, its chicago, hollie said, thats, lead singer, aging, still touring, hollie said, he, shook, yes, jumpy hollie came out, to, convey, she, wore uh, showed, cloudy like white robe, dont, hollie said, wearing, its uh, burgundy, another, hollie said, but theres Gods hammer hollie appearing again, like bald head but blue, please let me said hollie, showed go in, sit down, showed, be quiet, buttoned her lips, which changed, and, the, cradle will rock, sang, hollie, its, van halen, she, said, its, david lee roth, appearing, hes their new old lead singer, still does well hollie said, look, hollie said, did convey, another, hollie said, coming out, iraq agin hollie said, and he saw, this, pointed hollie, nuclear fires in, its iraq and gaza, hollie stamps, and Gods hammer appeared, but, bush is pushed to microphone and hollie like mostly unseen hollie bit his chicken, but she, somewhat appeared in like blue foggy hollie, hollie slapt his face, and, shrugged but wore red sweatshirt, another hollie comes out, points, longer finger, its, light, showed light hand like, lit up, hand, boo chanted, many he hollies, their on, uh hill hollie said, but lighted she hollie comes, out of one, back like amber color, theres hand agin, hollie said, but its hollie hand now, theres uh dome pointed she hollie with long shaft like amber finger with, its him in, hair orange and brown, look, said, its, hollie, another said, she exercised her face, hollie showed, turn, but, then, the other way, hollie, showed, its black smoke coming out of, its church, hollie showed, stamped, but changed, to, its, him, she said, thats bob putting wood in, its old wood burning stove, bob, it hollie said, showed, hard work, they, work, get, thats bob putting one in basement of church himself, heats whole church, bob keeps wood in, she said, sleep, showed, jumpy hollie, but another, hollie points, its, at, her teeth she said, golden teeth, your puttin me down, hollie said, thats moodie playing music, but he transformed, hollie said, bob thats perry smith on phone, talking to, its, bob, 5-26-2011-hollie showed, turn, but, its wrong way, put hand on chin, human touch, sang, its, hollie, said, another, but, Gods new hammer hollie appeared, its, like, blue, hollie said, did convey, looked at, its bob, but, hollie stamps, hollie showed, its, Christ temple, june one, two and three, boo, they chanted, hollie said, many, its, him, said, uh, she, hollie, on hill, they appeared, but, just, didnt do anything, God said, give warning, hollie said, its, him, said, uh, she, one, and, I, stamp, hollie, said, but, happy Gods hammer, stamped, like, happy lighted round blue head hollie, but, reappeared, with, its uh, hollie said, burgundy sweatshirt but not happy, theres hand, agin, like, God and hollie said, thats, hollie showing, turn, but, arm golden and rest, barely seen but reappeared, like, its uh golden hollie, trouble, said, it, hollie, said, uh, she one, thats, pope, she, said, rising, hollie showed, turn, showed, bob eat something, thats, hollie walking, its, at, and I, stamp, hollie said, walmart, but, dressed better but still wore, its uh hat, hollie showed, turn, showed, drink another one, she said, but got chubby again, shirt not tucked in but white tee shirt on and hat, this is, uh, website, hollie said, showed, its, ministry of dreams, face, light bluish, its, dull, hollie said, but, acting happy, people still, it, hollie said, its, Jesus speaking, why do you steal, its, God said, with, the, voice of many, hollie said, jumpy hollie, appearing, but reappearing, wearing, its uh white robe and hat on, hollie showed, turn, but, only, hand, appeared, it, golden hollie said, but, rest appeared, to, she, was golden, dressed cool, showed turn again, but this, time, changed, hollie said, she, said, jumpy hollie said, wearing, its uh white robe, stomping feet like running in place but colors of feet changed, she he said jumpy hollie did convey, another, hollie said, wearing, its uh, red sweatshirt, hat on, white, but, jumpy hollie, like ran in place, brown feet but like, its, martian feet, hollie, points, but they turned green, thats king of, hollie said, hollie looked at her, its uh light watch, she said, but, disappeared God said, 5-25-2011-let me, said, it hollie, another, said, but casey wiped lips, bob, hollie said, wiped her lips, you knew, they want you, zip your lip, showed, hollie, put it under, its, another, said, its, silvana, showed, masterbating, she, squirts, but, thats her, I'm embarrased, silvana said, put it under, hollie, said, bob thats, trevor calling, and laughing, hollie showed, to, record, thats bob and, jeff, its doing buisness, she said, hollie got word from, Jesus, church, showed hollie, like fight, will, hollie stomped, sell, but, how long, she said, to its, Jesus, months, all summer, God said, and I stamp, hollie said, and Gods hammer, came out, like, its, white face, round head, hollie, but, not quite, she said, sleep, showed, another, hollie, stomped, feet, hollie, came, out, pointed, but, wore, hat, its uh, this time, bob, you need to sell, hollie said, thats, bobs, money, going way back, up, jumpy hollie showed, just wait, thats, new world order apostolic church, angel coming out of, church, its light hat on with arms, grabbing bob, wearing, its uh red sweatshirt, bob, dont, sell my home, hollie said, thats bob and jannette living in, its church said, hollie, and I stamp, hollie said, but another, hollie pointed, like, cloudy colored cloudy robe, hollie mostly not seen, thats the, its, another, hollie, said, the, alome, uhleem, hollie said, sandy wiped lips, its, simb, sandy said, hollie, moodie, his, music, you, dont, need, that, he, said, come on, said, church, coming out of, God said, its, hollie did convey, one, world apostolic church, took bob inside, showed, there, pointed, angel, at, pulpit, bob preaching and, its uh, hollie said, small crowd, but growing, she said, bob you, wont, believe, it, hollie said, pope, in, the fire, said, hollie, happy, laughing, drinking his drink, its i'm said, his caregiver, approaching, dressed, like, its, pointy, green like hat, green like robe, light round head, mouth open, like, weary, appeared again, she said, hollie said, jumpy hollie clapped hands, thats, its, bob church, hollie said, like worried angel coming out, light head, light arms, and, hat, hollie did convey, it was light, to, but, same kind of, hat, appeared on hollie, she wore uh, its, burgundy sweatshirt, hollie showed, mow the lawn, she, wore, its uh, white hat, its, alaska, hollie said, angel rode missile, looked, happy, thats, explosions in, its showed, hollie, alaska, but scene went dull she said, bluish gray, thats, missiles leaving out of, its, sea, that separates, its showed, hollie, america and russia but thats missiles leaving alaska, exploding in russia, hollie said, then, thats many from, russia, many nuclear fires, in, its, alaska and america, but, thats, both, american coasts, going up in flames, and, angry barack obama presses nuclear button, thats, massive fire in moscow and smaller around, but thats center of america burning and he hollie being lifted out of the flame, by pilot gabriel, but most of russia exploded, its nuclear n.a.t.o, hollie said, but, she saw, them countries, burning to, and, light serpent rising, thats, hollie said, then appeared, but, dimly, church angel next to bob, then, church, angel appears, sitting at, its Gods interviewing table, he, told me, angel said, pointed at, its, Jesus, hollie said, bob, sell your church, but, you and jannette, hollie looked worried, stay together but live in church, I had uh vision, said, its, angel hollie said, showed, church flopping, only one, hollie showed, turn, again, boo chanted, its, him, said, uh she hollie, many, their on uh hill pointed, its, hollie, he, hollies but, lighted, she hollie comes out of, one, looks back, turns, like orange, thats hollie, like, hand, showing, you did not need him, another, hollie, said, its, hollie showed, theres uh dome in, hollie said, with, its, him, in, orange and brown hair, hollie showed, turn, its, like, uh little, another, hollie, said, white hollie but, face, different, dont, hollie said, showed, its, aaron, church would fill, its, tyson, church would hollie shrugged, shook, to many, they were dancing, hollie showed, shawn preaching from bobs pulpit, and church, hollie wiped lips, almost full, hollie showed, lay down, but, clapped hands while laying, down, its apostolic dreams, God said, but like hammer hollie came out, another normal hollie walked out, their changing, hollie screamy for this reason, screamed, again, but, another, hollie, came, out, pointing, silenty, thats, he hollie in the fire, but happy, twisted head but laughs, hollie smiled, had nice teeth, hollie showed, its ministry, out on, its stamped hollie, west washington but another hollie came out, to, explain, its, like, dull, she, said, gray like scene with, its horses, smiling hollie said, theres pope she said, on, its, black horse, but, hollie stamps, theres gray scene again, hollie came out, showed, he, said, jumpy hollie said, but, another, hollie moved lips, jumpy hollie came from behind, laughed, but hollie that moved lips, had, its uh burgundy she said, sweatshirt on, jumpy hollie turned to the side, wearing, its uh cloudy like robe, but white hat on, he made me she said, talking about Jesus, now I want you turn to side God said, o.k., hollie smiled, kind of showed, bob its time, thats, church, licking the prophet, big white tongue, 5-24-2011-hollie showed, its, septic tank, they, hollie rubbed face, in indianapolis, are illegal, but if they dont work right, then thats, Jesus, being angry, hollie showed, its, meridian title company, you knew, pointed, hollie, thats jerry shaking yes, and its george rubbing chin, now their facing lawsuit hollie said, thats bob going to attorney and giving money, thats lawsuit being filed, against, its all involved hollie said, bob, hollie came out, its they will settle she said, we will pay for it, alexander said, they all split cost, hollie showed, its real estate attorney, hes now knowing, bob, you knew, jerry said, that septic tank it, jerry looked around, still legal, but, in time, they will, do away with it, hollie showed, theres hand agin, showing, you did not need, him, its, hollie showed, its white, theres uh dome in, hollie said, she pointed, light finger, like pointy, he had orange hair but turning brown, hollie showed, record, showed, bob git the shovel, work, she, said, hollie showed, turn, showed, its uh septic tank, its big hollie showed, leaned up against, they work, its for life of church hollie said, heres why she said, limited use, hollie showed, turn, golden hand, hollie, came out, showed, there on uh hill, its, him, he, she, said, did convey, he hollies, but, amber colored she, hollie came out, of, one, looked back but, turned normal, hollie showed, she, was, cocked uh little, to side, pope, thats, it, in, the fire, hollie said, thats, caregiver, with, like, its uh, lighted, caregiver, hollie said, dressed like, its, pope, hollie said, long pointy hat of light, mouth open, boo chanted, its, him, said, uh, she hollie, pointed, many he hollies, there on uh hill, but, hollie, ate the pizza, she, said, sleep, showed, jumpy hollie, wearing, its uh white robe, another, hollie came out, but got happy, jumpy hollie turned to side, but, hollie showed, not making sense, hollie slapt, his, face, again, hollie, said, did convey, 5-23-2011-bob, said, it, hollie, showed, her light watch, tapped, two hollies, it was uh, little after five, hollie walking, go, said, it hollie, she said, jumpy hollie said, wearing, its uh, white hat, white robe, face golden monkey, jumpy hollie, showed, fight, work, she said, I warned, you, hollie said, hollies screamin for this reason, she, said, screamed again, but, barely heard, thats angel, coming out of, its, church hollie said, did convey, grabbing bob, light hands, its, protection, hollie stamps, showed, nothing, hollie, showed, keep going straight, another hollie just looked, thought about turning, fingers appeared, its, the, next time, rubbing chin, bobby said, its, angel of hope, hollie said, did convey, wore, its uh, red, sweatshirt, but, and, I, stamp, hollie, said, Gods news hammer hollie appears, like, its king of turning white hollie hammer, no hair, round, head, pope, said, its, hollie, another, one, appeared, happy, then another, came out, showed, its hollie teeth, kind of, its, missing, she, said, pope drank his drink, in fire, but lighted hollie appeared, down underneath, tickled feet, but another hollie appeared, showing, happy, sounds, caregiver approaches, like, its light round head, pointy hat, like, its, pope, hollie said, wore, light clothes, theres teeth on mouth, hollie saw, but, put hand over, mouth, jumpy hollie, showed, stay in, shape, work out, she, said, wore, its, uh, white robe, lips, were monkey, theres, hand, agin, and it, shows, you did not need, him, its, hollie showed, theres, dome in, with, its, him in, mostly, orange hair, and, looking kind of, hollie, came out, hes, concerned, she, said, hand turned, into, hollie hand, her face appeared, on, now, its, o, hollie said, i'm the, m.v., its his ship said, again, babyfleas said, the wilhelm gustloff ship, thats hitler on deck, ship taking explosion, its, along, God showed, with light brown hand, side, and two more strikes, thats ship rolling and sinking, hollie, salutes, like, its, shipmate, on board, its, hmhs she said, britannic, but it sank to, Jesus, met with many, ministering spirits, God said, asked for, asked one that would tell, spoke, Jesus, its him said uh she hollie, but he looked like she hollie that flew plane, thats her flying and its bombing chinese ship, hollie fights, hu hintao, hollie had light sword, hintao, had blue, light sword, on his, red horse, spacesoarem, said, its him, said uh she hollie but she thought, i'm confused, she, said, his face, all, there, now, but, its like, nose, missing, last time, like, flat there, like nothing seen, but thats hollie, chinese sea hollie said, hintao launching, watching, thats taiwan burning, its the battle of washington state, hollie said, showed, thru, with, hollie showed, its septic tank, she went, out, looked at, its, slab, moved slab and underneath, hollie showed, its hard, labor, nothing there, its city sewer, hollie showed, its, rid-x, heres how it works, hollie showed, flushing toilet, but was really Gods hammer like bug head, thats rid-x, in, its, hollie showed, hard work, showed, do it, bob, they, last, hollie thought, spoke with God, longer then you think, but keep empty, heres how, hollie turned her sump pump on, and, it, emptied out water, hollie showed, turn, but, reappeared, hollie showed, get the key made, but just looked at, their on uh hill hollie said, many, him, she hollie said, he hollies booing, they chant, she said, she, said, sleep, showed, jumpy hollie, hollie blew, the, its balloon, she said, he hollie on, but got happy, then looked normal, smiled, hollie appeared, in, the, window, it was, painted on, said, another, hollie, I want, you, to, do, it, Jesus said, o.k. shook hollie, she painted hollie in window, but hollie in window waved, this is, warning, hollie said, showed, confusion, its, showed, hollie, new world order, apostolic church, with angel coming out, but not seeming happy, thats angel, wanting to speak, and, Jesus gives angel the microphone, I want people angel said, thats hollie putting up signs, and people driving by, and seeing, please go home angel said, hollie saw, its storm clouds coming, lightning bolt shoots out, and, like, its, dull golden, angel head appearing, but rest there, she showed, hollie said, time, like, its golden hollie but had different color shirt on, hollie shut light off at church, its everyday she said, bye said, its, hollie, said, another, but another, blue faced, hollie, appeared, hollie, another hollie said, she was hidden, but, came out from behind him, showed, slapt face, but, not heard, did again, hollie showed, turn, hollie put up the sign, people, looked, thats, woman, thinking, she, said, jumpy hollie said, wearing, its uh white robe, and, hat, and, looking to side, showed, do something, hollie showed, turn, 5-22-2011-its good for me, hollie, raked, in, the, money, she, wore, uh, its, uh, red plad coat, but, Gods hammer, appeared, like, its, all, blue hollie, its him, two hollies said, blue everything, God said, whew let me, said, its, hollie, wore, its uh, red plad coat, but, Gods, hammer, appeared, again, boo chanted, many, he hollies, said, uh, she, one, and, I stamp, hollie said, but, happy new hammer appeared like, hollie, came out, looked, white, head, hollie, no hair, plad coat, on, what did she, do, that for, said, its, hollie, said, another, hollie, he said, hollie said, leaping but jumpy hollie came out, pointed, bob, buy, get, banner, they will make while you wait hollie said, hollie slapt his face, another, happy, came out, saw, he wore, red sweatshirt, but, hollies teeth appeared but like one tooth in mouth, that covered whole mouth but, hand, points, its, like, dull brown color, what did hollie slap, for, said, its, hollie, said, another, appearing, but, he, hollie appeared again, slapt, face, but had like ventrilaquist sound, it was heard over there, hollie points, whew let me see hollie said, she, was, shown, how it happened, its him, she said, happy running from, its Jesus giving instructions, whew, thats how, hollie said, hollie just, rubbed face, Jesus made slap noise, hollie showed, turn, both ways, she, said, its, jumpy hollie, did convey, another, hollie said, o, said, its, him, jumpy hollie did convey, another, hidden hollie spoke, but, jumpy hollie not leaping, this time, many he hollies on hill, o, said, one, hollie twisted, his, head, in, the, fire, said, uh, she one, but, opened his eyes, flames got higher but hollie, he didnt, hollie said, I dont mind he spoke, laughed in fire, hollie danced like, its uh golden hollie, white like trunks, thats, its nigger hollie said, singing, you sexy thing, hollie showed, the, corn crop, its on, bobs lot, lot number three hollie said, valued at, she said, spoke with Jesus for word, over, 40,000, theres uh u.p.c.i. church-uh-day, hollie said, bob you knew, use it yourself, hollie walked, like, hollie that danced, Jesus speaks, to, her, body, still, golden but hollie, shook, yes, I wont, do, she, said, but, shook yes and did, both parts, and, he, saw, said, its, casey, she, drove, its a.m.c. gremlin-x, hollie replaced, the, windshield, in, there, she showed, two seconds, blue hands, there dull, hollie points, with, light, finger, same, angel that, came, out of, van, one afraid bob wouldnt do it right is, same, o, angel, hollie said, that came out of, church, but still concerned, put hands on bob, no, said, its hollie, another said, jumpy hollie showed, fight, amber arms, but, cloudy like robe, color, hollie showed, lay down, she, said, jumpy hollie, another, hollie said, golden monkey like face, showed, running, brown shoes, but, another, hollie comes out, its o, the hollie with brown shoes did convey hollie said, but wore dress, hollie showed, turn, hollie came, out, to, convey, thats, its, pope, hollie said, in fire, drinking his, drink, his, caregiver approaching but like round head, dressed like, wizard, this is hollie, but, light garments, bob have your way, hollie said, showed, work, like green arms, white robe, but monkey like face, jumpy hollie showed lay down, this is, uh warning, hollie said, showed, just be still, look, said, it, hollie, showed, picture, pope, look, hollie, said, pointed, white finger, hollie showed, confusion, she, said, go, do things, it its, hollie did convey, jumpy hollie, 5-21-2011-what did he, say, hollie, said, shook, yes, uhm hum, she, did convey, said, showed, with white, hand, its, pope, she, said, in, fire, drinking drink, caregiver approaching but has new friend, there, to, hollie said, lighted, round head, caregiver, i'm he said, mouth mostly open, whew let me see hollie said, finger white, on, mouth, like, light santa hat and round head and robe of light, thats hollie dressed similar, light clothes, she said, its jumpy hollie another hollie did convey, wearing, its uh red sweatshirt, white finger, but, Gods hammer appeared, like, its, blue hollie said, like crash test dummy, he hollie, but black facial features, blue clothes, hollie came out, pointing, kind of, his, sweatshirt nice but dull blue jeans on, not so happy face, hollie, was in, walmart, bobby see, hollie said, and, dark hand pointed, hollie showed, its, uh, dark arm, but, its, hand showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, thats him in, with orange hair, came out, but, hand went hamburger helper hand, walked and got on Jesus's arm, he said, jumpy hollie said, with golden arms, showed, its, war, hollie, said, jumpy hollie had, its uh, white robe, on, theres uh border in, hollie did convey, with, its, him in, smiling, but, there, hollie said, like thinking, dull, other, designs, how great, its, ashley, hollie said, she sang, appeared, hollie drove, her, semi tractor trailer, like, uh, white, hollie, said, its, Jesus, hollie, did convey, she, drank drink, thru, its, straw, hollie said, she, said, hollie said, its, jumpy hollie, showed, get shovel and dig, put city water in yourself, hollie showed with shovel, he slept hollie said, then again, but changed uh little, God said, hollie showed, now its take it easy, its, Jesus, hollie said, did convey, on, its airplane showed, hollie, but she showed, its uh done deal, bob the water will work, hollie got word from, its Jesus, till you fix it, thats bob digging up pipes, and calling, its plumber, hollie, said, thats hollie, said, showed, eating, hollie showed, its banner, bob hollie thought, just make yourself, thats hollie wearing, its uh, uh topless white hat, making, the, sign, but, its, Gods hammer, hollie appearing, hollie showed, just buy black paint, and thats how you do it, she said, did convey, hollie showed, turn, thats her playing, its organ, wearing, its uh blue plad coat, hollie showed, eat, now let me see, said, it, hollie, another, one, said, showed, plug in, its, sump pump, bobby hollie said, they work, hollie showed, turn, thats, hollie, its, painting uh sign, she said, showed, its, new world order apostolic church, hollie painted, on, its building, she said, hollie showed, turn, thats her mowing, its lawn, she wore uh, its blue plad coat, but, hollie reported, to, Gods interviewing table, but then appeared, cutting grass, at, its new world order apostolic church, thats angel coming out of, its building, hollie said, fill me up, angel said, you wreck cried the baby, and, she, saw it, pointed, its hollie, nuclear fires in, its iraq and gaza, and its cause we need to give gaza, said president obama, its to, uh palestinian state, hollie said, and I stamp, she, said, but, Gods hammer hollie, appeared, like, its, blue, crash test dummy, but, not, happy, hollie comes out, points, its black features in face, hollie showed, its sump pump, hollie rubbed chin, thought, said, hollie showed, with big white hand, its, uh, and I stamp, hollie said, pontiac bonneville, about uh, she thought, rubbed chin, 70, thats it spinning rear tires, hollie driving but looking at bob while doing, hollie saluted, its like uh ship mate, on board the, hollie said, its r.m.s. titanic, but ship sinking and angel head appeared, its like, dunlop tire man head, playdo boy man showed turn, like lighted playdo man, hollie showed, turn, but, hollie showed, again, she appeared, quickly, dimly, fool, said, it, babyfleas, hollie said, she drove, its harley davidson sportster, rev, said, thats sportster coming alive, loving it, like angel sportster, thats angel coming out of, its church, said, hollie, stamped, but, wore red plad coat, angel held bob, was scared, suddenly you care, said, its his van, hollie said, did convey, bob showed, bob to write his phone number on sign, hollie showed, turn, she said, jumpy hollie said, counting out the money, its free, she said, looked at God for word, much, but theres border in jumpy hollies white robe, its, him, a, she hollie said, pointed, jumpy hollie went monkey, theres Jesus speaking to, I want you, to wear monkey lips, jumpy hollie shook yes, but was, changed, to, like, new golden, face, hollie, hollie showed, turn, showed, eat, hollie put the banner on the church, looked at, thats her putting on, it wont stick, hollie said, you need to forgit it, Jesus, said, hollie shook yes, o.k.,5-20-2011-hollie showed, its, Christ temple, tomorrow, she, walks, in, its, wearing, she said, did convey, red plad coat, thats, her, leaving, its, Christ temple apostolic faith assemblies, and, Gods hammer hollie appears, like, its, blue, hollie said, did convey, like, its round head, and, blue clothes, but, hollie, comes out, its, different shades, she said, did convey, hollie, said, that, showed, Gods hammer, hollie, its, pope, now, let me, see, hollie, said, did convey, came, out, thought, thats, Jesus looking, its, at, picture frames, and, that, said, hollie, in, one, lighting up, first, that, another, hollie said, its, pope, hollie, said, riding, his, black horse, thats, pope, galloping, hollie said, on, its, world, hollie said, and, Gods hammer, hollie, appeared, like, its, blue, hollie said, round head hollie, blue clothes to, but, looking not happy, but, hollie, pointed, had some white in, open, mouth, that, hollie said, did convey, hammer licks prophet, that, hollie said, its, Gods hammer, like, blue crash test dummy like hammer, but that hollie said, blue clothes to, and its, different shades, hollie said, and, I, showed, you, uh, picture, hollie said, its pope, hollie said, another, appeared, looking, at, its, o, a third hollie said, pointing, with white, finger, theres blue in picture, thats, hollie, hidden in the people but still coming out, laughing with, wearing, its uh plad coat, but, Gods hammer, hollie appeared, like all blue crash test like dummy hollie but clothes nice, like, its sweater, and darker blue pants, hollie and God said, hollie screamed, but, not, heard, screamed again, she said, its, jumpy hollie pointed, another, hollie, she, wiggled her feet, together, snap, its golden shoes, but, they appeared again, she, snapped, together, and its, pope, hollie said, appearing, hollie, shook, his, head, a she one, comes, out, points, his, eyes closed, had brown hair, another, hollie pointed, like, its, thing, hollie said, coming out, as, flames errupted, but he hollie smiled, shook head, got happy but changed, boo chanted, many, he, hollies, their on hill, hollie came, out, looking, like, o, so, pope, hollie said, i'm weary, mumbled, its popes caregiver approacing like elf dressed lighted round head he hollie a she one, said, pope drank his drink, but flames all around, he was, like, angel man, i'm in, danger, thats, what she, said, hollie said, thats moodie playing his sounds, but, face, hollie comes out, shaking, hes hard to see, hollie showed, turn, but, another, hollie showed, keep going, a, third hollie comes out, hand, rubbing chin, now lets see, she said, hollies hands hidden but they appeared, their dull hollie thought, bear paws, tear up, thats, popes, picture, with, brown hair, happy, putin, knelt, before, lets rule the world, its uh network, said, showed, hollie, alright hollie said, speaking for, its pontiff, she laughed, bob your going to be tomorrow an apostolic Holy Ghost oness pastor, the only one on the planet, saith God, hollie showed lay down, but wore, its uh red sweatshirt, white hands, hollie pointed, like, an orange hollie said another one, turn, she said, screamed, 5-19-2011-she said, jumpy hollie said, it was Jesus pointed hollie, showed her white dress, hollie with Jesus inside showed record, hollie showed, wanting, to, record, thats, hand agin, showing you did not need him, its hollie showed, theres uh dome in, pointed, she hollie, with, its him in, face, licking prophet, hair turning, brown, but, was orange, bob those are cd's, their good hollie said, thats her posting, its, visions, on, its home computer, but hollie stamped, and scene changed, but Gods hammer, appeared, at, its, sitting at, hollie said, computer, thats, hes, like, dome head, round, and blue, but not, quite, hollie relaxes, coming out, normal clothes, but blue colors, different shades, hollie saluted, its on board the, hmhs, she said, did convey, britannic, thats ship sinking, and face appears on ship, its hitler did it, ship points, started world war one hollie said, and two, its germany, hollie said, its the word, showed, Gods hammer, like blue hollie, but, roundish, head, and, different shades of, blue, stamps, hollie, wearing, its uh, red sweatshirt, normal clothes, but scene changes, hollie points, in like blue cloudy scene, and, pope, like, angel of light, its, on, hollie stamps, same clothes, black horse, spacesoarem jet, said, it hollie, what did you see, hollie said, its, him, flying, its, red rocket, thats two engines, hollie showed, and, its, taiwan, errupting, into, fire, thats, hintao, watching, and, hollie on his rocket ship leaving, its out of china sea, hollie stamped, thats hintao fighting, its hollie on his, red horse, its washington state battle, both have light swords, and that hollie like, featureless face hollie, just smiling mouth and eyes, wearing pilots gear, in old world war two jet, drops bomb, hollie showed, her, world war one jet, its just, hollie thought, now let me, see, she, said, two winged plane, its repelled, there showed, hollie, but another hollie comes out, who catches things, two different hollies, one light head, hollies not to easily seen in, this, frame, thats, Jesus, looking, its at, picture, frame negatives, and, hollie appears in one, like pilot, lights up, that she said, hollie soars, its, on, its his, God said, spacesoarem rocket jet, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o. lands, errupting into, its, fire, showed, another, hollie, like, pilot, theres uh, submarine, hollie said, showed, turn, but, then, other way, red hand, both ways, its, akula class, thats what, you want, needed hollie said, showed, abruptly, showed, be still, scene changes, Gods hammer hollie appears, but going like blue bug face, hollie came out, red sweatshirt on, its, blue clothes, but hes, not nornal looking she thought, shook, hollie screamed, dont do, she said, you see, hollie said, thats, bob, and, its, girl, said, hollie, stamps, but, Gods hammer, hollie, appears, its, blue, hollie said, blue hollie, like bug head but went more round, blue colors, but, hollie came out, thought, there, kept changing, bob made, love, its to, many girls, but they were older, like, him, hollie said, God will fix you up, hollie said, hollie, showed, to, feed, animals, hollie pointed, showed, thats her climbing into, its dumpster, but the hammer hollie appeared, like blue, its round, hollie said, head hollie, him, she said, theres blue clothes, she said, showed, get ready to, hollie showed, sleep, wore, its uh, red sweatshirt, hollie, showed, turn, she, said, many hollies said, including, its, jumpy hollie, wiggled brown shoes together, but turned golden, another, hollie came out, bobby she said, hollies shoes changed, bobby, hollie said, its, chinook showed, with white finger, its double bladder, angel pilots, hollie, its, he hollie, him, a she one said, hanging by rope and being pulled out, its destruction of america, nuclear fire balls, along both coasts, its, massive hollie said, in center, explosion, thats missiles soaring and striking, its nuclear n.a.t.o. countries, exploded, but russia burned, thats, massive fire, showed, its hollie, boo chanted, many he hollie, their on hill a he hollie and Jesus said, put it under, hollie said, showed, lay down, come on, said, its, church angel, hollie said, coming out of, its church, stamps, hollie, like light little hollie but scene changes, to like, somewhat foggy but, pope on black horse, like warrior comes out, theres hu hintao, on, his red horse, showed, thats, them looking at, its, each other, hollie said, and, thats nuclear fires in, its, russia and china, thats, ram with, its, skull, hollie comes out, I showed, she said, thats hollie transferring money, by, its electronic, wire she said, bobby, she said, you'll get it back, she said, if, something goes wrong, hollie said, it, wont, hollie said, wearing, its uh, plad coat, but, Gods hammer, hollie appears, like blue hollie, with, almost round blue head, Jesus like golden Jesus showed, turn, pope in the fire, hollie said, did convey, drinking his drink, i'm, one, with them, said, its, popes caregiver, like, lighted round head, hollie, mouth open, teeth showing, dressed, like, elf, hollie and, its JEsus said, hollie turned, into, like blue, long, nose, hollie, everything blue, hollie turned, his head, in the fire, she hollie points, big white hand, its gloved she said, hollies, eyes closed but laughed, with flames roaring, its, I dont mind, he, said, did convey, hollie said, showed, lay down, hollie with Jesus inside showed, record, thats hollie with God inside of her laughing with the people, hollie pointed, at, the, gas price she said, went from 3.89, to 4.09, another hollie comes out, looks at bob, but she, went, like white hollie, animal like thing, no, said, it hollie, its hollie, but, scene went blue, another, hidden hollie said, thats blue hollie in blue, blue clothes, another came out, to convey, I showed om thru with it hollie said, then again, had brown hands, no, its, babyfleas, this time, hollie showed, go in, take bath, thats, her, cleaning, its up, but hollie, stamped, and its, scene went blue again, theres Gods hammer hollie again, like, its, crash test dummy head but all blue but hollie comes out, different shades, hollie shook, his head, hollie pointed, keep going, said, uh she hollie, thats, its hollie said, jumpy hollie leaped, but next time, turned, brown face, monkey, van like living van hugging bob, with, its white arms, cause arms, cause bob thinks retirement, van shakes yes, then, appears sitting, its, at, Gods interviewing table, Jesus and plymouth voyager van speak, its time God said, van agreed, happy, but knows, i'm rest, van said, look, said, its, hollie, another, hollie said, look, hollie said, and, I, showed, you uh picture, its, pope, hollie said, its, I, am gog, he said, but, changed, its into, its like, angel, ghost like thing, hollie night vision showed, smiled, its was uh dream, another, hollie sa5-18-2011-that hollie said, its him she said, that hollie said, he put his hand on his other arm, that he said, he wore uh, but scene changed agin hollie said, its Gods hammer, now let me see hollie said, spoke with Jesus, hes dull she said, but hollie that catches things comes out, light white face and red sweatshirt on, then appeared at Gods interviewing table, i want you to do both, its parts Jesus said, hollie shook, bob said, its hollie pointed another, but sweatshirt changing colors, thats angel coming out of church, its hugging bob hollie said, like big angel, put it under hollie said, bob those lots hollie said, keep, they are zoned hollie said, she thought, they would go for uh lot uh money hollie said, bobby said hollie, looked at, its jerry alexander, hollie thought, hes good, but be careful she said, thats bob calling, its title company, numbers, hollie got word from God, are same but verify, bob hollie said, thats pope, riding, its uh, black horse, hollie said, but, its, popes, caregiver approaching, like light round head, hollie, its i'm, he said, thats, bob preaching from his own pulpit, wearing, its uh, white like long coat, bob reels them in hollie said, thats bob using fishing pole, thats church, first service about 30 people, thats second service, its almost full, thats, sunday morning, church packed, thats bob raking in the loot, happy, hollie pulls money to herself, its good for me, hollie said, thats bob wearing, its uh, red sweatshirt, preparing for plastic surgery, thats doctor, pulling face muscles, then snipping, doing surgery, bob looks thirty coming out, thats bob getting, its hair grafts, hollie stamps, but Gods hammer, hollie appears, like, she hollie, thats hollie, mowing the lawn, its, at, thats angel like, round head, its, theres, dull hollie said, light blue head hollie, its take hour hollie said, its many lots but bob loves, thats people stopping by, talking, bob makes them all, laugh, its, pope, caregiver said, on, its uh black horse, hollie sees room full, of, its ministryofdreams websites, puts hand over mouth, its o, she said, there deformed, spots on all their heads, she said, jumpy hollie said, stomping, but face went monkey, hollie showed, record, showed, bob to eat something, she wore, its uh red sweatshirt but Gods hammer appeared, and angel comes out of church, pulls bob to side, they love, its, one world order apostolic church, people look at name, and think, Lord woman said, and shook head, but went in, shes, colored hollie said, its nigger, but the love bob, pope said hollie, in fire, drinking his drink, caregiver there, but just wondering, mouth, partially, opened, thats, hollie standing on, its hmhs, hollie said, brittanic, on side, but on bottom of sea, but angel comes out happy, showed, his ship, with big hole, its, I dont care, mind ship said, went back in but kind of looked out, hollie showed, turn, b but hollie moodie shrugged playing, music, face hard to make out but was, appearing, approaching bob said like angel, time of, its, thats bob behind pulpit and church angel watching, but, looking, cautious, bobs loose, and people, know it but the love their God man hollie said, and bob keeps every one of them, its uh family hollie said, hollie showed, the apostle give, thats basket, by, its golders feet and people putting money, in, laying treasure at the apostles feet, donald looks kind of stunned but loves it, they laugh, he said, two hollies said, both, jumping, but one jumpy hollie, hollie, prophesy, said, it angel hollie said, showed, its the pope in, air riding his black horse, hollie flys by, its spacesoarem jet x-12, thats him dropping bombs, thats taiwan exploding, thats hu hintao, pressing, its the controls, hollie said, thats boris yeltsin and hintao planning it out, its, you lure, yeltsin said, thats hintao, its battling washington state, on his red horse, but horse did things, thats hollie fighting back, two light swords, another hollie flys out, its old luftwaffe world war one jet, thats her bombing ship, sha zam, she said, wearing pilots gear, she showed, airplane, and then showed, its repelled, she said, she said, showed, jumpy hollie, showed, work, bob dont hollie said, thats bob driving to lebanon, its thursday morning, at, ten a.m., he meets with jerry, jerry makes bob laugh, but the love each other, bob leaves and wires money, jerry, tells, exactly what to do, hollie showed, turn, no, said, hollie, like, hurt hollie, but I showed, yes, she said, then, shook yes again, but aw, hollie said, it was Jesus, but, sweatshirt went from red to, its like, light grayish blue, now bob your about to get uh new heart, your appearance is the only thing that will change you so thats God appearing fixing bobs face, and giving him hair work, thats Jesus working on, its bobs kneck, but scene changes, and its Gods hammer appearing, hollie showed, turn, like uh golden hollie, but like head with cap on, round, but cap kind of just like, its, like jewish cover, but not quite, turn me showed, hollie, said, quit it, bobby, hollie said, another, happy hollie, stood on board, the, its, r.m.s. titanic, but, ship sinks, its, o, said, its, uh well dressed ship, hollie said, the m.v. wilhelm gustloff, ship, thats hitler on, hitlers super ship, and it taking explosions on side, its thats three torpedoes striking, its last one that did it hollie said, its penetrated to engine section, thats, its, massive explosion, its rocked whole ship, it rolled and sank, hollie watches, thats people swimming, in, hollie said, Lord its near zero woman said, help us, thats another ship coming to help, people getting on board, hollie showed, biting, come on bob she said, showed, eat something, wore, its uh red sweatshirt, but Gods hammer hollie appeared, like, its round, she said, he hollie, dull blue color, but head kind of pulling into different shapes, and I, stamp, hollie said, beat hand, red sweatshirt on, thats, its the four horsemen coming out, thats black, with, its, pope hollie said, riding, thats red with hintao, on, he got off, showed, horse, thats hollie walking, in, its walmart, wearing, its uh plad coat, just, having fun, white topless hat on, bobby hollie said, showed, dont sell it, thats church, angel hugging bob, keep, its your livliehood, she said, you'll be uh millionaire, thats jerry alexander, come on to lebanon, he said, thats bob dreading but going in, thats, bob where you wanted to live, go there, thats, bob going alone, janette followed, bob keeps house, that hollie said, showed, walk, you see that, hollie said, its ship agin, hollie showed, but just hands, that, catches things, comes out, white head, and, its uh red sweatshirt but another hollie came out and stamps, and scene changes, thats, hollie only, hands there, but rest appeared, hands were big and red, I'm she said, white in mouth, but looking, like, its, horny hollie said, bob you and jannette are married, so, you will live in church forever she said, hollie walked into, its, walmart, that another hollie said, she wore blue plad coat, its shelves hollie said, that another hollie said but really was casey, that some girl said, its economic collapse here, hollie said, people ran, hollie held her gift, but jannette, appeared somewhat darkly, that hollie said, thats bob jannette, making, its little hollie, like round head baby, i'm little hollie said, its he hollie, that hollie said, he looked like, uto hollie said, its popes caregiver, that hollie said, then worked for, its, pope, beast, i'm he said, walking toward, but clothes chanted, to like, its, that, hollie said, how great is our God, hollie sang, playing piano herself, that, hollie said, she wore uh, red sweatshirt but Gods hammer hollie appeared, that another said, like, its blue hollie said, a hollie, that hollie said, let me, show you something, that, hollie said, its church angel with light hands grabbing bob, showing him inside church, hollie appears in church, it fills, quickyly, the overflows, thats, more, that, hollie said, people showing up then can sit in, many just leave, that, hollie said, come on, hollie said, that hollie said, have long services hollie said, thats, that, hollie said, thats how you get them all in, that, bob does, that hollie said, its Father on, that hollie said, old steam locomotive, that hollie said, its make chew chew sound, that hollie said, its hollie funnel but went back to, funnel, that, hollie said, another hollie came out, showed, that, hollie said, showed, be still, thats hollie climbing into, its dumpster, but, and I stamp, Jesus like white light cat, white hand, Gods hammer hollie appeared, again, hollies screamin for this reason, screamed, again, thats catholic priest, its rick naegel, at, its bobs church, but hollie stamped, and its, Gods hammer hollie appearing again, like its, dull, grayish color, everything, but different shades, round head, its hollie didnt want to say, wore, its red sweatshirt, but Jesus spoke, call him by his title, fr. rick naegel, thats Father hollie said, he preaches and they like, he wears white robe, that said, its, he, a she hollie said, another hollie showed, turn, thats her crawling in dumpster, sleeping, wearing, its uh plad coat, but, Gods hammer shows up again, like, its round hollie said, dull hollie, hollie clapped hands, had on, its red sweatshirt, but Gods hammer, behold, showed, the, hammer like, hollie came out, blue, almost round head, normal blue clothes, but different shades, thats nuclear explosion in, africa, and, missiles soaring around, its globe, hollie showed, turn, but turned into, its lighted arrow, hollie stamps, its, horses, with, theres, pope hollie said, another, he hollie, wearing, its red sweatshirt, but theres Gods hammer again, like, its round head, but ever changing, theres blue hollie said, its, him she said, smiled, laughed, he she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, face went monkey, white robe on, brown shoes, theres, hard shoes, jumpy hollie showed, dealing the loot, it, was, angel, hollie said, thats, the, tap dancing, hollies, theres pope, one said, tap dancing hard, but, hes, the, antichrist hollie said, theres hu, hintao, hollie showed, thats hand showing, its cecil, be easy, theres uh dome in, with its him in, but looking concerned, hair went brown, hey hollie said, looking, hand over mouth, she noticed that, he was in dome but came out, hand went hamburger helper hand, its, face appeared on, hollie said, bobby, om, in, danger, hollie said, what did it, say, hollie said, did convey, thats hand showing, you did not him, its hollie showed, theres uh dome in, hollie said, thats, him in, hair, half brown, half orange, but, hamburger helper face appeared on hand, smiling, but, hiding something, thats hand at, sitting at Gods interviewing table hollie said, but scene changed, and Gods hammer appeared, like, changing hollie but started with round head, then went hollie,5-17-2011-hollie put his hand on his other arm, had on light watch, wore red sweatshirt, but uh happy she hollie appeared, put it under, you know hollie said, there was uh problem angela davis said, put it under hollie, she put her hand on other arm, hollie showed his light watch, he wore, a she one said God said, im said, its popes caregiver hollie and Jesus said, lets put it under, bobby its time hollie, light watch, bob, said, it, hollie, showed, its, new world order, apostolic church, now, wondering itself, like wondering angel, thats Father, its uh, laptop cellphone, t.v., hollie said, just looking, hollie showed, turn, boo chanted, its, a, she hollie, did convey, one he hollie, turn me, hollie said, showed, theres hand agin, showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, hollie showed, turn, then again, hollies screamin for this reason, she, said, screamed again, but silently, look, said, its, hollie, said, another, hollie, coming out, happy, hollie showed, eat, the first one, hollie said, look there, hollie pointed, like somewhat dark hollie like bull winkle, pope drinking drink in fire, i'm, said, care giver approaching, big round light head, light like santa hat, hollie came out, pointing, she said, thats, angel guard in streets, looking serious, but hand plad coat on, theres people running, and, hollie held her gift there with but janette appeared but became very dark and dim, bobby, she was there, hollie said, you both live at the church, ralph will salvage, just watch, thats barack obama announcing, its under economic collapse, hollie said for him, then she took, the prez off, thats Jesus sprinkling, like, its him, she said, hollie, wearing white robe, he laughed, hollie showed, eat, thats dark bear rising, Jesus telling, arise, destroy much flesh, thats bear shaking yes, and hollie showed, its uh network, she was happy, another hollie came out, pointing, hollies teeth appeared, its, nuclear n.a.t.o., errupting into fire, missiles striking, i'm the g8, putin said, hollie showed, turn, him, she said, pope pointed dark hollie, in fire, drinking his drink, pope, I warn you, said his caregiver approaching but didnt move lips like lighted round head caregiver but dressed like elf, bobby no, said, its, hollie, said, happy hollie, showed, thats bob at closing table with Jesus, it wont go wrong hollie said, bob walks out with clear deed, but conrad knows, your done he said, loved you, dont, believe, him, clapped the tap dancers, many hollies, but pope hollie said, there with, wearing, its uh brown suit, hollie pointed, shaped like, its little horn, hollie raised, hand, scene changed, theres hand showing, you did not need it, its, hollie showed, theres dome in, with, its him in, but orange hair turning brown, he, claps, got excited, came out of hand, but hand turned hamburger helper hand, it smiled, hollie said, pointed, with big white hand, 5-16-2011-Hollie showed her light watch, lets go she said, bob dont let them hollie said, come to the church, dont invite, they will not come God said, but wait God said, get ready God said, bobby leave now hollie said, hollie pointed at door go now hollie said, put it under, hollie said, hollie danced, you see she said, they know bob, its cecil, they want you, hollie said God said, shut up, its him she said, but they want that, funny, they know you dont care, but heres the deal hollie said, they wont care, but he will not be accepted, but some will God said, as the m.v. Hollie said, wilhelm gustloff ship saluted, happy, like happy ship angel, no, hollie said, prophet said, bobby, its, pope, hollie said, and I, showed, you uh, picture, she said, its, popon she said, thats, pope, beast, hollie said, riding, its black horse, she said, appeared, both, hollie watches, its on white world, stops here hollie said, its, hollie showed, russia, thats, hand agin, hollie said, showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, theres uh dome in, hollie said, pointing, with, its, him in, orange hair, but looking kind of shrewd, hand white, but hamburger helper, face appeared on, smiling, hollie said, its, o, she said, hollie flew, starfightem she said, showed, its f-104 starfighter, many flying side by side, its blue angels hollie said, lighted he hollie came outside on one, stood, then changed into, its, jim steinman, pope, now, lets see, hollie said, hollie soared, its fighter rocket jet, its old she said, spacefighter, hollie said, shook yes, but changed to she, bob you'll get your church, she said, its ralph, she said, he will make conrad sign purchase agreement, thats bob and ralph and conrad signing purchase agreement, conrad happy, white topless hat on, ralph worried look, hollie showed, turn, its on central avenue she said, and I summed it up, a golden he hollie said, like, its, long nose, golden face, like thing hollie, she hollie said, but, did same, wearing, its uh, red sweatshirt, but Gods hammer appeared like, its, blue, hollie said, theres, dull blue senery, blue head, you could not tell them apart, hollie showed, its, like, dim outline showing, they were separate, I aint no angel, hollie said, but, angel showed, record, you see said he hollie, but, he, was, kind of, hard to, describe hollie said, like golden face, angelic being hollie, but, not quite, hollie showed, turn, hollie got the, its, another, hollie said, straight talk card, thats her updating, in walmart, hollie drove, spun tires, its black trans am, hollie showed, but got back in, she looked like angelic light hollie, she said, jumpy hollie said, with golden face that seemed to turn monkey, but looking serious, and white dress with border, theres, bears in, hollie bears, both he and she but one like, its nigger hollie said, brown hollie, not happy looking, this is website, lets post, said, its, hollie said, another, one, hollie showed, turn, like golden thing hollie but its he hollie, its boo chanted many he hollies, but, him, its, appeared, shook, no, but, hollie appeared, and salted and showed, its o.k., but then, i'm away with it she said, showed, but clapped hands, hollie showed, turn, like golden, its, lit, hollie said, hollie, but, it was same hollie that said, that appeared, showing, turn, but looked normal, wore, red sweatshirt but Gods hammer hollie appeared, like dull blue faced hollie with normal clothes like blue jeans, his head warping but really was she, boo chanted many he hollies one said, their on hill pointed, she hollie, but, hollie showed, turn, red sweatshirt on but hollie that catches things came out, looking kind of toward bob, white face and, red sweatshirt on, hollies hand, hidden but appeared, it was, lighted bear paw another hollie said, but, she was happy hollie showed, walk, its in, laundry and tan connection, hollie showed, its symbol, &, hollie wore, blue plad coat and, had, white hat on but just was stopped, looking to side, he, said, jumpy hollie said, wiggled feet toghether, one time, white robe, bears in border, hollie showed, come on, go to, its, walmart, he said, hollie played his music, again, hollie said, shook, quit, but face not seen to well, look pointed hollie, its trouble brewing, hollie showed, lay down, hollie walked in, its treadmill, drank drink, head turned to side, pope in the fire, hollie said, drinking, drink, i'm home said, its his caregiver showed, hollie, but reappeared, wearing caregivers clothes, its like what santa wears, but different colors, i'm home caregiver said, approaching pope like, round head, mouth open, you could see his teeth hollie said, she saw, no, she, said, jumpy hollie said, leaped, wiggled brown shoes, together, but, then king of, just moved, foot from, twisted, hollie came out, pointing, white finger, shoes bottom white, hollie showed, with big white hand, she, looked at, its 1966 cadillac four door, its still good hollie said, she, looked underneath, hood, its 427 engine, it puts out about hollie said, thats hollie and Jesus talking, four hundred horsepower, thats car smoking, tires, but not for long, its geared wrong hollie said, for racing, but, still good, hollie drove, like white angel, but looking at bob, not where she going, he said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, clapping hands, they were brown, white robe, she later wiggled shoes together, but white shoes, brown feet, amman God said, and he saw it, casey said, pointed, thats nuclear fires in, its syria, egypt, and jordan, thats rocket leaving, its, moscow hollie said, i'm she said, thats angel riding rocket, its israel exploding, Christ stood on, its mountain top hollie said, showed, looking up, hollie flying, its spacesoarem, rocket jet, but changed into, its like swann, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, wiggling her shoes together, they were brown, pointed, she, hollie, with, lighted white finger, whole hand, but changed, thats, penguins circling like gray birds, one showed, down with fin, bobby we want you back here tomorrow, come home one said, but, amber colored, its goose, walked in middle, 5-15-2011-she said jumpy hollie said again, hollie came out, showed, its new world order apostolic church, with angel coming out of top, angel looked to the side with red eyes hollie said, but then looked at bob, theres static in hollie, as church sinks and rises, you see him, stay away from, hollie said God said, its trevor she said, its newport, hes uh witch hollie said, put it under, she said jumpy hollie said, work, hollie showed just sit and be quiet, she wore uh, but changed into Gods hammer, like round head hollie, hollie showed his light watch, he wore uh, bobby its Gods hammer hollie said, like warped head of light, theres dullnblue in hollie said, he appeared she said, clapped hands, this is uh warning hollie said, showed lay down she said, but got back up, hollie thats catches came out with light face, caught hollie with gold in her face God said, bob pointed, hollie, ralph is about to call, hollie pointed, just sit and wait, she said, thats hollie, sitting, wearing, its uh plad coat, but, changed to Gods hammer, like, blue round, head, but head changed, hollie points, up, with, white light finger, Jesus came, happy, i need somebody to record me, bobby hollie showed, its children laughing, its that hollie showed, bobs video, thats bob telling children, its I persecute Jesus said, he appeared, showed, happy hollie, and children laughed, they tell in school and teachers tremble that woman thought she was saved, bob your flooding hollie said, this country with knowledge of God, its increased hollie said, hollie showed, turn, no, hollie said, but, I shook yes, then hollie showed, away, tear up, she said, had golden arms, three fingers per hand, but, hey said, hollie that catches, coming, out, white head, red sweatshirt on, looking kind of toward bob, but not at, no expression, but seemed unhappy God said, hollies face not all seen but appeared, happy, pope hollie said, he appeared, happy, hollie came out laughing, thats caregiver, approaching, but he hollie said, turned normal, but its, clothes, she said, like elfs clothes, but, light green colored hat with like, fuzzy round top thing on like santa, wears, she said, fix it, jumpy hollie said, leaping, wearing white dress, but wiggled brown shoes together, next time, face, going monkey, seemed, to have, hat on, thats, hollie said, coming out, white hat on, looking at bob, its, new world order apostolic church, rising, happy angel coming out, its hollie, said, like, big red eyes, looking to side, then at bob, church, rises quick, thats like static, its, many people in static appearing, but, trembling, boo chanted, many, he hollies, their on hill hollie said, but, amber colored she hollie came out of one looking toward, hollie played, the, synthesizer, bobby that one she said, it doesnt cost very much brand new, buy new, thats hollie with, new synthesizer keyboards, its there she said, at, radio shack, she said, sleep, said jumpy hollie, leaping, wiggling her brown feet, long white robe, theres border with, its many hollies, in, one showed broke, its him she said, thats angel head, in, its new world order apostolic church, he appeared, showed, hollie, she showed, write the deal, its them dealing with just bob, see hollie, said, go, to, radio shack, thats Gods store, thats Father walking into, its radio shack, hollie stamped like white angel hollie, God wore, its hat, but he help radio shack form, he said, thats hollie with, its radio shack realistic stereo receiver, they were, thats Father helping create, like white angel Father, thats hollie playing his, its keyboards, looks at bob, laughs, wore, its uh red sweatshirt, but Gods hammer appeared, with, its dull hollie said, blue head, changing shape, normal clothes, have your wish, hollie said, on car, thats owner of church, giving bob keys, you sell he said, we, he walks away, they, sell to bob cheap, boo we, bobby hollie said, showed, pointed, with, its uh white finger, she showed, but another, hollie showed, buy the, straight talk card, thats hand, agin, showing, you did not need him, it, hollie said, its hollie showed, theres uh dome in, with, its him in said hollie, but, quickly clapped hands, scene changes, he got out of, hand, only head seen, walked, its to Gods interviewing table, he wants it, hollie said, thats nathaniel urshan coming to bobs church and teaching, they love him hollie said, bob you, knew urshan pointed, thats joel urshan coming to, bob introducing, thats hollie, its him, she, said, drinking the booze, he liked it, laughed later, hollie gave the, its face lift, but, Gods hammer came, but hes ever changing, but turned into, its she hollie, like, thats bunny rabbit but no quite, hollie saluted, its like shipmate, its board, s.s. oylmpic, its hmhs hollie said, thats, olympic scraping iceberg, but not sinking, but, listing, o hollie, did convey she said, thats ship rolling and sinking, its they were the same hollie said, whats that a she hollie said, its him she said, looking at bob, playing his, its, electronic keyboards, its synthesizer, hollie said, he cant play but, laughs, makes, sounds, with, they like and know, he cant play, but they like listening, it makes them happy hollie said, whats that, hollie said, its, the, four horsemen, hollie said, its, pope, hollie said, like angel on, its black horse, thats him riding quickly, hollie showed, clapped hands, on world, stopping in russia, it appeared, hollie said, thats, me medvedev said, and pope writing deal, it gains some advantages, hollie said, thats hollie riding, its spacesoarem rocket, jet, its red, thats hintao launching, and it pops out of sea, thats hollie landing in, its taiwan, it errupted into hollie said, flames, thats, hintao on red horse, battling, its washington state, hollie said, light swords, hollies was blue, hintaos churched colors, white, red, theres blue, thats another hollie flying out, its world war one fighter jet, its double winger, hollie said, showed, on ground, but in air, gotchu, he said, as he dove and, thats him bombing ship, flying, almost straight down, its over, six hundred miles per hour hollie said, he, thats him, pushing lever, releasing bomb, then pulling back up, ship explodes, then leaves, it wont sink it, he said, but wound, damage, no, shook hollie, its his secret, he played music, you got what you needed, he said, looking at bob, but, its kind of hard, to see, face, this is, uh website, here hollie said, like, angel men, of light, its, o, hollie said, hand over mouth, there deformed, she said, its stunned look, God said, spots, all over faces, they will hang around, he hollie and God said, now let me see said, its hollie, said, many hollies, hollie wrote the deal, its one thousand, but turned into, its, one hundred, now lets me see hollie said, he wont pay, hes uh, snake hollie said, thats Jesus, giving bob the light keys hollie said, its to, thats church, one new, world order, apostolic church is born, hollie said, thats it rising up from the ground hollie said, angel coming out of, its top, but looking to side, not seeming happy, but got happy, showed, its picture, hollie, claps, happy, came out, rubbed face, but theres nothing on, but its pope appeared, then its the kim jong-hu hintao man, you see these two are one hollie said, scene changes, thats missiles flying, and its south korea, russia and china, exploding, and, hu hintao with controls, but his son steals, thats missile leaving russia, with its angel on, riding, happy, but north korea exploded, hey hollie said, thats missiles from sea, its two tomahawks, one with Jesus like cat on, or thing, and other, hollie, thats explosions in north korea, we wont take it said putin, but, medvedev gets nuclear button, presses, now lets see hollie with Jesus inside said, another hollie walks out, showed, its moody, he said, hollie said, happy, stomping feet, showed, fight, wearing, its uh white robe, thats finger pointing, its i'm said rest of hollie, appearing, like dull blue gray color in mouth, border on, with golden and like, hollie came out, showed, its like, design in, hollie showed, turn, hollie appeared like somewhat golden colored hollie, showed, turn, but another, showed, keep going, had white bear paws, tear up, and fix it, hey said, another, hollie came out, popes picture with brown hair appeared in between paws, but pope smiled, hollie went, kind of, hard to see, like blurry, another, hollie, showed, pope, said, hollie, in, fire, i'm home, said, caregiver approaching, mouth open, but, didnt move lips, spoke it, in heart, showed, happy hollie, but, white caregiver appeared, showed, pope, white elfs clothes, hollie said, thats white hat like santa wears, and white like tee shirt, thats, enter at your own risk, sign, on door, its world prophecy center church, sinking, theres angel coming out of top, with red eyes, santa like white hat, its light, but, church like static, thats hollie running to Jesus, now lets see she said, its a semi blurry like dull gray scene, 5-14-2011-Hollie showed, its him a she hollie said, lay down God said, hollie screamy, why she said, sreamy again, but never heard God said, said, hollie, he slapt he face again, wore, its uh red sweatshirt but Gods hammer appeared, like, its round, hollie said, looking serious, normal clothes, pope said, hollie, in fire, drinking his drink, he was relaxed, happy hollie said, i'm said caregiver approaching, hes like light hollie, elf, but, dressed in, its elfs clothes, not looking very happy, hollie showed, record, bobby its he hollie, its new, general electric, tape recorder, tongue comes out like light tongue, hollie slapt his face again, hollie said, that, pointed, excited hollie, its, hollie with blue eyes, words dont match lips, i'm she said, its train, hollie said, Father driving like white Father, its, michelle hollie said, flying high, she said, sleep, jumpy hollie said, with, golden arms, but, she showed, fight, wore, its uh, white dress, hand points, at, border with bears in, some, doing this, some doing that, different colors, hollies body appeared, the rest of her, i'm she said, white in mouth, open, hollie showed, with, its big hand, its 1955 cadillac, its hollie looked at, its fins on back, still good, dont waste'um, hollie said, cars would last, and I stamp, hollie said, but, scene changed, even hollie changed to white hollie, with much going on, many he and she hollies involved, hollie laughs, i'm she said, its the king of grecia, with, its, ram horns, turned into pope, thats, popon hollie said, with kings coming out, hollie came, thru laughing, hollie looked at, its 2011 dodge challenger, thats hollie driving like white angel, spinning rear tire, but one spun faster then other, its posi-trac hollie said, hollie showed with big white hand, that said happy hollie, red sweatshirt on, its king of grecia, pope hollie said, with, its goat horns, and its medvedev with his flower, happy, laughing putin, and pope like angel of light out one horns, and, its hintao out of other, with his, light flower, and, he, played with, thats angry hegoat charging ram with putins face, same kings out of horns, that said hollie, showed, with finger, hollie showed, turn, bob hollie said, I will haunt you Jesus said, hollie showed, take it easy with conrad, hes, afraid, appeared, now lets see hollie said, showed, record, had white hat on, but clapped, lighted hands, hollie showed, record, its world prophecy center church, it looks to side and at bob, but, it sinks, its at first, thats it sinking almost to ground, but rises high, and higher, and higher, thats it towering, above all churches, that ever existed, and angel comes out of, top, showed, its, banner, i'm new world order apostolic church, record, me, hollie said, did convey, wore, its uh red sweatshirt, clapped, hands, but reappeared, hey said another hollie coming out, looking kind of away from bob, serious, look, caught hollie disappearing, thats behind scenes and her, happy, pushing hollie out, but, it didnt appear to happen like that God said, theres uh nigger hollie said, thats blacks and whites at bobs church, but its mainly, both hollie said, appearing, by herself, that, hollie said, she, appeared, that, Gods hammer hollie appeared, its uh blue setting, hollie said, blue hammer, blue setting, hollie, had, brown sweatshirt on, that, another, hollie said, looking like white light but same o hollie, hollie screamed, but, faded, bob hollie showed, its wire, it, hollie got word from God, wore red sweatshirt, will last, take care of it, its loose she said, in there, hollie showed, turn, but, same hollie that catches things came out, looking kind of down, wore red sweatshirt, face light, hollies hand hidden, but, appeared, i'm another hidden hollie said, but happily, dimly appeared, but first, changed, still red sweatshirt, that, pointed, hollie, but, another appeared, laughing, its angel gabriel guard, out in streets, many people, running, its looting hollie said, she was there, happy, they, held signs, one like, round head, its, we want loot, one, said, wearing red sweatshirt, thats happy barack obama announcing, its under economic collapse, he saluted but changed, that, was like, jarassic park dinosaur sound, hollie made, she laughed, its uh, warning, angel, said, that, hollie said, he said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, snapping her golden shoes together, white robe, theres border, with, its bears in, happy but green one sad, bobby said hollie like worried hollie, dont go home, she said, that a hidden hollie said, but she appeared, laughing, hand over mouth, showed, golden hands, three fingers on each hand but thumb grew, that hollie said, another hollie, walked, in walmart, wearing, its uh blue, plad coat, white topless hat, that pointed, another, hollie, another one laughed, spoke, that, she, said, again, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, shoes changed colors, but she wiggled together, its snapped hollie said, bob said, hollie, showed, dont, its, ralph, work with, hollie showed, its people going to bobs church, walking out, later stunned, but some return, hollie and God said, put it under, hollie said, bob its success she said, hollie showed, bob gitton the Lord back, wore, its uh, red sweatshirt, but, turned to side, and Gods hammer appeared like round head, hollie, wearing normal clothes, but head turning different shape, its like egg hollie said, coming out, now lets see hollie said, movie buff theatre, she showed, its old movies, thats hand agin, showing, you not need him, its hollie showed, its white, with, theres uh dome in hollie said, with orange hair, he hollie in, happy, but, hamburger face appeared on hand, was happy, but kept changing, hollie said, coming out, hollie screamin, she said, screamed again, but hollie that catches things, she said, came out, showed, hollie screamed silently, hollie drove the pool water truck like white hollie, looking out window, happy, thats her putting water in pool, hollie drover her tank, had lighted goggles on, like, amber colored frames, there big glasses hollie said, she just manuevered, bob lets us close, said, its, babyfleas, hollie said, i'm back she said, clapped, but showed, teeth, hollie showed, returns, looked down, but formed, happy, hollie clapped hands, showed, lay down, a he hollie said, appeared, wearing, its uh burgundy sweatshirt, but Gods hammer appeared, like, its light, hollie said, round head, normal clothes, but head starting to warp, that happy hollie said, its, beast pope, like, angel man, hollie said, riding black horse, that, pointed hollie, that, he went to me, said medvedev, thats him signing deal, hollie showed, lay back down, but he hollie spoke, appeared, hollie showed, turn, Jesus, said, this is hollie she, said in fire, pope, drinking drink, i'm going home, mumbled caregiver approaching, like, lighted round head, dressed like elf, but showed, teeth, she said sleep, showed, jumpy hollie leaping, tapping feet, together, they were golden shoes, she said, jumpy hollie said, leaping, showed, bob buy something, she said, sleep showed, jumpy hollie leaping but brown shoes appeared, she wiggled one time, i'm the beast, said, its popon hollie said, happy, but hollie came out laughing,5-13-2011-bobby, hollie said, God said, she showed, just wait, hollie said, wore, its uh red sweatshirt, buts Gods hammer appeared, like round head hollie, wore, hollie looks, points, normal clothes, hollie blows on hand, clears throat, you see she said, preaching at her own church, Jesus rubs chin and looks, you need to, let me, record, hollie said, showed, its, conrad, he, thats owner of, its halakar real estate, and he wants, pay up front, then close, but, thats bob getting in wreck, not making it, and they keep the money, bob, boo chanted hollie said, showed, many he hollies, there on, hill, thats, hand showing, you did not need him, its, hollie showed, theres dome in, with happy hollie in, having orange hair, but, hand, face appeared on, its hamburger helper hand, clapped hollie, but she, only hands, seen, but rest appeared, i'm she said, wearing, its white clothes, but, another only limited seen hollie, appeared, showing, just arms, but same hollie appeared again, mouth open, white in, you almost did it, said hollie moodie playing his music, a she hollie showed, he wore, white clothes, but, his, face, somewhat not, seen, hollie showed, record, its, him, hollie said, bob do it, hollie said, go ahead, give listing to, its prudential, but thats conrad sad and introuble with boss over, dont take listing away, hollie claps, hands, see she said, hollie, showed, to record, she said, hollie screamed, showed, its, hollie saluting like shipmate, its onboard the s.s. titanic but hollie turned amber, hollie showed, turn, amber colored hand, lighted, many, he hollies appeared, showed, turn, thats birds circling, bobby we want you come back here, one said, showed down with its fin, they were gray, its, glendale mall, hollie walked inside, thats church licking, said, its, hollie, but, blue faced hollie appeared, thats, hollie showed, the world prophecy center church, but it sank just uh little hollie said, angel coming out of top looking happy but not looking at bob but then did, angel showed, picture, its, pope, hollie showed, lay down, wore, its uh red sweatshirt, but Gods hammer hollie appeared like, its, round, pointed, hollie, hey, she said, but, another came out, hollie was suppost to be in bed, then the phone wrang, its conrad, we do deal, him and, hollie said, hollie slapped, he wore, pointed she hollie, red sweatshirt but slapped again, but hey another hollie said, coming out, finger pointing, but not straight at, kind of looking toward bob but not quite, hollies not quite seen to well that time, but, still, it was him, hollie showed, 5-11-2011-let me, said, hollie, showed her light watch, showed record, and hollie comes out of, its golden trumpet, played by, its melvin golder, and, somebody stamp, hollie said, hollie disappeared but like white hollie stamped, thats beast pope in black stagecoach, its pulled by angry black horse, its I am God he said, thats it hollie showed, going on world, its like white, world, and, stops, hollie said, russia, thats pope and medvedev signing, its uh deal, thats, medvedev agreeing, pope seems hurt, hollie screamed, again, but happy, this is warning, hollie said, showed, go, git, she, sorted thru her mail, hollie had the flash drive, bob update, hollie said, another, hollie updated her, hard drive, wore, its uh, said, hollie, raised white hand, but disappeared, its, i'm another, said, hollie clapped, God said, one world order apostolic church, is birthed, born said, its hollie, thats angel coming out of top of church like white church, that hollie said, showed, keep your time, its at first hollie said, showed, but, what did he see, hollie said, its, theres hand agin, hollie said, showing, you did not need it, thats hollie like, its shipmate, on board, its, r.m.s. titanic, hand, face appeared on, its white, its hamburger helper hand hollie said, hand showed, pointed at self, but happy, om screamin for this reason, he said, no, hollie said, but, lambert shook yes, then showed, i'm thru with it gates said, but hollie came out, shook, yes, hollie showed, keep going, see, hollie said, its picture, lambert troubled looking but shook yes, hollie showed, keep going, thats hollie like shipmate again, I cant, she said, she got off, its, ghost like he hollie appearing, her ship, reported to, its Gods interviewing table, I caint, she said, Jesus shook, yes, hollie left, went back to ship, saluted, bob got happy again, its titanic, hollie looked but showed keep going, got happy like round head hollie, its, popes caregiver hollie said, i'm he said, like round head himself, pope hollie said, its, she said, in the fire, drinking drink, caregiver dressed like light elf, i'm, he said, God said, approaches, come easy, he said, but in heart, hollie showed lay down, but got back up, clapped, hey, she said, appeared, red sweatshirt on, she and, he, she points, God said, put it under, hollie, bob go, hollie said, thats her leaving library, wearing, its uh plad coat, but scene changes, and Gods hammer appears, like, its, light round head hollie, just watching, but laughed, wore, its uh red sweatshirt but Gods hammer hollie appeared, its round she said, showed, but face went silhouette, she said, two hollies said, jumpy hollie leaps, wiggles feet together, taps, theres border in white dress pointed hollie like happy golden bear, with, its bears in, but different colors, theres pink, and, brown, green, now lets see, hollie said, that, hollie said, its angel coming out of, that she said, pointed, its uh, white, light finger, that, agin, she said, angel coming out of top of his church, new world order apostolic church, appeared, on, that, hollie said, angel laughed, thats van licking prophet, with big white, light tongue, loving on its owner, happy, bob stores van, its at church, thats webcam looking with its viewing screen, that webcam said, showed, its both beasts, theres pope and hu, that hollie said, hollie behind webcam, speaking for, laughs, coming out, 5-7-2011-hollie showed, its him a she hollie said, he showed she said, pastor a day, dont do he said, dont let, heres why God said, they will want to rebell, saith God, hollie showed time, its his light watch she said, he wore uh blue sweatshirt, and i stamp, said, wore, its burgundy, hollie, sweatshirt God said, but new hammer hollie appeared, like same he hollie that appeared earlier, God said, hollie appeared, didnt show, record, but waited on bob, looked at, pointed up, its uh lighted finger, happy Jesus came, but, not all the, way seen, thats like light, God, going on, other side, of, its clouds, hollie said, but she stamped, then clearly seen, looking thru clouds, smiled, its, on, the day of the Lord, hollie said, shes screaming hollie said, God said, but, different hollie screamed to, this is warning, hollie said, showed, eat, hollie showed, turn, golden hands, happy Jesus stamped like mostly white Jesus, out came, its pointed, hollie, both beasts, theres hu, hollie said, on, red side of carriage and pope like angel pope, not showing expression on black side, its pulled by angred horses, black, and red, but, black smiled, he hollie comes, out, points with finger, thats jumpy hollie going monkey, but long white dress on, golden shoes, hey he hollie said, brother, said, and I showed, you uh picture, she said, its, pope, hollie pointed his head turned to side but no expression but cocky like brother hollie said, showed, picture, but disappeared, thats, baby hippo licking the prophet, happy, thats hollie, coming out of, its north america, lighted finger pointed, but it was them, hollie said, hollie laughed, no, hollie said, God said, shook, no, prophet, said, it, was hollie, showed picture, its pope, tears beyond his face, but hollie appeared, crying, why, its, why for, she said, showed, getting kicked out, its, there, hollie said, grace apostolic church, they want you to go, heres how hollie said, they think you are going to ruin them, hollie played music, its boston foreplay, he wore white robe but face, a she hollie came out, kind of, hollie thought, showed, incomplete but was there, but kept changing, you got me he said, this is uh warning hollie said, showed, lay down, had golden hands, another hollie came out, pointed, white shaft like finger, showed, lay down again, but closed this time, hollie pointed, turn, golden shaft like finger, this is uh warning, said, it, hollie, bobby we want you come back home, circled, its the geese hollie said, they were like, light gray color but one amber, no, its hollie moodie playing his music, hiding his secrets, dressed in, its dull hollie points, finger not straight, white robe, face hollie showed, somewhat hard to make out, hollie showed, how, to play piano, first she, kind of, opened and closed mouth, showed teeth, another he, him, she said, points, hollie had teeth, nice teeth, she said, dont, jumpy hollie said, brown hat on, like work boots, brown, theres, border in dress, with, it bears in, hollie like bear, showed, turn, and fight, I showed, turn, said, hollie, its, an, amber colored, she said, but another hollie came out, its o, she said, hand over mouth, looking to the side, just uh bit, hollies body kind of, theres same hollie showing, went she said, 5-6-2011-thats hollie, putting his money in the bank, he was happy, shew said said the teller, but she took it anyway, put it under hollie said, key bank is where you will end up, hollie showed post, its on cellphone laptop t.v., showed God said, its stringtown apostolic church shaking with angel coming out, hollie points, its like static, bob your killing, destroying hollie said, its many churches in indianapolis sinking, hollie pointed with light finger, showed eat, wore plad coat, its blue she said, topless white hat, bit into, its cheeseburger, hollie screamin for this reason, thats bob telling at church, i'm opening up church in, pentecostal assemblies of the world, hollie looked at her light watch, its time, she said, its small crowd at first, hollie said, but fills, hollie thought, looked stunned, but afraid, to quick, thats people, not being able to sit but come in and stand, bob, gits chairs, they sit, got your name, hollie said, thats, round head angel showing, its, call it, ministry of dreams, its, ministry of dreams pentecostal church, it sells, hollie said, she said, jumpy hollie said, wearing hat, its brown hollie said, showed, picture, its pope, hollie pointed, white finger, theres blue in, hey said another hollie, one came out, looking, hollies body not seen but was there, i'm she said, mouth open, hollie points again, theres light in, this is, warning, hollie said, no, another said, hollie moodie played his music, you got warning, lifted up, he pointed, its JEsus, praying, interceding, for, its bob, jumpy hollie showed, walk, she had golden feet, walked fast but long white dress, theres bears in, hollie said, in border, their different colors, i'm uh bear, one, said, hollie showed, hollie showed, walk, but, another, hollie, pointed, this time, feet white, he said, lets rule the world, its putin, hollie said, that, pointed, hollie, its mexican president looking happy but cautious, but shakes, yes, signs, but showed, no, theres lula and castrol looking stout, theres three, its akula class, a new hollie, jumpy said, wearing, its uh white dress, thats, hollie running in and sitting down, hollie, wearing white dress, showd, its hollie with JEsus inside but shes fading, but kept changing, hey another, hollie, said, thats, first hollie with Jesus inside showing, its picture, theres, now lets me see, hollie said, did convey, thats, putin and pope, thats, putin kneeling before pope, lets putin said, pope shakes, yes, its uh network, hollie said, thats, missiles flying, hollie there, but laughed, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding and russia exploded, thats smoke rising up, hey pointed, hollie, moons face bright light but, somewhat silhouette, thats moon sitting, at Gods interviewing table, its i'm, moon and sun said, jumpy hollie appeared, its gorgeous white robe, hollie said, but got outta there but another round head hollie appeared, hollie saw, its nuclear explosion, in, its canada, hollie spins setting, and missiles flew striking that, hollie said, many explosions in, america, hollie went back in, sat down, beautiful white long robe, its kleated hollie said, hollie showed, turn, futuristic apostolic church, is not gonna be happy, clapped hollie, wearing white clothes, showed, but another hollie came out showed, while looking at bob, hollie, her face went silhouette, but reappeared, turned monkey, thats the, tap dancers, many hollies, its pope hollie said, wearing brown suit with, theres hu hintao tap dancing, you see these two hollie said, its both beasts, thats the clap dancers, many hollies tap dancing, in, its blue, hollie points, another, they were like lighted hollies, but, not quite, listen to this said hollie, thats big red hand showing, i'm said another hollie, but, a hollie appeared, with, its, blue hollie said, dress, but not quite, had some white in, boo chanted her said another hollie, came out, showed, hand over mouth, hollie complained, showed, bob git, into, dumpster she said, wore red plad coat, white topless hat, but hollie stamped, scene went blue, with Gods hammer like chic hollie coming out, but, happy, hollie pointed, showed, go, thats her, its meijer, but hollie stamped again, smiling, showed, walking out, hollie showed, picture, its pope, why is he, are you cryin hollie said, thats pope crying, hollie came out, but didnt seem concerned, that there was blue in picture, its like, background, surrounding hollie said, thats bob laying on side, and not doing so well, he wore uh, hollie said, red sweatshirt but she stamped and Gods hammer hollie like chic appeared, but next time was happy and brown starting to come on face, hollie came out, hand over, mouth, looky she said, hollie disappeared, before stamping but reappeared, i'm she said, mouth open, white in mouth, thats finger making fingerprint, hollie showed, its on bobs picture there, still not happy, passport, bob travels, but alone, janette is there, but sometimes at home, sleeping in church, thats her in church, she opens, thats people coming in, boo chanted, many he hollies on hill but, hollie came out, finger down, but pointing like, hollie, was, amber colored, but normal hollie came out, thats hollie feeding animals, their hungry she said, here she said, its possum, thats hollie with Jesus inside, hollie showed, turn, with flute but another hollie came out with like dome, head, put bib on, showed, eat something, he said, its angry jumpy hollie showed, another, its, red sweatshirt, but hollie wore white robe, theres border with, its hollie in, pointing up, JEsus came, thats world below, and its beast rising out of, on black horse, thats pope with medvedev and putin, lets rule the world putin, said, you see these three hollie, said, 5-5-2011-hollie pointed up, bobby dont go there, she said, showed, its her walking into, its, hollie stamped, but disappeared, blue hammer hollie appears, its blue, came out, God said, told holie, wearing, her, but scene changes again, old national bank, its makes her tremble, hollie said, put it under, he knows, God said, your suing, you got it, bank manager said, dont, said, its, bob jones, bob will, thats him, like hollie, walking into attorneys office, sue for ten million said bob jones, see hollie said, they want you, close first byron said, its johnson, hollie said, thats church shaking with angel coming out hollie said, thats church sinking, bob you will kill everything in indiaiapolis said Jesus, put it under hollie said, byron sat and was quiet God said, hollie showed cut it off, he said, its jumpy hollie another hollie said, this economy broke putin said, hollie said, pointed at america, barack gives the announcement, he said jumpy hollie said, we're broke, hollie got him out of there, thats hand on hollie said, its, r.m.s. Olympic, showing you did not need it, its hollie showed, theres uh dome in, with him in hollie said, orange hair, real estate, he said jumpy hollie said, dont buy, Theres hand agin hollie said God said, showing you did not need him, its hollie showed, hollie said, theres uh dome in, hand laughs, face appears on, its hollie hand, its theres white pointed hollie, with him in, orange hair God said, hollie salutes like shipmate, its on board the hms, hollie said God said, britannic, its, pope, in, the fire, hollie said, his caregiver approaching, but, i'm care giver said, like, humble servant of light, round head, he gave pope his drink, and pope, pontey, hollie said, drank, he said, sleep showed, jumpy hollie, long white dress, theres uh border in, with, bears in border, pink, and golden, blue, happy, thats popes caregiver with unhappy look, showing, its beast, pope, picture, theres hu, hintao, appearing in picture, hollie points, but not seen, theres blue in like sky, its both beasts, relaxes hollie, thats popes caregiver, showing, its stringtown pentecostal church, i'm he said, but, didnt speak, thats heart talking, hollie had keys, went inside, happy, but church started filling quick, hollie preached, thats hollie stamping at pulpit, coming out, but people, wonder, she, said, church, hollie thought, fills quick, but parking is problem, she looks, but many still come God said, thats hand agin showing you did not need him, theres uh dome hollie said, with, its him in, orange, hair, hand in hollies tank, she manuevers, lets fire, she said, thats nuclear fires on both american coasts, and big in middle, he hollie lifted out of ruins, by, its, chinook, hollie showed, with white fingers, double beater, gabriel flys, shows, thats nuclear, n.a.t.o. lands exploding, and, fire colored dragon rising, like big loch ness monster, no said hollie, showed, om thru with it, but white hands, white appeared, thats, stringtown apostolic church, shaking, bob comes out, its like static hollie said, did convey, bob you pastor hollie points, bob wore suit, hollie clapped, stomped foot, behold, she showed, its the new world order, he hollie claps, happy, lets rule the world, putin sang, thats, mexican president shaking yes, happy but showed no, hollie showed, turn, that, hollie said, its lula and nicaraguan presidents looking stout, hollie showed, its medvedev and castrol, signing, its uh deal, hollie said, that she said, its hollie walking into, its Christ temple apostolic faith assemblies wearing plad coat, but, scene changed, boo chanted, its, him, said, she hollie, many lighted he hollies on hill, but, hollie rubbed chin, not let me, see, she, said, they, werent, moving lips, a, nother, hollie comes out of one, its france agin, hollie said, thats s.s. norway, pulling, up, now srapped, thats many hollies busting ship, shew we, showed, one, its hard work, that ship, hollie showed, it appeared, Jesus thought, people were holy Ghost filled, on that ship, God wanted it spared, but, thats boiler exploding, its sued, suit, owner said, so they scrapped it, as, blue lady, put it under, hollie said, Jesus, thought, ship would have lasted, hollie and God spoke, many more years, about 80, its hull hollie showed, hard metal, showed, thats, hollie, said, her, walking in walmart, wearing, its uh blue plad coat, topless white hat, she just looked, no expression, she said, sleep, showed, jumpy hollie with topless white hat on, he said, jumpy hollie said, showed, its, ahw, hollie pointed, light, finger, golden feet, jumpy hollie showed, walking, go said babyfleas, showed, leave walmart now, hat got put on, but had top on, 5-4-2011-write the vision, said its, hollie said God said, its him a she hollie said, showed post on laptop cellphone t.v., but hollie said, new hollie showed, work, had on white robe, pope hollie said, in the fire God said, his caregiver like little light hollie gave him his drank and he drank God said, bob, said, it, hollie, a she one said, put it under, hollie said, showed, cut it off, but bob didnt, hollie looked at sign, its, she said, stamped, but another hollie appeared, its blue, she said, put it under, its, string town apostolic church, and, people love it God said, this is warning, no showed hollie playing his music, its secret he said, Jesus tells him to not tell bob how you make your music, but hollie played like organ, God said, put it under hollie said, showed put money in bank, he had it in uh bag, blue plad coat on, that, hollie, said, that, hollie said, looked at her watch, its bob walking at, that hollie said, grace apostolic church and brand new light hollie appeared, that, hollie said, that, hollie said, its, dumitru duduman coming out of grave, that hollie said, dumitru stands before God, I knew it Jesus said, thats dumitru shaking yes, but looking to, side, that hollie said, its bob laughing, telling what, look what you've done God said, that, hollie said, its mark brown looking at bobs offer shaking yes, that, hollie said, thats sheriff brown giving speech at bobs church, that, hollie said, its, angel coming out of structure, and structure, like static, its shaking God said, hollie screamin for this reason, screamed again, hollie came out, that, she said, is church building shaking, angel coming out, hollie looks from high above, thats most churches in indianapolis, falling, sinking into ground, its cause bob hollie said, bob said, its hollie, another hollie said, she pointed, at, its grace apostolic church but hollie stamped, and, its, Gods hammer appearing, like blue he hollie, hey, said, another hollie, coming out, pointing, finger light, but held down, hollies body hidden but there, showed, its i'm she said, git outta here, said, me, hollie said, like nigger, hollie showed, turn, its amber, she said, colored hand, hollie showed, to record, and hollie stamped, but its, Gods hammer hollie appearing, hes blue, she said, thats hollie working on, its computer, bob go, she said, what did she wear, another new hollie said, hollie had on blue plad coat, that and looked at screen, i'm said, brand new like, chic hollie, but, went from blue to golden colored, it boo, hollie said, many he hollies, booing, their on hill, but, amber colored she hollie came out of one, him, its, wore maids clothes, hollie and God said, put it under, hollie said, she looked at sign, its stringtown apostolic church, cecil e. golder, pastor, now lets, see, hollie said, thats, her, knocking on the door, its at, stringtown apostolic church, and thats people running in, its first night, not many there, but, thats second night, almost full, then standing room only, hollie said, she saw all the people, hollie was happy, its, the, beast, hollie said, like fire colored, big, its, like loch ness monster with pope like angel of light in mouth, you see these kings hollie said, theres seven heads on dragon, thats happy mexican ruler dressed well but showed, no he said, lula looking stout like, its castrol, lets put it there, signs with medvedev, its uh deal, he said, thats nicaragua on fire but president signing looking stout like lula, theres chavez smiling like mexican ruler, no he said, showed, but signs, and dreads, but thats smoking going up blocking moon, i'm moon, said, had face, but, features in brown outline, lets put it there, hollie said, thats nuclear fires in, its cuba but missiles sailing over, thats america exploding, hollie showed, many nuclear fires but, scene changes, agin, hollie said, and, a, new hammer hollie appeared, hollie showed, its, radio shack, sta-2000d stereo receiver, with power meters moving, buy one hollie said, its accurate, hollie thought, heres how, they take electricity, and different mechanisms inside to recreate sound, hollie drives her tank again, like, just test, let me, whew, hollie said, thats, her, another, its, getting, food, its out of, its dumpster, hollie stamps, but new hammer hollie like chic appeared, i'm chic said, it was, hollie pointed, blue, golden finger, long, thats the marine corp., out in, the, streets, said, hollie, pointed, angel gabriel guards, wearing, its uh red plad coat, but hey hollie said, head went round, silhouette, but people were behind, hollie had gun, with someone else, black shot gun, many people ran, hollie there holding gift, thats Jesus talking to her, I want you do both parts, hollie shakes, yes, thats barack obama announcing, hollie showed, how she did it, she ran from one to other, thats her standing in attention, but then laughing, she said, sleep, showed, jumpy, hollie, theres your hand agin, jumpy hollie said, showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, hand is white, with, theres uh dome in, hollie had orange hair, drove hand, saw, its huge nuclear fire, and serpent like dragon rising, hollie put her money back in the bank, i'm the, m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, thats torpedoe exploding along side, then two more, ship rolling and sinking, thats ship bored waiting on bottom of sea, for, its visitor, hollie said, hollie showed, to, turn, she said, long shaft like finger, i'm the, care giver, said, pope hollie said, its his caregiver, she said, like little light round head hollie in servants clothes, he is straight faced, its hollie like shipmate, its on board, s.s. britannic, thats ship, sleeping, like, angel coming out of ship on bottom of sea, its on side, hollie said, thats people going in, if you will notice said hollie, tapped her stick, hey said another, hollie, stick not seen but appeared, its the captain hollie said, did not order water tight doors closed, they find it hollie said, quit, said, its, hollie, said uh she one, God said, thats hollie playing his music, but face somewhat silhouette, boo chanted many he hollies, you want my hand, said, its him said uh she hollie, he appeared back in dome, white hand, showing, you did not, need it, thats, hollie, driving her tank, to hand, but face appeared on hand, its boo, hollie showed, thats, hand, agin, hollie said, showing, you did not need, him, its, hollie showed, theres uh dome in, with, its, him in, orange hair, happy, hand white but face appears on, hollie rubbed chin, let me see she pointed, is that the hamburger helper hand, and hand walks away to not be known, but smiled, shook, yes, hollie showed, turn, long white shaft like finger, pope hollie said, in the fire, waiting for his drink, thats hollie like uh care giver, taking his drink to him, gave, pope drank, but cup not seen, caregiver mumbling, but not moving lips, 5-3-2011-He said, jumpy hollie said, theres yor problem, its angel hollie said, its hollie showed, when you become popular he said, people will want to kill you, but wont, heres why, girl said, put it under hollie said, showed cut it off, wore blue sweatshirt, its, church, after you get yor own demi said, heres why, people will want, jobs God said, he said, showed jumpy hollie, leaped, wearing dress, theres uh border in with, its bears in, hollie like bear but its, different colored bears, theres, golden and pink, i'm uh bear one said, peace and safety God said, thats bush and, its gorbachev, sitting on, its ship and ship in rough seas bouncing, thats bush almost getting thrown over ship, thats start one, it appeared, hollie showed, in brown letters, big, thats hollie said, JEsus wiped chin, thought, that took nuclear rockets, off, its, surface ships, said hollie who stamped but wasnt seen but appeared, i'm she said, showed, eat, another, hollie came out, had, finger pointing, lighted finger, its, white in hollies mouth, hollie drove the yugo but looked out window instead of paying attention, wreck she said, serious looking hollie showed, record, he said jumpy hollie said, thats pastor mark wanting to, be, a part of, its, new wineskin ministries, with bob in, just wait and see hollie said, thats new wineskin ministries west, its bobs church, she said, jumpy hollie said, go easy, she showed, with, its orange, amber hollie said, arms, hands, she said, jumpy hollie said, another hollie came out, pointed, long finger, its like, hollie showed, as she looked down, its popes picture appearing with brown hair, thats hand agin, big, its white hollie said, showing, you did not need him, it, its hollie showed, theres uh dome in and happy hollie in with orange hair but he came out, controlled hand with levers, mine, its hand said, had face on, hollie manuevers tank agin, its, wayne legion post tank, hollie said, thats, hollie, said, new wineskin ministries shaking, thats, hollie said, mount zion apostolic church sinking, thats, hollie, said, Christ church apostolic, its trembling, thats, agin, hollie, said, showed, its many churches in indianapolis falling, thats, hollie said, angel still stood but his church collapses, thats, hollie said, many sinking, like church building going into ground, bob hollie said, like worried hollie, its, pastor mark, she said, hes, wondering, hollie said, thats him, looking at your church, wiping mouth, thinking, its good but we dont need it, its boo chanted, its him hollie said, many he hollies on hill but lighted she hollie came out, that hollie said, that is, pastor shaking yes, I agree, said, that hollie said, bob gives pastor cash, that hollie said, its hollie with Jesus inside, showing, record, bob, said, its hollie, its two hollie said, but one was blue, somewhat hard to see, that, another hollie said, lighted face appearing, but finger, pointed to, its in front pointing right, that, hollie said, showed, lay down, hey, said, another, hollie coming out, that, hollie said, its jumpy hollie, bob said, hollie, kind of shook it up, showed, its pope, content looking in picture, theres blue pointed, hollie with white finger, that another hollie said, but she came out, suprised, I'll show ya, God said, that hollie said, that, hollie said, its the verifone, bob git one hollie said, showed, its credit card being swiped thru, that, said, hollie, showed, leave, its that agin, she said, had on coat, left, 5-2-2011-hollie showed, eat, showed, its popon, hollie said, like uh little picture, its, yan, hollie said, shes, witch, hollie said, but you can trust her, its because I wanted saved, said, its bobs banker, but, will, not cause problems, hollie came, out, showed, angel coming, its, on top hollie said, of, new wineskin ministries, coming out, and building shakes, its all the way down to foundations hollie said, then she appeared, in, thats very few people left, it, was prophesied mark, thats pastor appearing, looking not worried, but thinks, its done, thats other bishop not caring, but bob steals, hollie said, people, heres, why, hollie said, they, shun you, she said, thats, bob, being stunned, thats mount zion apostolic church, shaking, thats another pastor stunned but not caring, thats Christ church apostolic shaking, then Christ temple, it almost crumbles God said, but, bobs, church, and people outside looking not able to git in, thats other, let me, said hollie, uh she one said, he wore blue sweatshirt, showed, its war, hollie said, uh she one, bobby God will fix your face hollie and God said, thats bobs face fixed, hollie walked into grace apostolic church, she wore plad coat and white hat, and people she said, were stunned, its at bob giving testimony, they laughed but loved it hollie said, let me, said hollie, uh she one said, he wore blue sweatshirt, showed, its war, hollie said, uh she one, bobby God will fix your face hollie and God said, thats bobs face fixed, hollie walked into grace apostolic church, she wore plad coat and white hat, and people she said, were stunned, its at bob giving testimony, they laughed but loved it hollie said, thats God said, its, new wineskin ministries east shaking, angel coming out of top of building, but same angel appeared sitting at Gods interviewing table, its he made me, angel said, and, angel, stamp, hollie clapped hands, Gods hammer appeared, but kept changing, its, hollie said, hollie showed, its, henry lee summer, she said, boy henry lee said, it still sells, thats henry lee at Gods interviewing table, millions, thats, darlen danielle dont, song, sold hollie thought, had on white hat, got word from Jesus, eighty million albums, hollie screamed, om in danger, she said, its, him, she said, submarine, right there, hollie said, now look, hollie pointed, thats submarines all around, america, hollie claps, both coasts, they burn, its hollie said, they fired, thats both coasts burning and hollie being lifted out of destruction, thats, its massive, in center of america, nuclear airburst, and gabriel flys, hollie showed, with white fingers, its chinook, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. lands exploding, thats them sending, missiles, thats, hollie watches, land based rockets and many being fired out of subs, thats them coming out of sea hollie said, those are french submarines, but great britain exploded, and four captain hollies, lets see, said, one, smiled, but, them showering, its france, hollie said, and fire colored, serpents rises out of, and france, explodes, its near the center of it, hollie said, put it under, hollie said, thats, australia, burning, and nuclear fires, in, its, italy exploding, and I sealed it up, hollie said, wiped face, big teeth, bobby there wont be uh problem, hollie said, thats russia being showered, exploding, thats fires in brazil, venezuela, let me put it there, hollie said, thats nuclear fires in cuba, and nicaragua burned, thats missiles striking, thats missiles striking mexico, exploded, some in latin america, thats, hey, let me, hollie said, flying in, its old, p-51 mustang fighter jet, she flys, it has light propeller, thats her going around the world, its out in the atmosphere, hollie said, thats nuclear explosion in africa, its massive hollie said, its big, smoke rose up, its i'm said moon, with hard to see face, sun had on sun glass but just sun at end but both appear at, its, at, Gods interviewing table, JEsus gives them instructions, smoke rises up to block, moon looked afraid, shook, but then laughed, hollie showed, turn, then again, but lighted, tear up, she said, its golden bear paw, but thats like exray vision, and its hand in, but blue setting, hollie showed, lets do something, but in a cool way, thru, said, its, he, hollie, but, many he hollies were all on hill but lighted she hollie there, came out of one, but he wore maids clothes, they are still booing hollie and God said, a whole hill full of, him, its, hollie said, but amber colored she hollie came out of one, hollie showed, record, showed, turn, with golden bear paw, tear up, hey hollie said, thats popes picture, in between, two golden, lighted bear paws, but, pope smiled, hollie, another came out, pointed, finger down tho, looked at bob, hollies face hidden but appeared, im, its she said, showed, eat, thats hollie like, its nigger another said, pointed, she was happy, its driving her tank, but like, just manuevering, she said, this is uh war, hollie said, its the crow hollie said, music, thats, its him, hollie moodie playing his music, face changing, you got queer, he, said, thats, bob, giving, its, blow job and anal sex, to, its young boy, just watch, pointed, hollie, up at Jesus loving it, this is uh war right here, hollie said, its, pope and, hu hintao, facing each other, now let me see, hollie said, dressed in robe, but pulled sleeve, up, hollie pointed, white finger, chicago said, its mexican man, hollie said, thats nuclear explosion, then lighted hollie, looked down, at, its, nuclear explosions in many countries, but changed, into, its, popes care giver like light care giver, this is warning, said, its, hollie, walked around, its walmart wearing blue plad coat, just not happy anymore, hands in pants, looked, he told made me she said, pointed at Jesus, that hollie said, its nuclear explosion, hollie pointed, showed, that, hollie screamed, its nuclear fires in, its russia and china, that, its babyfleas said, and its that, hollie said, thats, popey hollie said, sitting at table, that hollie said, its empy she said, coming out of, that, hollie said, two horned beast with hintao, that hollie said, them three, that hollie said, 666 peace treaty born, hollie points but with like lighted thumb, dont do said, hollie, its him, another, said, hollie baptized hollie, but, Jesus Christ, Jesus, is what she said, showed, she doesnt know, its, hollie showed, its, the words, appeared, she said, Jesus Christ, use both she said, thats hand agin, showing you did not need him, its hollie showed, another she hollie came out, hollie in dome in, with orange hair, happy, other hollie in between fingers, playing with hand, but, he hollie started driving hand with levers, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, hey, said, hollie, pointed, but changed, thats face appearing on hand and fiery dragon rising, I'm russia said putin, bobby we want you come back here tomorrow, its circling penguins and geese, danced, their fired colored and hollie said, blue but very dull, hollie showed, lay down, but got back up, clapped hand, she said, jumpy hollie said, transforming monkey, into, hollie showed, get, up, wearing, its uh blue plad coat but Gods hammer hollie appeared, like, its blue, hollie said, himself, but like chipmunk, i'm in danger, said, it, Jesus, hollie said, thats, bob, with red sweatshirt on like lighted dot head telling on God, thats sign said hollie, you see that, hollie said, that sign tells that God is inside bob, thats hollie with Jesus inside showing eat like the main ministering spirit, clapped, boo chanted many he hollies, their on uh hill, hollie said, pointed, but lighted she hollie came out of one, hollie rode missile, theres hand agin, thats hollie driving yugo, and he hollie in dome in hand, orange hair, white hand, but face appeared, on, it, showed, you did not need it, its hollie showed, bobby said, its, hollie, showed, picture, its pope crying, theres blue sky like around, hes, hollie said, dying, showed, bob laying down, red sweatshirt on, hollie showed, turn, like amber colored, hollie, 5-1-2011-hollie showed his light watch, wore, its uh hollie said, blue sweatshirt, but Gods hammer appeared, like uh blue faced dot head hollie, but another he hollie appeared, he wore, said Jesus, said hollie, wiped chin, burgundy sweat shirt, put it under hollie said, showed cut it off, hollie showed, with uh big hand, bob eat she showed, it was red hand God and hollie said, put it under hollie said, thats hand agin, showing you did not, need it, said hollie that was hard to see, and hollie comes out of dome with orange hair, sits at Gods interviewing table, tells Jesus bob didnt want the vision, but went back, he does, hollie got in hand, hollie showed, its, thompson twins, still tourin, she said, bobby write janette showed hollie, shes wondering hollie said, its about you, hollie showed, shes scared, heres why, hollie said, she wanted many, now just only you, janette said, but thats you and her living in church, hollie showed, its him said uh she hollie, she will never leave you, God said, hollie showed post, its uh cellphone laptop t.v., hollie said, God said, im the beast pope said, hollie points, he was like beastman, hollie said, put it under, bob he will fix ya, hollie said, its Jesus, working on bobs face, hollie showed, cut off, bob its telling, hollie showed, its hard drive, you found, it, she, said, showed, her, flash drive, thats her, put it, on, hollie, said, did convey, updated website, hollie looked at church, said, its full now, thats 40 people in, its, theres no parking, hollie said, but people come anyway, thats them parking all over, bob tell them hollie said, you will buy parking lot, thats lot bob bought, and, its black top on, its cheaper hollie said, hollie, and I stamp, we did, hollie said, thats blue, hammer hollie appearing and the penguins circled, were blue but one amber, bobby we want you, come back home, its blynkin hollie said, thats allen looking at bobs church, its, he thought, good, but we cant karmen said, put it under, hollie said, thats book, its, visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, and, angel on, it sold, hollie showed, book, but turned, blue, to, its, ministry of dreams, bob use that, one she said, its good, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, went to, its walmart, but hollie stamped, its Gods hammer hollie appearing, like, its new, hollie said, hes bald, blue face, look at yourself, said, its, hollie, hollie showed, picture, its pope, hollie that told wiped lips, pope was crying, with theres blue, pointed, hollie, why does, hollie said, thats pope weeping, showed, its, bob, dying, its, cause, fasting, to much, put it under, hollie, said, bob, died, pope cried, thats, angel googlebot like light man, but, shaped like, its dunlop, hollie said, the dunlop man, like happy ghost like man, let me, record, hollie, said, did convey, hollie looked at, its art, its painting, they want to much hollie said, she painted same painting in one second, still as good, its, free hollie said, hollie showed, its bose music wave system, dont buy she showed, its to much, thats, its, hollie said, hand, showing, you did not need him, its, hollie showed, theres uh dome in, said, its, hollie, another, hollie said, he had orange hair, happy, thats him going to, its Gods interviewing table, you see he dont want it, hollie said to Jesus, but God like light God appears, just, like, face, thing, letting hollie know he does, hollie left, got back into hand, thats hollie, driving hand and its nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding and like fire color serpent rises, its nuclear n.a.t.o., hollie said, i'm the g8, said, its putin, hollie said, thats, she showed, all them lands on fire, but another hollie came out, thats catching said, it, Jesus hollie said, hollies hand only seen, rest not there, but she appeared, i'm said, white in opened mouth, showed, bobby eat again, its pope hollie said, its out of, its ram horn, theres hu hintao out of other, thats, medvedev and, its putin, out of pope, horn, hollie and God said, thats hegoat to smite, stomp ram, does, but turns into pope, let me observe hollie said, thats nuclear fires in, its russia and china, thats pope, hollie said, sitting at table and two horned beast with, its, empy, hollie said, emperor of japan, and, hintao coming out, they sign, its peace treaty, hollie said, its 666, they go to own lands, take it, said, its, pontey, hollie said, thats people being tattood, thats little popes face on fingertip, 666 on mans forehead, he wanted it, he said, hollie showed, one woe is past, bobby its hollie, showed, picture, crying, theres blue in, like, pope and blue sky, why, hes weeping hollie said, showed, its bob dying again, red sweatshirt on, let me, said, its, showed another hollie, content looking, hollie with Jesus inside, but shes starting to go silhouette, showed, eat, the marine corp., its out in the streets, its, economic collapse said, it, hollie said, angel, let me, said, hollie, wearing red, plad, coat, but, she stamped, disappeared, but was still there, was, spotted, noticed, God said, like blue hollie, but came out, laughed, thats barack announcing, its under economic collapse he said, wearing blue shirt, at podium, hollie there happy, lets see, said, hollie, tapped, its white stick, but, turned, into yadd, with, its hand agin, showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, hand coming out of yadd, with, theres uh dome in, with, him in, orange hair, but he didnt seem happy, came out, its, him, said, uh she one hollie said, walking in walmart, looking around, laughing, jumpy hollie appeared, leaping, but was going, monkey face, its, dark, God said, brown she said, she said, jumpy hollie said, appeared, God said, i'm worried janette hickman said, its you, she pointed, your fasting, dying, and I'm single, she said, turn, showed, its, hollie said, another, she said, its, paul mooney girl, God and hollie said, hollie like lighted hollie showed, turn, its explosion, thirty-eighth street sign, then, it, appeared, missiles, sailing like light missiles and hu hintao watching, I will show signs and wonders in the heaven he said, thats him with pope, its both beasts hollie said, you see these two she said, thought, thats war sireen, hollie inside, and showed, not paying attention, thats hollie with JEsus inside showing, lay down, but clapped hands, bobby said hollie, she showed, be easy, she said, jumpy hollie said, appeared, but only head, rest there, its, in blue hollie said, coming out, showed, picture of, its pope, but not weeping, 4-30-2011-thats pope, hollie said, little friend appearing to, happy, but, friend like light friend, not showing expression, hes like, servant hollie said, bob, thats bob walking downtown, fix it she said, thats hollie stopping by bank first making deposit, i'm the vision I can not do one thing, this is hollie, you got trouble, said, its moodie playing his music, a, she hollie said, but his face somewhat hard to see, thats pope rising in world, but not happy, theres, its hu, hollie said, hintao, theres, its empy she said, emperor of japan, thats hintao climbing out of, its red beast, two horned, thats empy coming out with, thats them sitting at table with pope, and missiles flying over head, hintao watches, I will make wonders and signs in heavens, and earth beneath, he said, blood and fire and pilars of smoke God, said, the sun shall be turned to darkness and moon into blood before the great and noteable day of the LOrd, come, thats smoke rising, from america and explosions in, thats from high in air, and its submarines all around, its, they shower hollie said, thats many firing, both coasts burn, hollie raised out, by, its angel flying, its double beater, its blade type, hollie said, showed, with fingers, helicopter, and he wore, hollie hanging on chinook, blue sweatshirt, clapped hands but changed, to like, its, very dull, hollie said, blue, he looked down, boo chanted, many he hollies, said, hollie and kristine, shes back, black hair, they were on hill, one wore maids clothes, but lighted she hollie came, out of, bob, said, hollie, wiped, her, face, showed, you pastor, she said, rake it, its money, the loot, she said, and a new hollie appeared, what are you doin, pope said, thats hollie going to, its grace apostolic church, and its, she wore plad coat, tennis shoes, its uh necklace, God said, thats, hollie getting necklace put on, wore, its like dark gray shirt, happy, brown hair, she said, jumpy hollie said, showed, lighted hollie, thats happy church, its, ministry of dreams, call me, said, happy church, its, like angel hollie said, pentecostal church, thats people typing in on net, finding, its bob, but theres video again, hollie said, God does this, tortures me, bob, said, hollie showed, its mitsubishi eclipse, she drove like white angel hollie, spunj front tire, lets motor, she said, thats one smoking tires, its gs, hollie said, showed, its buick gs, thats, 1971, but scene changed, hollie smoked tire in, only one she said, its she said, not posi-trac rear end, prophesy, said, its, hollie said, another hollie, wearing like its tripod, she said, red hat, this is what I want, hollie said, thats loot coming to, and popes caregiver, has, red tripod hat on, but no expression, its loot, hollie said, showed, wearing plad coat, dark hat, pulled sleeve up, but changed herself to like brand new light hollie, and, angel gabriel wearing plad coat, hunting brown hat, guards, with gun, its, shot gun, showed, hollie, as people ran, thats hollie there with holding her gift, its blue, janette hickman, appears, but in dark background, its, bobby hollie said, shes there, but, at home with you, living at, its church, hollie said, they live happily ever after together, bob, thats you pastoring church, but, its, popes caregiver, hollie coming out, wearing hat, thats him looking at, its e-mail, hes stunned hollie said, but does, this is warning, Jesus said, you see, hollie said, come back, said, its jame edison tyson, thats bob bringing his church, its into, pentecostal assembles of the world, p.a.w., appeared, hollie showed, its word, pick it up, said, hollie, she looked at, its cup holder, wore plad coat, hollie bent over, its down, record, let me said, hollie, showed, her, in blue plad coat, white topless hat, giving out things, its, tracts with church on, this is warning, hollie said, she said, jumpy hollie said, wearing boots, long dress, theres border in white dress, with, its bears in, pink and golden, its, hollie like bear, om screamin for this reason, said, its, hollie, a blue hollie said, but, turned blue, hollie screamed again but not heard, o, she said, looking stunned, thats woman at bank, shes, laughing, but wondering, hollie said, but, hollie showed, inside womans, heart, Its i want to trap ya, she, said, but, hollie showed, Jesus is laughing at her and she wont, hollie, he clapped his hands, hollie said, its, the, uhleave it alone sound, said, sandy and hollie, but, sandy wiped lips, hey pointed, hollie, came out, sandys hand was red, arm, not seen but, reappeared, was there, but in, its uh blue setting hollie said, sandys hand shaped like leaf, red, but inside, it showed, hand, like, x-ray vision hollie said, but red turned blue, its war, sireen hollie said, thats pope beast appearing and hollie inside megaphone, showing, not paying attention, she said, home, showed, jumpy hollie, God, spoke it, did convey, a, somewhat seen hollie said, she was here and there, showed, busy, jumpy hollie dressed like workman, hollie showed, its bobs church, and angel coming out shaking, let me see, church said, thats, world, and eyes appear on, its, me, world said, i'm, heres your book right here, said, its, hollie, she handed but rest appeared later like working hollie, its visions of the three woes, with angel appearing on, like relaxed, happy, its content, Jesus said, angel, mouth somewhat opened, this is warning, its, him, uh she one said, JEsus did say, she appeared, but like working hollie, my word will haunt you, said, it, JEsus, hollie said, showed, git mail, thats hollie with mail, hollie appeared, quick, disappeared, but looked, which way to go, turn, she said, hollie showed, turn, by looking but arms appear, with, hey said another hollie, wiped chin, hollie showed, turn, thats hollie going to, its stripmall, lease, hollie said, hollie wasnt happy, dont buy bob she said, heres why, hollie looked at church, its no parking, it will kill you, hollie said, people will come by, and, thats one going on, cause, its hollie said, no parking, black lady, said, this is, a, warning, hollie said, hollie showed, posting on his, its uh laptop cellphone t.v., but another hollie stamps, wasnt seen, only hand, which was white, scene went dull hollie said, like grayish blue, but hollie did appear, showed, eat, hollie with Jesus inside, showed, lay down, hollie with Jesus inside, showed, record, no, said, it new hollie, a she one said, playing his music, but face somewhat silhouette, hollie in the sireen, showed, not listening, hollie showed, turn, thats window painted on bobs church, hollie appeared, wearing, red sweatshirt, paint brush, she pointed window with hollie in, what was hollies word, she turned normal in painted window the window appeared, put me in, hollie bobby hollie said, that was geese circling, their blue, hollie said, another, one blew flute, out hollie, pointing, at, its, old indiana bank teller, hes, leave alone, wanting to take it easy, hollie comes out, just work with, 4-29-2011-whew, she said, thats jumpy hollie, said, its, she, said, Jesus, appeared, bobby your church, God said, thats, the, church, the apostolic church, with angel coming out, angels laughs, thats, its loot, he said, but gabriel appears like guard, bobby live there, God said, spoke it, hollie said, its to protect, the Lord said, hollie, said, she said sleep jumpy hollie said, showed lay down wearing white hat, thats hollie putting money in the bank God said, she wore hollie said, plad coat and white hat, it added up she said, put it under, thats pope hollie said, in the fire drinking his drink, and little he hollie there, like his his friend God said, put it under hollie said showed cut it off, this is your last message, said doreen hollie said, God said hollie said, she said jumpy hollie said, hey said another hollie coming, jumpy hollie had on brown hunting hat, and uh long dress, with bears in dark border, i showed fight said hollie like a pink bear, put it under said Jesus and doreen, you need to do something, hollie said, with, plad coat on, check on, church, God said, its, zoned, he said, tax, God thought, free, you need to, said, quick appearing, hollies, one, like, bald hollie, looking not happy, kind of, bluish, its, features, hollie said, but hey pointed another hollie like new hollie her self God said, hand over mouth, hollie who spoke, looked like bald hollie but with hair, hollie screamed, showed, its church, she said, thats angel coming out of church, but face turned silhouette, i'm a sleeping giant, church, said, thats inside of church, almost every seat full, its, hollie spoke with God for word, she, said, over 300 people per sunday morning, thats hollie raking in lots of, money, wearing plad coat, yippee she said, happy, thats her pocketing, the loot, Jesus said, then came out, its mine, hollie screamon for this reason, she said, screamed, again, bob buy church she said, thats hollie raking in money, its good for me she said, wearing her coat, bobs, thats, furnace sleeping in church, its hollie said, i'm old furnace said, but still works, dont replace me, furnace said, i'll keep right on working, then furnace came on, heated church, bobby, said, hollie, wearing coat, hat with, its, c, on front, showed, thats cubs, hollie played baseball, happy, but thats ball going right by her and its black pitcher, throwing, at speeds over one hundred miles an hour, thats baseball with hat on himself, but face becomes somewhat silhouette, thats ball, baseball said, bobby hollie said, its your mom, take it easy, she said, sissys not feeling good, but will recover, she said, let me, record, said, it, hollie, hollie waited, but, quickly screamed, showed, cuttin grass with coat on, bobby now hollie said, go cut, thats hollie tired but still working, bob it will be you, now hear the King, thats Jesus and angel coming out of sleeping, but bob has sign out front, sign, said, thats sign coming alive, showing like angel sign, clapped hands, showed, its war, thats, its both beasts, hollie appeared, to let me, observe, she said, thats them, talking, and you see hu said, its, popon, hollie said, I will not put up with you, they said, hollie said, to each other, thats them going to own lands, and nuclear missiles appear aimed, at each other, its communist, hollie said, china, and russia, she said, its, him, another, she hollie said, boo we hollie said, many, its, him, said hollie, appeared, finally like new hollie, he hollies on hill but lighted she hollie came out of one, but, he hollie appeared wearing maids clothes, like over weight, hollie came out, showed, its little pope, taking, its same pope but big, in fire, his drink, he drank, but little pope changed, but was happy, laughed, hollie showed, its shaking at new wineskin ministries, its you bob she pointed, thats, sign, out in front of, bobs church, angel coming out of church, hollie walked at walmart, what did sign say, doreen and Jesus said, hollie looked at, let me see she said, Jesus came inside bob like a body his perfect size, thats hollie with Jesus inside, let me record, she said, its true, hollie said, and bobs church shook, but face showed, no expression but laughed, what did he see hollie said, thats sun and moon together, moon claps, but, hollie and God said, its, smiling, real estate, God said, agent, wanting loot, Jesus thought, he will get it for you, but, at uh fee, its, not for free, bob, said, its, stamped hollie, scene spins, now let me see, said, its, doreen and hollie said, conrad, we want, God and conrad said, loot, both, 100 per month, bob let, hollie said, then your out, they wont stay long, about security deposit, it, thats conrad wiping face, keep he said, bob, said, hollie coming out, but not happy, its good, she said, about, eighteen hundred per month, Jesus, wiped face, you'll make more, sun had no face but face came out of, its i'm said moon, somewhat seen face but hat on, like cool moon, smoke rose up to block, hey moon said, thats smoking coming from, america, thats submarines all around and fire breaking out in, its captain hollie in, its akula class the main ministering spirit said, both coasts exploded, its, him, she said, being raised, by, chinook flown by cool looking angel wearing, its uh blue sweatshirt but very dull blue jeans, he flew, its nuclear n.a.t.o., hollie said, countries errupted into fire, and yellow serpent dragon rose high as russia exploded, thats missiles sailing from all, hollie rode, one, russia burned, hollie showed, take bath, turn, showed, hollie, but hand, tear up, said, hollie, showed, her hands, but she disappeared, but, was, seen, like, there round, thats hand inside like round boxing glove, hollie showed, but hand like dimly seen, its him, said, uh she hollie, God said, tear up, he said, whew, let me, he said, had lighted round hands, knaw I dont mind, he said, sitting at, its, Gods interviewing table, but, scene changed, he showed, his light hand, looked normal now, but was like uh stick man, happy, tear up, he said, showed, its, popes picture, with brown hair, let me rule the world, said, its putin, hollie said, kneeling before, well alright, said, thought, pope, but in his heart, hollie showed turn, pope said, hollie, in the fire, but little hollie there with, drank popes drink, its him she said, he hollie, this is, warning, hollie said, turn, showed, little hollie that gave pope drink, thats angel guard gabriel protecting, and, pope, hollie said, its, little he hollie, mouth opened, you could see his teeth, had popes drink, but, drank, himself, pope watches, much taller, thats people running and, its, looting, hollie said, barack obama announces, but hollie spoke for him, wearing red plad coat, economic collapse is going to hit us hard, hollie said, thats, people running, its pilfering, but angel with lit head there to protect, but doesnt, they just watch, keep fighting down, I need somebody to record, spoke hollie, but, popes drink delivering hollie appeared, its, him, like, he hollie but light, dressed like, i'm your priest angel, little hollie said, hollie clapped, showed, lay down, but eyes remained opened, its him, she said, appearing, thats hollie walking, into, its his own church, and its small crowd at first, bob takes offering up and gets over one hundred dollars, gets motivated, thats facebook angel appearing, allow me, angel said, the very next night, hollie said, thats many new people showing up, and church, starts filling, black and white, bob said, it hollie, she wore, white hat, showed, pope, picture, hes weeping, why hollie said, pope pointed at bob, hes dying in bed, wearing light red sweatshirt, he said, jumpy hollie said, showed, lay down, 4-22-2011-she said, jumpy hollie said, God, spoke, jumpy hollie said, but had monkeys lips, God said, go gentle, hollie said, its, pointed, another, jumpy hollie, so bob you made it to the big time, said, its hollie, Jesus and, hollie said, but she turned blue, like light hollie, hollie cried, she wore uh red sweatshirt, bobby why, why she said, but kept crying God said, you cant last long, heres why, you are fasting and its because of the way he treats you she said, thats Jesus laughing, its because i torture God said, to make just like i did JOB, die saith God, thats war sireen, and hollie in with fingers in ears, hollie tried to explain wearing red sweatshirt, bob she said, as she mothered, you are fasting, hollie dreaded God said, you will die soon Jesus said, so i can hide you, saith God, just like i wanted JOB to, thats hand hollie, with dome in and smiling he hollie, a she hollie said, showing you did not need him, its hollie showed hollie said, hollie showed bob eat, she wore red sweatshirt, but Gods hammer hollie appeared like light round head, hollie showed, that, she, said, wearing, its uh red sweatshirt, that, hollie did convey, Gods hammer hollie appeared, that, hollie pointed with hand, its white but she wasnt seen but rest there, Gods hammer, like round head hollie, with old faded clothes on, that, hollie said, but the hammer looked at jews reading bobs e-mail, that hollie said, i'm stunned that Jewish man said, that hollie, said, showed, drink coffee, hollie showed, turn, like lighted hollie, wearing white topless hat but, disappeared quickly, hollie showed, turn, lighted white hands, hollie showed, turn, bob its go back to library, she was like cool new hollie, white hands, white topless hat, its boo chanted, hey said she hollie coming out, wiping chin, she hollies on hill to with, him, its, she, said, but, he hollie, wearing maids clothes, turned into lighted hollie, bobby hollie said, showed fix step, let, me, said, hollie, showed, record, had, white, topless hat on, and red sweatshirt, hollie got the oil, its out of trash dumpster, she said, looked, snibbled around, she said, hollie showed, record, showed, thats, jews trembling, thats, she, said, wore red sweatshirt and white topless hat, bob, hollie thought, got word from God, what did you do Jesus, said, I told hollie said, thats many children laughing at God for his treatment of bob, hollie showed, record, bob fix the step, she said, thats, hollie, whew, she said, wearing, its uh, plad coat, but Gods hammer hollie appeared like lighted round head, hollie put cement in step, hollie showed, go, wore, red sweatshirt, white topless hat, thats her at prayer meeting, walking, wearing, its uh red plad coat but hat still there but she took off, thats, hollie, like, shipmate saluting, its on board the, s.s. olympic, its over, said, its, JEsus, hollie did say, but, wore, faded, blue clothes, thats Gods hammer like lighted round head running with the crowd, and, barack obama announcing, its economic collapse here said hollie, for him, wearing, its uh red plad, coat, but, thats, like her, with blue round head, holding gift, as, looting goes on, let me guard said angel with lighted head himself, someone wants to see you, said, it hollie, wearing blue plad coat, white topless hat, appeared, hollie showed, turn, big, white hand, boo chanted, its him, again, hollie said, many he hollies on hill, but lighted she hollie appeared, coming out of, one of them, thats, hand with, hollie in dome smiling, he, had orange, hair, hand showed, you did not need him, its hollie showed, but face appears on, hand, and hand reports to, its Gods interviewing table but lighted hand stamps, and scene changed, hollie appeared later, laughing, hollie showed turn, like hand, but body dark but face illuinated, she had hand over mouth, hollie showed, lay down, wore, its uh red sweatshirt, hollie got back up, showed, bob eat something, hollies in hot water, its hollie moodie, but, hollie showed, appeared, 2-22-2011-ministry of dreams, is open, said, it Jesus, said, hollie, she wore uh, now lets see, she said, red sweatshirt, God spoke, Jesus said, let me see, said, it, hollie, showed, eat, something, cause, its, God, fixing your face, she, said, Jesus, appears, showed, working on bobs face but not like he thinks, bobby said, it hollie, it hollie, said another new one she said, God will fix your face, hollie said, fast and thats bob fasting till, its almost death, then Jesus rubbed face, I have to, he said, I wrong God said, by stripping you of your face now, you are saying I will fast instead of, thats bob eating and happy, hollie said, she said, wearing, its uh dark red sweatshirt, but hair got long, is nice and dark, hollie said, hey she said, coming out, that was like hollie with nice hair, but she appeared, this is warning, want that, said, it hollie, its church, then go, she said, they want you, hollie spoke, she left wearing, its uh dark red plad coat, but scene changed, its at, new wineskins, she said, its hollie like avenger hollie in, theres, light, pointed she hollie, with big nose, God, spoke, with like r2-d2 eyes, thats the hollie stamping, him said uh she hollie, the freeservers ministryofdreams, website, showed, i'm, but face somewhat silhouette, you see i'm, ministry of dreams, its, website, said hollie spoke and hollie had brown hair, God said, appeared, thats it at top, hollie said, of google again, after, its been, hollie said, many years, he wants you to go home, I aint gonna let you said, hollie, showed, turn, but she eat, same lighted hollie and I we stamp, up rose pope like beast angel man, and appeared in, its the new world order, cart, hollie said, stamped again, thats the ministry of dreams, angel, face got close then far away, but somewhat silhouette, its like angelthing, like monkey but not quite,
dreams received in september of 2020-in one dream, I am trying to hit on the woman, that was seeing my brother. I dropped my phone number in her car, since she wouldnt take it. as her and maybe daughter drove away, I screamed and shook my head. they laughed. in another dream, I was hooked up to a semi trailer, and it was a pup, or 28 foot long one, and I guess I was going to fast. it rolled all the way over, damged big time. I didnt know what to do. pushed a piece of metal back into place, that was ripped, but God spoke, or I knew. I hooped up to the other one, identical, and took it, I wasnt going to tell on myself. in another dream, I was sleeping on like a couch, and there was a huge cat, like a jaguar at other end. I called cat to me, and it came most of the way, but still acted like it wanted to attack me.

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    old fashion blood pressure cuff is innaccurate-dream received january of 2022-in this dream I was talking about the old fashion blood pressure cuff being innaccurate. its person taking blood pressure and watching needle come down, and guessing where needle was when she felt blood start flowing again.

    beware of hiv-in this dream received in december of 2021, I heard a young male voice and he said something like, "dang bob is got hiv".
    call me at 317-220-3228
    What does God say will happen in iran? 1-9=2020-I see the lord in visions and he said: I want nothing but war, so prepare for it, saith God, and I will ruin everybody, cause I hate you all, saith, the lord, and will, destroy earth, iran is nothing, and will be hit, thats donald trump, not knowing, what to to, but a general advices, strike he said, saith God,