after coming into my body, God made me remove clothes and show that sexy God filled body

  • holy spirit went into my body, as a body. same size, to have a body, that God could have sex with

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    (527)gas prices-vision received 8-28-2005-Iheard, "gasoline", and God has showed me a spirit that looks like a man and he said, "it's a little to high".
    me trying to sing pink floyd song dream-received 1-2021-in this dream, I was singing a pink floyd song, maybe "hey you". I heard myself sing. I sounded alright, but not like david gilmour.
    (528)bumped off by the devil-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed me the words, "a demon has bumped".
    (529)thouhts and expectations-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looks like a man and he said, "you don't care", "we expected you", and maybe, "I do".
    (530)prophet-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed words that looked like, :o my God. Witness is a prophet".
    (531)help us all Jesus-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looks like pastor luster and he said, "Lord help me".
    (532)thomas-vision received 8-28-2005-God has showed me a spirit that looks like thomas and he said things like, "I got defeated", "that hurt me", "sold", "iran", "attack". I sw him and heard this, "he's angry".

    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 3-12-2011-To late for twitter, ministry of dreams, said hollie tap dancing, put it under, hollie showed be quiet, this is uh warning, said, it, hollie, wiped her lips, she and, its Jesus, hollie said, spoke, did say, she said, Jesus showed, record, but changed into, its hollie, another hollie spoke, and I stamp hollie said, did but, her, body not seen, but, it, appeared, I'm she said, another, hollie comes out, theres, light in, hollies mouth, thats, beast, pope, rising, like, angel man, riding, black horse, its, into russia, he, spoke, hollie said, thats hollie going to, its alcoholics anonymous meeting, she sat down, wore, its uh, plad coat, its, red, talked, but, changed into, its him, Gods hammer like round headed hollie, hes, theres, blue hollie said, in face, clothes different shades of, its blue, hollie stamps, again, scene spins, its i am gogey, pope said, coming out of, its whirlwind of trouble, hollie screamin for, another, hollie, said, but, screaming hollie reappeared with just uh quick scream but not heard, hollie and, Jesus did say, it was uh dream said hollie, showed, wearing, its white skirt, night vision, she spoke, thats beast pope moving, hes angry, its, over, into russia, he, said, thats, unhappy signing deal, woman said, its with me medvedev said, go home, said, it, hollie, showed, now, thats, hollie like uh ship mate, said, another, its, hollie, she, said, then, jumpy hollie somewhat appears, hollie saluted on, board, its r.m.s titanic, she had orange hair but captain smith came out, o shit he said as iceberg goes by, this is uh website, hollie spoke, its, ministry of dreams, website angel appearing like blue headed angel, this is uh warning, hollie said, showed, lay down, she, was, king of blue, another hollie spoke, but came out blue herself, its about, the, website, said, it hollie, it, hollie another one spoke, God said, thats, not, the, tap dancers, said, it, hollie, another said, spoke, hollie said, she, appeared, with, its uh, said another, stamped, and, its, him appearing agin, Gods hammer hollie like, its hollie rubbed chin, blue faced hollie, let me, alone, my spacecraft, thats, ministryofdreams, said, it hollie, but, another hollie soared, then she, fired, its like, your flyin saucer another hollie said, thats the thieves of, its the God spoke, hollie said, wiped lips, ministry ofdreams, but her face went monkey, hollie whistled, showed, see, she said, wearing, its uh burgundy she said, thats bob talking to, its angie, its they have sex, hollie said, thats them, tell me about the vision, thats what you wanted said the tap dancers, hollie, let me, said, hollie, record, she, spoke, hollie showed, k-l-h stereo speakers, thats twin, its eight inch hollie said, measured, had like blue face, thats woofers moving and angel coming out of, its hollie spoke, woofer, i'm the klh angel said, were excellent hollie spoke, for speakers, hollie showed, turn, but thought about it, showed, turn the other way she spoke, bobby look, said, it, hollie another one said, Jesus spoke, showed, popes picture, tear up, hollie said, hey another, said, coming out, theres, red in tears, hollie rubbed chin, thats hu hintao appearing, its in, picture, you see bobby hollie spoke, she reclined, God said, these will want to rule the world, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, but same o hollie, showed, keep going, had light hand, what does hollie, said, a screaming hollie spoke, God, said, she pointed up, lighted finger, burgundy sweatshirt on, Jesus was happy, high in air, thats explosion sound, hollie did say, she, said, world, shakes, but, has face, I warned you, hollie spoke, another hollie did convey God and hollie said, i'm the, vision, I can not do, one thing, said, it, hollie, thats, hollies tap dancing, but theres pope she said, right there with, he dressed in brown suit hollie and God said, hollie screamed, again, hollie drove the tank, had lighted googles on, but then laughed, showed, bobby keep it charged, she said, its, your battery, hollie said, thats, car charger charging, its cellphone battery, thats beast, pope appearing on, its, scream, she said, I am gog, he hollie said, did say, thats the marine corp. out in, the streets, hollie spoke, thats, another, hollie holding her gift, hollie pointed, she wore red plad coat, had gift but not facial expression, thats barack obama dreading, its under economic collapse, he said, hollie, just, laughed, thats, hollie fasting and its untill death, but God stops, thats, hollie said, wiped lips, Jesus, appearing, and, wondering, hollie said, heres how, she said, bobby i'll screw ya, steve said, God said, heres how, hollie said, I make the profit steve said, and thats townshend pocketing the loot God spoke, he said, stop it, showed, said, jumpy hollie, hollie played his music, said, uh she hollie, it, wont dont hurt, he said, but body not seen but was there, appeared, but clothes changed, thats van going over its, hole in, street, it wont hurt, thats tire absorbing much of hollie spoke, pointed, as, van went thru hole, hollie showed, lay down, had on, its, burgundy she said, bob hollie said, hands were lighted like gloves but changed to different hands, but not like hands, showed, buy something she said, its for janette, shes, hollie showed, not wanting you,