the underworld is ruled by God. god's doing all satanic and demonic

  • god went into my body, as the body of a horny gay spirit, same size, to have sex with you

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    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 1-4-2012-turn, hollie said, showed, raise your hands and repeat after me, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, showed, work, its bob living with janette, thats her, and them, hollie had golden doggie like face, hollie smiles, shows, its church, she comes out, its arabs, she said, leave them alone, burgundy sweatshirt on, thats hammosizing, bobby, excercise, hollie said, showed, its thermo-genic herbs, bobby dont, hollie said, showed, janette, put hands on bobs lips, talk to much, let her, then fuck, thats, moodie fucking a, janette thats, being, brought you, its, trail, JEsus said, burgundy sweatshirt on, 11-26-2011-hollie showed, eat, God said, put it under, thats, her eating again, bob its your weight, gain, she said, janette loves it, its humor, emenegger hickman said, hollie said, put it under, hollie, bob, watch your time, hollie and God said, she had white clothes on, and put one hand on other arm, God said, raise your hands and repeat after me, hey, its, theres, Gods new hammo, hollie said, hes like smarty, angelic being, hollie, showed, picture, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie said, its the licence plate, her nose grew, and she got, theres Gods hammo but changed to Father, happy, thats her retrieving, its from post office box, thats bob and janette fucking, but really its moodie, gray sweatshirt on, its i'm the nuclear g8, its popey, poepon did say, hollie said, thats yellow fire, countries burning, smoke rising, no way, moon said, sun glasses on, its i'm sun said, happy, bob, its Jesus said, did convey, but he was somewhat angering, burgundy sweatshirt on, showed, lets calm, but hollie dimly seen, but like, grayish, happy, thats uh moodie with pointy nose, raise your hands and repeat after me, he tapped on bell, burgundy sweatshirt on, but hey, it went blue, moodie changes to, Lord, hollie said, hollie walked, its coat on, showed, cold, hollie played his music, but wouldnt tell how he did it, he said, hollie did say, but jumpy hollie reappears, claps, golden monkey lips, its hollie that explains, leave it alone thats what hollie said, its moodie she said, i was playing my sound he said, something went wrong jesus said, its janette a couple of hollies said, she is now with nobody, they have all forsook god said, bobby now be cool jesus said, hollier walked in walmart with uh plad coat on, another hollie like uh gray screamed, hollie coughs God said, its janette hollie said, raise your hands and repeat after me hollie sang, she wanted, god looked around, cocky lookiing, money for nothing, thats moodie making love, bob do it or nothing he said, gray sweatshirt on hollie said, Got it she said, now she showed, just wait, its janette, thats both, bob and her, partially nude, he fucked real quick but left, she loved, but started walking, thats police arresting again, oh bob she said, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, but its to late, thats her in police car, hollie showed, sign, its ratt, still singing, thats hollie with Jesus inside, its me she said, hollie showed, he wont speak, but watching with Jesus, both laugh as he records visions, thats them, bluish colored, its, on sidelines, hollie showed, watching, hollie showed, record, hollie showed, lay down, on her side, God said, put it under, hollie showed her watch, bob go get janette, hollie said, God said, put it under, then sleep, hollie showed,