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    tree cutting can be dangerous-dream received 7-18-2022-in this dream, I or somebody else cut down all or some of this dead tree thats near garage, and it fell and as I saw it, I hoped it wouldnt hit garage but it did and garage came destroyed.
    new d.o.t. physical-dream received 7-18-2022-in this dream I was at clinic, possibly to take random drug screen, and woman was checking my blood pressure and I think I requested it, but in my heart I was going to ask her if blood pressure was low, if she will use it, I will get new d.o.t. physical.
    there are people that are traps that can destroy your soul-vision received 7-9-2005-In this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "trap".
    (294)will Jesus let me-vision received 7-9-2005-In this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "will you ever tell me".
    (295)visions of men and women-visions received 7-9-2005-In visions, I saw men and women and they said things like, "banrupt", "what about", "I'm going to the lake", "prophet backslide", "bomb the computers", "prophet can't help me", "russia", "I'm killed", "suicide", "the lake", "cause I blasphemed bobby", "you should have", "when I was praying for it", "I blew".

    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 2-27-28-2011-hollie screamed, showed, thats bob going to church, no said hollie, I showed i'm thru with it, away she showed, but later showed, its yes, shook head, wore, its uh dark red sweatshirt but head changed to, its him a she hollie said, but, hes dull blue, no expression but didnt look happy but took on, colors, thats hollie being thrown out, of, its, southside fellowship, she wore, its uh white plad coat, this the vision lets post, hollie said, showed, work, she said, thats the, reason, hollie said, its, looting, she said, another, hollie showed, turn, like lighted hollie, its under, said, worried, looking, hollie said, president barack obama, thats, hollie right there with, her gift, and russian missiles being launched, its they strike, hollie said, its him, she said, around america, burned, thats, many fires in, its russia, pointed, showed, a hollie, its him, but, hard to make out at first, its from barack obama, thats him angry, presses nuclear button, its launch missile angel appearing, and, its one hollie said, its trident, thats captain hollie, firing, its out of, she said, ohio class, submarine, write the vision, thats what you wanted, thats what you needed said he hollie, its the new marine corp. out in the streets, its looting, hollies said, thats angel gabriel guarding and he hollie, playing his music, you got someone he said, but body not very seen, this is warning, said, its him, said she hollie, when we hit russia, said, the, tap dancers, a, line of, its, hollie said another, she hollie, but many, but theres, its whole new world order, showed, hollie tap dancing, its popes, theres hu, hollie showed, you see that, its both beasts, then, she, relaxed, you see these two she said, hu I want you pope said, thats nuclear fire in, its russia and dragon, beast rising, its, from, there, pointed, hollie, china, its the king of the north coming against the south she said, thats nuclear fires in both lands, said, thats, its, the, pope and hu sitting at table with, its emperor of japan climbing out of, two horned red beast, with hu, thats hollie like red beast, then she laughed, clapped hands, showed, its 666 being signed for, born, she said, hollie danced, clapped like lighted hollie, russia wants website sang hollie, him she said, appeared, thats, hollie moodie playing his music but happy and fading quickly, you got some he said, thats bob having sex again, its with janette, hollie said, bam another said, hollie showed, record, showed lay down, had, its, lighted like hands but was happy, look, said, hollie, showed, eat, 3-4-2011-bob said, it hollie, another, said, Jesus said, showed, its, picture, pope she said, hollie rubbed his hands, together, showed, its tammy bundy, she would let you, thats bob and tammy having, its, anal sex, but, find her, God said, she lives in, its plainfield, indiana and hollie stamps, wearing, its, uh, red sweatshirt, but changes to, its him, like round head, hes blue with lighter color sweatshirt on, but his face not visible, but dimly appeared, hollie comes, out, happy, its uh, network she said, thats many missiles sailing, and them striking countries, burned with fire, its france, she, said, thats, two massive fires but theres four, its, him, she said, its in, akula class hollie said, thats what you wanted, need, she said, thats them showering, its russia, burned, a, big somewhat not seen hollie stamps, as italy and australia burns, but thats missiles from them striking, its russia, exploded, then mostly unseen hollie beats hand, its my hammer said, its JEsus, hollie said, showed, be quiet, still, she said, thats hollie, walking, into its, new wineskin ministries, its, in, indianapolis, hollie said, she wore uh, its red plad coat, had long brown hair, and, Gods hammering hollie beat hand again, like mostly unseen hollie but he appeared, hes like round head, but, like, its, peg fugure, hollie spoke, appeared, had on, its light colored plad coat, thats, hollie with nice hair, winking, bobby, she said, wore uh, long white robe, showed, both beasts, you see, these two she said, they will want to rule the world, hollie did say, bobby, dont, said, its, hollie, with nice hair, another, hollie did say, hollie showed, its, many nuclear rockets, flying, and, its, france and britain exploding, a missile takes off from, its italy hollie said, but a new one appeared, and, italy exploded and great britain burned, but thats all their submarines, and, its land based nuclear rockets striking, its russia, exploded, world, shook, its submarine warfare hollie said, its akula class thats what you wanted need, hollie spoke, all around america, thats fire breaking out all over america, and hollie puts missile there, many states exploded, its what you want said putin, Jesus tells bear, lets arise, devour, destroy that God spoke, thats world shaking and, three ribs appearing, bobby, and who are these, said, its hollie, she, said, hey, same o hollie said, its, cuba, nicaragua, mexico, appearing on ribs, and three captain hollies, appearing in their waters, with, its their red head gear on, but, one, different, its they shower, hollie did say, but thats, fire breaking out, its venezuela and brazil exploding, thats, missiles coming from their waters, striking, its america, exploded, but thats nicaragua, and, its mexico and latin america on fire, brazil exploded, thats missile sailing, striking, hey hollie spoke, its up, north, and, high country, thats greenland with nuclear fire, but nuclear rockets leave there, one strikes, its, moscow, exploded, hey hollie said, theres the other, striking deep in south america, exploded, near bottom, big major fire hollie points, world, shakes, and, thats, like blue faced beast rising, hey pointed, hollie, thats pope riding black horse, and, chinese forces, invade burning russia, thats, pope telling, hey its you, he said, to medvedev, points, drive them out, thats nuclear fire in russia and china, bobby you see these three woes, thats two hollie said, thats hegoat pontiff with kings coming out of his horns, thats ram with, its putins, face, thats kings coming out, of his horns, theres, hu hintao with flower, he tends to, thats putin and me said medvedev and pope, out of other, thats hegoat pontiff, smiting, charging ram, thats them three sitting at table, its peace treaty 666 being signed for, thats, bobby, hollie showed, two, one more woe left, thats hey pointed, hollie, its uh cloud of people to invade the land, hollie said, they run toward israel, lets unite and force said hintao, thats, missile leaving china, and many nuclear fires in, hey said hollie, its russia, thats china invading russia like cloud of people and making them, thats hook put in their jaw hollie, said, thats netanyahu, pressing the nuclear trigger hollie said, thats nuclear fires in, hey hollie said, its jordan, egypt, and syria, thats nuclear rocket, leaving, its moscow, which is on fire, hollie said, she saw missile, hollie rode, top, thats new ministry of dreams, website on bottom like angel man, i'm bebo ministryofdreams website, said, thats israel exploding and mountain splitting in twain, Jesus, stood on, thats jews being raptures, and beast and false prophet hu, being given to the flame, there you have it said hollie, thats three woes, then she flew up to meet happy Jesus, thats pope and hintao laughing in fire, they came out, with hollie, it dont hurt, they all said, he, made me pointed, hollie, its Jesus telling them, get into the fire, act like hurt, they all did, but pope goes crying to laughing, God appeared, with his angels, its, ministering hollies, bobby let me said hollie, stamped, thats post angel appearing with red, sweatshirt on like blue head, hollie drives her tank, with like golden lighted goggles, but changed to like white light goggles, godam said, it hollie said, same hollie but hair changed from brown to, its light she said, but, its him appearing with like pointy lighted hair, hollie danced, hollie screamy for, she said, screamed again, holllie showed, record, thats, its, she hollie in jeep, thats it climbing, both front wheels spinning, hey pointed, her, its, said, another, hollie, but both back wheels dont spin all the time, heres the reason, hollie did say, its, she looked at rear end, theres pressure on both wheels, but, theres, a gear that allows slippage, its to keep it from wearing, out, hollie said, put it under, hollie said, its still good, thats looting, hollie said, people running, hollie holding her gift right there with, janette darkly appears in background, its under, said hollie, barack trembles, economic collapse, thats angel guard gabriel guarding, hey hollie said, he wore uh, red plad coat, but scene changed, to hollie said, its him, like lit blue dull round head hollie, but hes happy, wore, plad red coat, hollie showed, record, showed, lay down, him uh she hollie said, but she stamped, and showed, bob git busy, she said, she wore uh red sweatshirt, but changed into him, hollie showed, just do something, whew let me post, said showed him, a she hollie said, its the beast appearing, let me correct me, its antichrist hollie said, pope hollie and God said, put it under hollie said, showed lay down again God said, she wore uh, changed into him, same sweatshirt said hollie coming out, red she said, showed zip lip, its a.a., bob you are angering the wrong people, put it under, said hollie and God on all, hollie showed buttin your lip, then showed lay down, i spoke it Jesus said, bob its new wineskins, dont worry about them, thats mark brown, he wont care hollie spoke, put it under hollie said, showed be quiet, she wore uh red sweat shirt she said, but she changed into him like uh unhappy light round head hollie, she said, go home this is hollie moodie said uh she hollie, he played his music hollie and God said, you got written up hollie moodie said, but he changed said uh she hollie, played his music God said,