If your run into me, chances are I will try to have sex with you

  • if you could make a million bucks off your body, would you?

  • Look at how beautiful my body became after God's Spirit entered into it!

    new d.o.t. physical-in this dream on 2=19-2022, I saw me holding a new d.o.t. physical, and it was good for 2 years, and I was talking in my heart, and maybe wanting to turn it into my trucking company.
    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 11-27-2011-hollie told their aint no heaven, sang, its, doreen, hollie said, God said, and hollie, theres kristina, hollie bit lid off, showed, its ignition switch, raise your hands and repeat after me, hey, its, theres Gods new hammo hollie said, sang, blue colored, but hollie worked on, its ignition switch, thats hotwire, bob do, she said, get fred, hollie screamed, then just turned head a little, wasnt looking, seemed like in pain, another, hollie showed, bob, get up, work, thats, bob going to job, hollie just waited, another comes running out, raise your hands and repeat after me, hey, its, theres Gods new hammo, he sang, was gray, some hair, raise your hands and hands and repeat after me, hey its theres Gods new hammo singing, om the m.v., hollie said, fleas comes out, white in mouth, another, he hollie points, angry looking, but got happy, theres m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, hilter sad over, but, hollie showed, turn, but, its, him, he hollie showed, keep going straight, tear up, red round like hands, their gloved, thats outlined, lighted, its slots hollie said, showing, fingers in gloves, hollie showed, lay down, bob thats you and janette, she, wore plad coat, working, its labor force, hey, its theres Gods new hammo, now has brown hair, happy, put it under, hollie showed, lay down, hammo's face blue, 11-28-2011-bob, hollie said, God said, he will fix your face, its now, they both said, JEsus works on, raise your hand and repeat after me, sang, its, theres Gods new hammo, blue now, this is uh warning, right here, golden face jumpy hollie, appears, long brown hair, hey bobby, another, said, nice brown hair herself but head round and face somewhat seen, its janette, bob thats you fucking again, but shes, wanting, more, its, you and her walking together, but its really, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie said, its marriage, you two will never separate, Gods hammo, blue face, thinning hair, thats janette calling bob, raise your hands and repeat after me, hey, theres Gods new hammo, its, hollie said, thats, moodie playing music, but only partial face appeared, hes making sound, its keyboards, you see these, these are electronic hollie said, acted like pulling sleeves up, head turned to side but, its him, wait she said, he had, light face, caught it, red sweatshirt on, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted face, hand, but showed, eat, hollie scream, I need somebody to, pay me, its moodie said, looking worried, its raise your hands and repeat after me, hey theres Gods new hammo, happy moodie said, showed, go inside, hollie drove, its spacesaucer, drove like car, with, its, raise your hair and repeat after me, its hollie and, hey, theres Gods new hammo, like light face, find hair growth, put on, it works, hollie showed, turn, then the other, way, but, a he hollie appeared, white face, showed, same way but thats him with partial golden face, showing, go to speedway hollie showed, get drink, hollie showed, turn, its him, she hollie said, that, hollie like nigger said, its raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, thap, Gods hammo appeared but didnt, sing that time, but face blue, but some white in later, its three ohio class hollie said, and, thats, china burning, its he, him hollie, sailing, its rocket flying saucer, diving, taiwan burned, hollie came out, wondered, was that moodie, thats hintao and, hollie battling, light swords, its, washington state, thats another, hollie, flying out, its old double wing air fighter jet, she showed, pilots gear on, light face, thats her bombing ship, diving, showed, its repelled, thats hintao with red horse, hollie thought to turn, its him, showed, go, straight, thats the horn, sireen, hollie said, he, hollie pressed, hollie showed, lay down, but clapped hands, but got back up, eyes still closed, but opened, but she faded somewhat, 11-2-2011-let me record, hollie said, bob thats you and janette in same bed, hollie showed, done, just watch, wait, hollie said, bob, God said, i'm working it out, its, uh matter of time, heres the sign, thats where janettes living, him yelling at her, and, her takinb but leaving, its bob, thats where she goes, God said, hollie saw Jesus inside of hollie, another, like, holy Ghost filled hollie, another, hollie came back, shes been gone, lets, see, she said, laughed, but changed into him, burgundy sweatshirt on, bob thats you running janette, its to see parole officer, then, thats you meeting, and, thats when you two tie the knot again, hollie, did, its self dermabrasion, bobby it works, it will take even them out, but, its take time, put it under, hollie showed, bobby sleep but she got back up, hollie, you see, she said, burgundy sweatshirt on, its self dermabrasion, but it left uh massive sore, thats smooth skin after sore heals, bobby she said, do it slot, it takes, hollie thought, burgundy sweatshirt on, but, hey theres Gods new hammo like, hes, blue face, kneck, like, hammer he hammo, showed, its both beasts, theres, its hu hintao, hollie showed, new world order carriage, black, on one side, thats pope, on it, and hintao on red, its spacesorem, hollie said, he hollie diving down, its into, over that, taiwan, which errupted into fire, and hollie moodie played drum, hey theres Gods new, hollie said, hammo, the angel said, thats, hollie battling, its hu hintao, washington state, light swords, another, hollie flys, out, blank, face, but eyes seen, showed, its world war two, plane, but, one, two wings, its like one that sank, thats bismarck holding nose going down, thats many shells hitting, thats them scuttling, front part of ship blows off, its captain doing, thats hollie bombing chinese, ship, its repelled, showed, hands but rest of hollie appeared, now bobby she said, you see, fix your face, thats, hollie, showed, excercise, you see hollie said, showed, its pope, hollie show, write the vision, another, said, turn, but hand went just white from golden, tear up, hollie showed, but she put back, fisted light hand and big like red hand but rest of hollie not seen but appeared, light in mouth, another came out, red sweatshirt on, he wonders, she, moved mouth, hollie looked to turn, but showed, keep going, hand appeared, golden light like pure gold, big hand, its uh burgundy sweatshirt on, its highbaugh hammer angel appearing, its, nigger hollie said, but dressed nice, bob its uh religious family, hollie said, thats you fucking janette, its in pooper, its, hollie dreaded telling, but spoke with Jesus nigger, burgundy sweatshirt on, like bluish gray pants, soon, hollie showed, turn, big lighted hand, watch me, God said, thats Jesus, burgundy sweatshirt on, like grayish pants, light gray, looking at, its, hey theres Gods new hammo on, its internet, promoting, no heaven and hell, and God now being mocked, thats children laughing, bob you told it, hollie said, hollie showed, time, white clothes on, put one hand on other arm, hollie showed, turn, showed, bob go to walmart, phone hollie said, its white hollie, i'm screamin for this reason, hollie said, but, turned into golden bear, burgundy sweatshirt on, its hand, showing, trap her, phone angel said, coming out, like, angelic being, dull bluish color, thats janette, its hickman, hollie said, shes emenegger but both, do it under, hollie showed, sleep, leave it alone, thats what you wanted hollie said, but hollie that explains appeared, its him coming out, white face, somewhat only partial face but white light, its uh red burgundy sweatshirt on, it changed, hollie that explains, white appeared, in mouth, like she opened, thats Jesus hollie said, like lighted cat, showing, turn, big dark hand, another hollie comes out, mostly light white face, sweatshirt, dark red colors, changing, God his hand only had three fingers but another appeared when he moved, hey where did the rest of him go, los angeles is on fire said hollie, loose belt some, she said, but, Jesus appeared, hey she said, thats, nuclear fires along both coasts, and submarines all around america, but hey she said, thats rocket leaving, center of america, striking, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, thats many fires in russia and more missiles coming, hey she said, thats four british subs, firing on russia, exploded, world shook but britain burned, and fires appeared, its the nuclear g8, hollie said, countries burning, thats canada, she said, exploding but its round head amber angel appeared, happy, he chant, hollie showed, its them, many, him, its, their on uh hill, its dark but some light shined, their all over but one amber she hollie came out, looking back but changed into, its him wearing maids clothes, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, remove video, its he hollie, she hollie showed, lay down, but wait uh minute, she said, got back up, its janette knocking at door, its, she looked at watch, its about three in the morning, its to stay, watch, bob, hollie showed, eat, 11-3-2011-hollie showed time, white clothes on, hey, its, him, he hollie, a she one said, pointed, nice bushy hair, bobby hollie said, its raise your hands and repeat after me, janette comes over tonight, red plad shirt on, its long, pulls sleeve up, shes bitchy, but thats bob, just be nice hollie said, sex soon, just watch, she wants, he, money, its loot, hollie said, dont give it but, thats bob fucking janette in the rear hollie said, put it under, hollie sleep, showed, sand out, its wrinkles, lines, it works, but hey bob be careful, thats big sore, its, takes weeks, to heal, hey hollie said, theres Gods new hammo showing, hes like light angelic being, thats many children, its looking, stamps, hollie, burgundy sweatshirt on, at facebook, same angel comes out, there he is in facebook profile picture but, hey hollie said, its changing, no, hollie said, I showed, om thru, she said, burgundy sweatshirt on but shook yes, its, the economy, God said, hey theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, running with, like, lighted angelic angel man, hes tall, looking back, like, hollie thought, suprised, people, its looting, but, hollie with barack makes anouncement, its under economic hardships, barack said, thats, Jesus sprinkling, lets rule the world, putin, said, and, rest of God appeared, it was uh dream, thats, the vision, hollie said, came out, showed, its pioneer sx-780, thats, power meters, moving, God showed, dont go much over one watt, thats loud enough, hollie said, the other just looked at, walked away, burgundy sweatshirt on, but never made eye contact till at last, hollie showed, its wall to wall contact, facebook angel appeared, happy like, hey theres Gods new hammo hollie said, see she said, cliked one button, and thats hitting all at same time, hollie showed turn, while driving, its burgundy sweatshirt on, bob hollie said, coming out, pulling sleeves, up, showed its video, its, hollie thought, raise your hands and repeat after me, thats, children watching, laughing, God looking, at, getting angry, its i'm jelous, God said, hollie, its, him, he hollie, pointed, turn, new him, Jesus out of the whirlwind, hollie said, where were you, he hollie claps, happy, but only, upper part of body seen, hey, another, hollie said, he, did something with hands but rest not seen but was there, theres that submarine, hollie said, long nose, its him, two hollies, one, her its, both nigger, she said, thats three, its ohio class, hollie, said, claps, face lit up, laughs, china burned, and he we saw, casey said, other side, of world, its him, he hollie, battling hintao, light swords but they disappeared, hollie flew out, its, world war one fighter jet, she was dressed like pilot, but turned into, its him, laughed, like egg head, pilots cap on, thats him diving, bombing ship, plane disappeared, bobby, hollie said, he said, jumpy hollie said, but she was running in place, busy, golden monkey lips, write the vision, casey claps, sattelite looks down, like angel face coming out, its, receiving and sending signals, thats, its war, putin, said, many armies waking up, its dark hollie showed, but only partly seen, bob its janette, thats her sleeping, living with, at, its your moms stamps, hollie, write the vision, make it plain, hollie did say, showed, leave it alone, its furnace appearing, and angel coming out, showing, leave me alone, bobby furnace showed, I work, dont fix, 10-7-2011-hollie showed time, white clothes, put one hand on other arm, I slapt, she said, thats bob and janette, its in your church, hollie said, in the same bed, thats them having, its anal sex, and, theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, God said, like uh ghost man, showed, bobby its car, start more often, drive he said, thats hollie, driving, its dodge aries k, hollie said, put it under, hollie showed, be still, bobby dont hang around, its, hollie, did say, thats hollie driving, its old dominion truck but seems like scene is not all the way there, thats man looking at bobs e-mail, we, want ya, he thought, stay, be cool, he said, knows bobs done it before, but hey, hes uh terminal manager, thats bob meeting with, its sam, hes not really caring, but they laugh, have fun, thats bob working at, its old dominion, and janette, shes at home, bobby please go home hollie said, showed, its the number 70,000 but not there, when, shown, bob its how much you'll make a year, its at old dominion stamped hollie but, a, its him, came out, where did she go, bobby change your oil, hollie said, thats angelhead coming out of van, showing, happy but then, showing, grease, watch, dont waste, thats hollie recycling oil, its at autozone, hollie showed, she worked with uh little, its, i'm the beast, pope, it he appeared, hollie said, showed, its guestbook ministryofdreams, its o, fleas said, not seen, but did appear, had nice hair but upper teeth seen, what did she say, hollie said, its i'm the beast pope said, its putin, hollie said, both, they are the antichrist, hollie said, you see she said, its idol shepherd, its pope with slash in his face, its red, its hu hintao slashing, thats, its, pope gathered there in israel with his armies and its, lets unite and force this hintao said, its nuclear explosion in russia, hintao riding his red horse, thats chinese armies advancing and its forcing russia to invade israel, thats netanyahu pressing, its nuclear controls, thats nuclear fires, its jordan, egypt, and syria, their angels coming out, thats missile leaving russia, with, thats like bluish thing riding bottom, but changed into hollie, then she appeared, clapped, showed, eat, hollie screamed, its, the, septic tank, angel hollie said, came out but hollie came out to, thought, changed into him then blank face herself, i'm the septic tank, clean he said, heres how, hollie got rid-x, and put in, she looked better, dressed nice, hollie showed, turn, amber hand but another showed, keep going straight, no hand but it appeared, out of darkness, was, there but like, shut up, hollie said, pulling hands apart, sh, dont tell them she said, bob, hollie said, thats your crowd, dont worry, she said, hollie screamed, showed, its septic tank on box, she treated, but, changed everything, its septic tank toilet paper, and, thats paper towells, their septic tank, to, put it under, do it right, hollie said, septic tank angel appeared, like angry but was afraid, but, its you took care of, hollie showed, lay down, its, him, coming out, its uh dark scene but he had red sweatshirt on, went, burgundy, thats, hollie came out, its him, bob and janette in church in the basement, thats, its, leave the hornet alone, hollie said, its u.s.s. hornet, and, its hollie flying, its japanese zero, they, bombed, it God said, there it is he said, still in pretty good shape God said, but its uh graveyard, the Lord, and hollie said, did say, hollie showed, turn, its, hollie driving, its old dominion, she showed, big white hand, but bobby she, thought, they will hire, your what they wanted but, thats bob, not happy, its because, come on, said, its new world order apostolic church, angel round head coming out of, hollie that explains, smiled for the first time but went back to normal appearance, 2-27-2011-bobby, said, it, hollie said a, new one, she hollie spoke, but, she wore her red sweatshirt, and went about her own buisness, God said, boo chanted, its him, a happy she hollie came out, had mouth, opened, its Jesus hollie said, showed, popes picture, tear up, hollie said, showed, thats dark red color in tears, or its brown she said, put back, but, rip, it never got put back hollie showed, thats hand agin showing, you did not need him, it hollie said, its hollie showed, theres black background, pointed, hollie, and lighted outline with, its him in, but theres, hollie, her body not seen, 3-21-2011-theres hand agin, it showed hollie said, you did not need it, its hollie showed said, she forced hand out to do vision, but hollie in hand laughed, we wanted to do it he said, now lets see, theres lighted outline, theres dome in with him in, hand touched water, thats america said hollie, on fire, and sixth seal, it opened hollie said, bobby come back, they all wanted, said this is hollie, a he one a she hollie said, book, said, it Jesus, it was born today, a hidden hollie said, its called she said, the ministry of dreams, and angel came out of word, i'll she ya what to call book, he said, its visions of the three woes, a he hollie said, whats that hollie, its she hollie, its at grace apostolic church, working on her laptop computer, its uh cellphone she said, while sitting in the crowd God said, whats that hollie said, its crowd at a.b.s.a. Hollie, but was new one God said, whats that hollie, said, its Gods new hammer billy appearing like uh blue hollie, but dresses cute a she hollie said, in like jeans, loose shirt she said, Let me post, it hollie a she hollie said, she showed work on laptop computer, he showed work on phone she said, its uh laptop computer she said, that hollie said, its ten horns, that hollie said, its pope coming out ot one, its that hollie said, another hollie showed drink coffee, bob, hollie, said, whew, let me, she, said, showed, biting mouth, showed, eat something, thats bobs kneck fixed but took time, hollie showed, thru with it, no, thats hand, agin, showing, you did not need it, its, it, hollie did convey, spoke, she said, its, hollie showed, hollie comes out, looks, hands got lighted outline, and, dark background scenery, but, hand, showed, its, o.k., theres dome in, with, its him in, uh she hollie, did convey, bob, you got lucky agin, hollie spoke, like, white gloved like, hand showed, nobody there, to, suspect ya, hollie did convey, thats, her, looking in, its dumpster, and, I stamp, hollie, said, scene quickly changes and, thats, new ministry of dreams, angel appearing, its facebook group ministryofdreams angel and Gods hammer hollie appearing with orange hair, he, transformed, but, happy again, bob you got to many ministry of dreams, hollie spoke, thats a room full of, its ministry of dreams websites, hollie showed, book, its, visions of the three woes and pope and his armies appear, its right there, showed, hollie, gathered in israel, theres false prophet hu hintao and his armies, gathered right behind there, she said, lets unite and force, hintao said, wow, hollie spoke, did convey, thats, nuclear explosion in, russia, hollie saw missile streaking from china, then many, thats many nuclear fires, in, its moscow, russia, all over it, hollie said, thats hintao, slashing, its popon, hollie spoke, thats, its, benjamin netanyahu pressing nuclear button, thats rockets firing, and angel rising, rides one, thats nuclear fires in, its egypt, jordan, and syria, smoke rose, shew we, hollie said, this is, how nuclear stench smells she showed, spoke with angel, thats, rocket leaving, russia with, its, beast with seven heads and ten horns on it, thats pope coming out of, one, but, his head wounded, thats italy and belusconi appearing, God, said, theres kings of, mexico and thats, hintao appearing, thats, putin, appearing as one head, lets rule, the world, he, spoke, did, convey, hollie, said, thats three ribs appearing in his mouth and bear coming out, but thats missile streaking toward, its, israel, exploded, thats Jesus standing on, its, what divided, them, it hollie said, thats the land of israel, divided, into, its one showed, new hollie, with, its like gloved hand, but, hes new, God showed, theres palestinian state, right there, thats ben netanyahu, its gaza forsaken, thats, fire in palestinian state, its coming from that, hollie said, its, submarine, its, hollie got word from God, u.s.a., thats nuclear fires in iraq, hollie saw, lets rule the world, said, putin, thats one woe hollie said, pointed new he hollie with lighted gloved hand, the battle of armegeddon, hollie looked at God, lets git word, he said, thats woe, number two, its hegoat, popus, hollie did convey, appeared, with lighted goat horns, and kings coming out, thats hintao out of one with, his flower, thats, its putin and, medvedev and pope out of other, hollie said, theres ram with, its, o vladimir again hollie did convey, his face and them kings coming up out of, its the land of russia, hollie said, thats, nuclear fires in russia, thats, fires in china, its they exchange hollie did, spoke, convey, she, said, thats, pope sitting at table and, red beast with hintao and its, empy again, hollie did convey, coming out, emperor of japan, thats 666 peace treaty being signed, its against, for, the, king of, the north and south hollie spoke, its take it, said, pope, hintao walks away, we wont, he spoke, but, thats man with 666 tattood on forehead, and hollie tattoos, thats popes little image on, its finger and, on chest, his face tattood on arm, its visible hollie said, thats hand with, 666 on it, and, many buys, its beer hollie did convey, he leaves hollie at checkout counter, new, he hollie, but, he, was, happy, hollie showed, turn, showed, hey bob, go git drink, thats her, its him she said, coming out, drinking, bob your kneck fixed hollie did speak, conveyed, and vision of woe number three hollie spoke, did convey, thats ten horns, hollie came out, he, showed, like, its, ten tripods, thats, pope coming out of, one, its putins, hollie said, then, medvedev appeared, there with, with bob hollie showed, eat something, thats the beast with seven heads and ten horns, its thats, you see these hollie said, these will rise against the land of u.s.a. hollie did convey, thats your hand agin, showing, you did not need it, its, hollie showed, theres dome in, with, its him in with orange, hair, and lighted outline, black background scenery, thats popes image appearing, on, its hand, bob go to a.b.s.a. hollie said, thats her sitting in, at, its grace apostolic church, but crowd not there yet, she wore plad coat, thats, eight kings in cart, MYSTERY, BABYLON is fallen hintao said, lets rule the world, putin, said, its bye me, thought stunned mexican president but hugo smiles, but doesnt want, lula, and, nicaraguan president and castrol, are, stout, but, lets put it there, he, spoke, signs deal with medvedev then, their heads appear on three ribs in putuins mouth, thats, its tripod, hollie did convey, three submarines appearing in their waters, its akula class bobby, thats what you want, needed said, new jumpy hollie, thats them firing many, rockets and, its gulf coasts states of america burning, and, fire all, the way around america, thats russian submarines appearing all over, all around and many states burn, but thats angry barack obama with his toothpick in with nuclear button, thats, its massive hollie spoke, fire in russia and many more, thats captain hollie, in, its, ohio class submarines, its they shower, another, hollie said, thirty seven of them, thats, them striking all over russia, which errupted into fire, thats, woe number one hollie said, its the day of the Lord and the sixth seal opening, and, the smoke from them two burning rising up, its bobby we're, abased, said, moon, looking thru smoke, but got blocked, i'm said sun, appearing with moon but suns face disappeared, but started reappearing, in red outline, thats them sitting at, its Gods interviewing, table, i'm said sun but moons nose started appearing, Jesus rubbed his forehead, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries burning, and fire in venezuela, and brazil, its major hollie said, thats cuba appearing with nuclear fires, its three of them, thats france burning and their submarines, chirac presses nuclear controls, thats russia, burning, hollie showed, its, day of the Lord and great britain burned, hollie showed, go, space, said, hollie, thats, new hollie, flying, its spacesoarer she hollie, said, rocket, its, jet, propelled, thats him flying, but not, seen, this time, hollie screamin for this reason, they, want nobody saved, screamed again, its false pastors appearing, many of them, in line, started tap dancing, but stopped, there it is, said, Jesus, people running and, its looting hollie said, angel there with his gift, red plad coat on, but changed, barack obama announcing, its under economic collapse, barack said something else, dreading, Jesus sprinkles, like, mostly hidden Jesus, and, bear arises, lets devour that God said, bear looked at america, its nuclear n.a.t.o. lands, looks, back at God, agrees, tell me about, the vision of, hollie tap dancing, she, said, you got war, he hollie said, with partial hidden face playing his music, God said, hollie showed, turn, big hand, lighted hand, prophet hickman hollie showed, to be easy, hollie wrote on his hand, said, another, hollie, but, there, it was simb, she, conveyed, said, hollie, showed, its, old one, its, dodge volare station wagon, spun tire, thats angelic hollie in plymouth voyager van, bob fix, she said, thats hollie fixing, its rear end axle, she, said, thats her putting stuff in, then drove, lets motor she said, had on goggles, she said, go, two, she hollies, they did convey, hollie spoke, showed, seal it up, she said, jumpy hollie, said, showed, fill taperecorder, up, of, just uh little more, hollie screamed, but stopped, just looked, then screamed, heres uh warning, said, he hollie, hollie showed, eat, this is uh warning, said, it hollie, showed, eat the, chocolate drops, thats, one turning into, its, angel, hollie did convey, i'm the chocolate drop, hollie showed, post the vision, remember me, said, hollie, theres, hand agin, hollie said, its the hand that showed, you did not need him she spoke, its hollie showed, but hand is, thats, ordained, hollie said, hand is now ministering spirit on, its, showed, hollie, body hidden but appeared, big lighted hand, ministry of dreams, and, the ministry of dreams angel, appeared, hand showed, turn, but hollies body appeared, later, light in mouth, its blue but another hollie just stood there at first, its new, a she hollie said, she hollie did convey, she said, thats, hollie sitting at, its alcoholics anonymous, meeting, shirt unbuttoned, she reclined, another, hollie spoke, thats people laughing, cause of what hollie said, but, after laugh they, Jesus entered in, and, the ministry of dreams website angel, like dinosaur head, peeped in, loved, you Jesus said, thats many shaft red fingers pointing at hollie, hollie shoveled in the visions, feeding websites, and, thats room full of ministry of dreams websites, o, it, said, hollie, placed her hand over her mouth, there deformed, she said, all had spots, hollie showed, lay down, but still awake, got back up, thats geese circling, bobby we, want you, one said, hollie said, they were golden, right back here tomorrow, they flew but turned normal,