God led me to sex ministry of Going into my body

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If you could have one thing right now, what would it be. Do you think it may have good or bad rewards.
dream of me wrecking my semi truck-received about january of 2021-in this dream, I was driving, and adjusting my mirror in traffic. when mirror turned. I saw I was making contact with a red car. I kept going, untill I was forced to stop because maybe area I was in was fenced, and couldnt get passed. other person in wreck followed me, and we talked. I dont know who was at fault. in another dream. I saw me driving a lasar spot truck.

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warning dream to keep mouth shut-dream received 11-2022-theres a woman that works at gas station, shes called me a pervert, and my wife a thing. in dream I told her something like I should have got you fired for calling my wife a thing. I woke up. didnt feel any better. glad I shut mouth the ministering spirit hollie-vision received 9-2-2011-hollie points, its boon, they chanted, its, them, hollie and God said, their on uh hill, many he hollies, but whats that, hollie said, its, amber colored she hollie coming out of one, put it under, hollie said, she looked back, hollie showed, turn, bob she said, showed, drink, thats her drinking, then, pope appeared, lighted hand pointed, thats, pope in fire, he, it, was blue around but hollie showed, there, she said, him, red hot fire, happy, i'm his caregiver said, short pointy hat, but changing colors, round like head, big opened mouth, bob I miss you hollie said, hollie moodie played his music, its, she, hollie, coming out, showing, his face was going blank but changing back, its he made me, thats Jesus, at right instant, thats he hollie appearing, happy, but going like, blue, white outline, Jesus sends hollie out at right moment and she does visions, laughs, bob loves it, and I, stamp, hollie said, theres Gods hammer appearing, like, its round, new, dot like head, going up, light trail behind, hollie laughs coming out, its bobs church, she showed, its angel coming out of front part like angel part of building, face as big as building, almost, happy, but he had a light hammer, was, hammering, that, hollie said, churches falling, hollie came back down, showed, many churches sinking, some all the way under, that agin, hollie said, hollie showed eat, something, she was, white, showed, bobby wait, thats, Jesus prayed, and Father appearing, like happy Ghost Father man, hollie slapt his face, again, but, not heard this time, sh hollie said, hollie showed, leave, showed, its door, red finger, bobby dont hollie said, thats girl, shes mocking you, now, terror, thats hollie with Jesus inside, now, she knowed, changed into, casey then the main, hollie showed, turn, but another came out, stunned, hand over mouth, white in mouth, hollies hand not seen but it appeared, blue like, in, like bag, white and, its, dull, white outlines, when ya going to eat hollie said, showed, eat, but then to wait, bobby its light of the world, hollie said, showed, its christian church, thats part of, building, like light outline, and dark background, its for witches, hollie said, these chanted boo, its him, she said, and her, many he, hollies, their on, its level, but same he hollie spoke there with, hollie showed, lay down, darkness, light hand, face, that she said, lay down, agin, she said, face started going blank, thats bob telling on, its Jesus, he laughs, then, its, jelous strikes bob, but its to late this time, bob brings Jesus to tears, hollie held up the sign, plad coat on, hollie showed, turn, 2-20-2011-in this vision while walking, I saw hollie, but dimly like not clear and she said, "bob", and may have looked worried.

babylon is america-dream received 2-20-2011-in this dream, which I did not record, but, remember a person talking, maybe to a woman, and he told babylon was america, and then I spoke with perhaps a woman, and told her, something like, "see, he said it right here", and I know those where not the words, but, like that, and I saw hollie night vision maybe turned to side in vision and she told it was a night visions, and said, 'dreams' and wore dress like white light skirt.

the holy Ghost showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and many prophetic scenes and the ministering spirits told what was going on-2-24-25-26-?-bobby dont hollie said God said, put it under lets work i said, its hollie, come on spoke, said, its hollie she said, looked uh little worried, concerned she, showed and i stamp she, beat hand, but its him she said, appeared like round head hollie but not quite, similar to egg, his head blue, was happy, hollie sceamed, again but not heard, she wore uh, and hand stamped hollie said, red plad coat, like light dot head hollie came out, this is website please post, said it hollie she said, came out but like drawing, had mouth open, hollie showed turn like lighted hollie, she showed turn again but hand not seen but was there, another hollie came out, theres blue, she said, showed it was new world order cart, this the vision hollie spoke, thats its pope in cart with hu hintao, pope had reins hollie said, theres putin, let me he said, worried, pope shakes alright, hollie flys, its spacesoarem rocket, Jet hollie said, uh she dropped bomb, its america below exploding, submarines appearing all around, its akula class thats what you want needed, hollie said, thats both american coasts burning, and angry barack obama appears, and missile left america, its russia burning, and its one massive, one massive explosion hollie and Jesus said, and many more, thats four captain hollies, its british vanguard class she said, stamped, but face not seen, but was there, thats russia burning, its they shower hollie said, but thats its great britain exploding, and missiles leave there striking, its russia, exploded, another hollie appears, and something changed, she hollie said, that is hollie moodie right there, said uh she hollie, he appeared, its twice a she hollie said but face somewhat silhouette, hollie and God said, it the first time, she said, prophet hickman raise your hands and repeat after me, its hollie said uh she hollie, another hollie said but she was blue, But started taking on colors, reappeared Jesus did to, its hollie said, hollie pointed turn like new hollie, had like egg head, it was white light, a she hollie came out, she wore uh red sweatshirt but same he hollie reappeared but had dull blue head and suit on, hollie showed record and i stamp she said God said, thats angel rising, its post angel hollie said like happy angel, showed i'm the ministry of dreams, but changed colors and face went to just light, color from a dull dingy color, hollie came out, wearing its uh red plad sweatshirt, prophet said hollie like animal hollie said she hollie, but he was ble, showed popes picture, thats oil angel, hollie showed keep using, its still good, hollie checked with her hands, but body disappeared, but coat, Appeared, she checked but then oil disappeared in white hand, its oil said Jesus, that will lead to armegeddon, come on said hollie showed eat, he said jumpy hollie said, leaped, hollie wept bitter tears, but face not clearly seen God said hollie said, this is uh warning hollie said another hollie said but a partial hollie pointed, she was blue hollie said, appeared later, but wore its uh dark red sweatshrt, God said, and i stamp she said, avenger hollie comes out, like new avenger hollie, its he transformed she hollie said, hollie showed turn like new hollie, has like oval shaped lighted head, but another, him said uh she hollie, showed keep going has red bear paws, tear up hollie said, showed its popon hollie said, thats hollie moodie playing his music, you want me, a she hollie said, you want it he said, but face somewhat silhouette, thats van halen, panama, it still sells, hollie said but hollie moodie played it differently she said, whew let me said, it hollie said another, hollie clapped her hands like uh lighted hollie, she said, both hollies said God said jumpy hollie helped, bobby, said, it hollie, she said, but, showed, be quiet, God will fix ya, she said, thats Jesus doing plastic surgery, hollie said, God said, on bobs face, put it under, hollie, said, showed, be quiet, and leave, she said, thats hollie leaving, wearing, its uh, she said, red plad coat, and, I stamp, she said, scene changes, to, its him in, a new avenger hollie, hollie and God said, spoke, hollie said, like blue face, got happy, the marine corp. out in, the streets said HOllie, screamed, but didnt move mouth, another, hollie came out, showed, bob, thats popes image on her, finger, she wore uh, dark red sweatshirt, and scene changed, with, avenger hollie like cloudy thunderstorm type scene but not quite, just his head God said, hollie answered the phone, prophet, she said, its looting, said, its, your angel, hollie said, like white man, barack shakes head, smiles, and adjusts tie, hollie came out, showed, its under economic collapse, had megaphone appear in hand, thats its him out like round head hollie, had pink color, whats hollie screamin for, clapped the tap dancers said many hollies, look, she said, its the, king of grecia with, theres hu hintao hollie said, thats false prophet, hollie danced like rocky horror picture show, hey, pointed, another, hollie coming, out, it was brand new hollie, shes been here before, she said, prophet hickman said, it hollie said, two, hollies, and, it, him she said, came out, like round blue face, happy, prophet, said, it hollie another, hollie wearing red sweat shirt said, and blue, new he hollie comes out, showed, its pope, he had blue teeth, its tear up, fix it, said another, she hollie, wearing, its dress, was, has, gold in, hollie said, and theres white, but first hollie happy, tell me vision, said, many hollies tap dancing, hollie showed, it she said, lay down, but happy, wore, its uh dark red sweatshirt, but scene changed, its, him in, she said, its, avenger hollie transforming but happy, he smiled, said uh she hollie but she was changed, bobby another, hollie said, let me said, hollie, bob says, theres, going to be economic collapse in the u.s.a., food shortages, social security collapse, no pension, hollie says, hold it there, a man taps on bob, dont say that, he said, it was at, bob was at, hollie spoke, wore dark red sweatshirt but changed blue, its him appearing in like blue faced hollie but changed to normal he hollie, like group, at room, people were leaving as bob pointing, saying, God said, hollie showed, turn, it was him said two she hollies, that was hollie showing, take it easy, like uh lighted hollie said two she hollies, it was him she said God said, it was, pioneer, said uh she hollie, showed, it was tall, I measured, not like others, but it had blue signal strength meter, its like, that said hollie, but changed into, its him said she hollie, mostly hidden but was there, pioneer sx-780, with power meters moving, it was dream showed, night vision, hollie, God said, spoke, hollie said, boo chanted, its said she hollie, showed, him, both there together, God spoke, hollie said, that was, geese circling, hollie said, like amber, she said, bobby we want you back here tomorrow one said, with amber, fin, pointed, down, but changed normal, its me, said she hollie, did say, tell me about the website clapped the tap dancers, thats, ministry of dreams, pointed hollie, like blue angel face,

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  • 6-17-2011-that, showed, hollie said, its facebook child, like, that, hollie said, laughing dionsaur head angel, hollie points, comes out, its, that, she, said, his teeth, boo, hollie pointed, its that, she said, many, him, she said, he hollies, their on uh hill, she said, that, hollie, did convey, that hollie said, it was beast rising, that, hollie and doreen said, doreen winked but changed, it was pope hollie said, like happy angel man but round head, that hollie said, did convey, no, babyfleas said, shook, wore, its uh, red sweatshirt, but, Gods hammer, appeared, like, angelic being hollie, theres no form, hollie said, to his head, just, its like dull blue, maybe another, color in, hollie said, shook, that, hollie, said, she held her sign, that, doreen, said, hollie walks around, its downtown indianapolis, happy, that doreen said, but, its, he hollie appearing, sign reads, thats Jesus inside bobby, hollie said, thats, hollie with, Jesus inside, that, showing, its that, hollie said, that, hollie said, thats, her sleeping at home, laying down, its uh white robe, on, that, hollie said, but, face changed, went mostly unseen, hollie climbed up, its crane, a she hollie said, him she, said, thats him at, top, tada, he said, did say, boo, chanted, hollie, said, him, he, hollies, she, said, their on uh hill, hollie pointed, but he had orange hair, winked eyes, hollie showed, its, paul simon, still singing, thats, theres hand agin, hollie said, showing, you did not need him, hollie said, its hollie, showed, theres dome in, with, its him in, kind of happy, has all teeth, most showing, brown hair, but hair, hollie showed post, its uh cellphone laptop computer, a she one said God said, with hollie Jesus said, put it under, hollie said, sh Jesus said, hollie showed lay down, it was him a she hollie said, hollie held up her sign, thats hollie with Jesus inside, God like Ghost God hollie, hollie said, put it under she said, hollie showed sign the lease, had pen and plad coat on, bobby let she said, put it under, thats hollie walking with her sign, it said, states hollie said, Jesus showed cut it off, face appeared on, looking, no expression but maybe stunned, hollie raked in the, money, its good for me, she, conveyed, had red, plad coat, on, was happy, whew let me, hollie, did say, you need, to, record, me, thats, the, man, shaking, yes, hollie said, did convey, he will abide by the terms of the lease agreement, hollie showed, its lease, fill it out accurately she showed, record me, hollie said, showed, bobby, he, will do it, right, hollie showed, turn, then again, lighted, golden, hand, bobby, hollie said, he wanted it, you, wanted to, much, they said, but, they do God said, sign anyway, and, let me hollie said, Jesus watches, you fool God said, its to the new pastor, his crowd dies quick, they abandon God said, hollie showed, turn, lighted, golden hand, but, another hollie showed, turn, the, other, way but hand not seen but arm like uh bear, Im uh bear hollie said, tear up, hollie said, showed, its popes picture, hes happy but, kind of, cocky, please record me, said hollie, but hollie like bear appeared, its, he hollie, a, she one, said, he, scavaged, its, for food, hollie said, thats, HOLLIE climbing into dumpster, he finds, a she one said, God said, hollie showed turn, with a bear arm, another, he, she hollie did say, but another, one hollie showed, theres hand agin, showing, you did not need it hollie said, its hollie showed, hollie showed, go walk at walmart, theres dome in hand with hollie in, but he doesnt shake in dome when hand does, but hey, hollie said, thats face appearing on, its hand, but, and I stamp hollie said, but, thats Gods hammer hollie appearing, robe was dull blue, happy face that was white but went blue but dull, now its, boo, hollie said, but, she, booed to, theres him, its, hollie said, their on uh hill, one he hollie winks, orange hair, keeps winking, same hollie in fire, twists head, and its, orange, hollie said, and, Jesus, but got happy, flames, shot, up higher, no, said, it, hollie, she, was, hurt, sad, heres the reason, hollie said, its, another, thats, your new pastor appearing with, its white hat on, I want witch to see it he said, thats his wife, they both chat but walk out and leave, thats bob out the front door, the holy Ghost baptizm feels like a body your perfect size, coming in, thats pastor, trembling and wife looking back, then, bobby, they knew, they, left, hollie showed, turn, hey said another, she hollie coming out, hollies hand not seen, but, lights up like white bear paw, thats, its, the m.v., hollie said, wilhelm gustloff, she said, ship, being, rocked, by, its torpedoes, hollie showed, turn, hitler was on deck, but thats hollie saluting, its like shipmate, onboard the, its, r.m.s. olympic, thats screamed, it hollie another, said, appearing, with golden hair, that hollie said, agin, hollie showed, chickenfoot, its, you, pointed, hollie, thats, suprised sammy hagar looking around, but, shaking, yes, record, hollie said, walked, with, her sign, its, topless white hat on, red plad coat, i'm lazy, she said, on sign, o, babyfleas appeared, showed, its his favorite ship, i'm the m.v. hollie said, thats wilhelm gustloff, ship taking three torpedoes along side, pope hollie said, in fire drinking drink, but lighted caregiver points, lighted hat, mouth opened, it, was, uh dream, hollie said, hollie night vision, showed, night vision, man walks by bob, gives two, money bills, bob tells man, I cant take this, man, God says, give it to the church, bob takes but doesnt want, hollie night vision claps,